Zoe gets a surprise appear on her doorstep but little did she sknow it would change her aspect on life and her relationship......


5. Five🌎

Zoes POV 


Iheard the something rattle in the drive way and i knew immediately who it was....I picked up Darcy sprinted toward the front door. I reached for the handle and pulled it open....Alfie! 

I put Darcy down on to the pebbles next to me and pulled him into a tight hug...we stayed there for a few moments...God ive missed this...

"I'm so sorry..." I heard him mutter into my collarbone.

"Me too!" I cried into his shoulder. 

I'm glad we made we can focus on what was going to happen now we 'Have a child.' 

We sat the lounge rereading the notes.

" I cant believe she would do this to herself, us and Darcy. And I can't believe she didn't tell me what she was going through. I would have helped..." I said leaning into alfie, we finally managed to stop Darcy from crying and she passed out in the spare room...the one her mum used to sleep when she stayed.

"Maybe she didn't want to put any stress onyou, ya know with the arguments and all..." He replied...

I remembered the ton of meetings I had later on today, I picked up my phone, with trembling hands and cancelled them all.  I lay back on to the sofa and drifted off into a deep sleep...









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