The Boy Next Door (First Draft)

She was just a girl who wanted something interesting to happen in her life. Then, a guy moves into the house next door to her. And the word 'interesting' takes on a whole different meaning.


1. Chapter One

      The best thing about school isn’t the hot guy at the back of the class, the ‘crush’ (what crush anyway?), the popular crowd or even my friends. The best thing is the interesting people. Or rather, the difference in people at my school.

      I glanced over at the girl next to me. She was sipping water and jotting down lots of things, none of which seemed to have any relation to what the teacher was saying, but there she was, scribbling away.

      The girl beside her was completely different. She had a smug smile and was ‘subtly’ texting someone, with a silent giggle. She had long hair and a thin face. She was clearly very fashionable, probably from the popular crowd, meaning: even though I had been in her class since I was in reception, she never noticed me. Not that I was complaining.

      The guy behind her kept frowning and pushing up his glasses. He was clearly nothing special to this school, besides his grades. I glanced at his sheet and he had answered all sixty questions and I knew for a fact that, at the very least, most of them were right.

      Then I turned to my left and noticed my best friend, Kasey, doodling. She was probably drawing a tattoo on herself, in black, of course. Kasey always wanted a tattoo but her mother would kill her if she ever got one and even though she often complained about life, I was pretty sure she valued living to a certain extent.

      I looked around and my other best friend Logan concentrating very hard on what he was doing. It was clearly not one of the questions on the board. Oh no. He was concentrating on writing a letter. I already knew who it would be to. A love letter to Missy Gold.

      No lie, that was a real name of a real girl at school.

      You know that girl who was texting ‘subtly’, with a long hair and a thing face? That was Missy. As I had mentioned previous, me and Missy had known each other for a while (or I knew her and she tried to forget she knew me). But I wasn’t the only one. Me and Logan have also been together since reception…with her. He ‘fell’ for her ever since he first saw her. Of course, she has never really bothered to listen to what he had to say. The most she ever said to him was ‘you’re in my way, Logan’.

      Missy wasn’t an indecent person, but I can’t say she was the kindest of them all. Yet somehow, many guys, not just Logan, adore her.

      The class seemed to go quite quickly, because it was near the start of the school year and everything still seemed a little exciting. It was my last year of six form. I had been at this school a total of six years now – since I was twelve. It feels rather insane when I say it like that, as I haven’t actually done a lot with my life and nothing has really changed in those six years.

      I mean I was not the most social of people, but I thought I would have more things happen and I thought that things would just get more interesting in the older years of school.

      Oh well. Something in my life was bound to change at some point. I was just hoping it would happen in the next ten years.

      As the teacher dismissed us and Logan start gabbling to me and Kasey – with Kasey rolling her eyes – I thought of how I could make my life more interesting. Maybe a bucket list? A ‘Things I Want to Achieve Before I’m 30’ list? I had no clue.

      When Kasey, Logan and me had all sat down on our usual bench and Logan had finally stopped going on about Missy, I decided to bring up the topic.

      “Guys…Do you think our lives are dull?” I asked, playing with a lock of my thick, fiery, red hair.

      Logan and Kasey exchanged frowns.

      Logan sighed. “I guess my life would be more interesting if I was with Missy. Or if I had any girlfriend. But we’ve always got each other, Nas.”

      OK, just to clear something up. Nas is a nickname and it’s a very much preferred nickname. My real name is Anastasia and for certain, confidential reasons I really don’t like that name. So, yeah. I was happy with Nas and I guess that’s all that really mattered at the end of the day.

      “Why the sudden mention of this, huh?” Kasey said, peering at me closely whilst I slowly pushed her away. “I mean, we’re not the cool ones at school, so no, we’re not going to have super cool lives, but, like, we can still have fun!”

      Logan nodded, patting me on the back. “Sure we can. Hey, why not create a list of all the things we want to do before we finish this year? They don’t have to be major, just a little bit of direction to make the year exciting.”

      Me and Kasey nodded, excitedly.

      “Sounds great!” I told Logan, meaning every word. “What will our number one be?”

      I grabbed a piece of paper and my favourite lucky pen, which I’d had for about two years and it had never failed me.

      “Befriend someone you don’t like” Logan said, looking smugly at Kasey. Logan has always wanted me or Kasey to get close to Missy. I’m OK with her. It’s just Missy actually likes Kasey.

      “Don’t talk to your crush for a week and see what happens” Kasey smirked, sticking her pointy tongue out at Logan.

      I sighed heavily. “OK, guys! I got it, OK. But what about stuff we’d actually enjoy?”

      Logan and Kasey frowned at me, as if the very concept of enjoyment with their friends was an absurd idea. But we eventually came up with twenty five things we wanted to do before the end of the year.

      “I hope we get it all done” Logan said, biting his lip.

      “We will” Kasey replied, hopefully.

     “Of course we will!”

      Because anything is possible if you put you put your mind to it.


      “I’m home!” I shout out, to the echoing silence, trampling through various soft toys and baby clothes. Why must my house always be in such a mess?

      Now, don’t get the wrong idea. Most people presume that a messy house means a messy parent situation. But my mother is far from messy. She’s the neatest person I know. And I mean that in every sense of the word. I knew why the house was in such a tip.

      I walked into the kitchen, after dumping my bag and shoes in the hallway. As I helped myself to a chocolate digestive and some milk, I noticed that my Mum was fishing around for something. What could it be this time?

      “Mum, what are you doing?” I sighed, as she continued poking around for something. “The house is a tip. Again. You fired the maid, didn’t you? Mum-”

      But Mum wasn’t having any of it. She turned around, stepped off from the counter and gave me a very angry frown. “Now, Anastasia, you do not get to tell me what to do. I am your mother and you are my daughter. I should be directing you. And enough about that wretched girl. She was a nuisance-”

      “She did her job!”

       Mum scowled and rubbed her forehead. “Please, Anastasia. I don’t need this. I’ve got a headache and I’m looking for the medicine box. Do you have any idea where it is?”

      “Of course not,” I told her. “You had it last.”

       She tried to reply, but I had already run up the stairs, clutching my bag, holding back the tears.

      Ugh! She was so- so infuriating. She insisted on calling me Anastasia, because ‘Nas isn’t ladylike’. She fired every maid we’ve ever had – we’ve had a lot – and the most they’ve been here is three weeks. I hated the way she thought she could what she wanted just because she had a fair bit of money.

      I was guessing El (my sister) was at a friend’s house. Unlike me, she was actually sociable and liked to spend her time with many people. She was five years younger than me, making her twelve and she already had a boyfriend. He hung on to her every word and it drived me insane. Because- well…maybe I just wanted to be the focus of someone’s life for once.

      I rummaged in my bag for that list me and my friends had created earlier on. Maybe that’d cheer me up, or at least give me hope. Logan’s always going on about how we ‘only need hope’.


      25 Things to Do Before the School Year Ends

Befriend someone you don’t like. Ignore your crush for a week and see what happens.

Go on a road trip with the five people you adore most in the world.

Eat the same food, every day for a month.

Ask three people out in one day. Kiss the same person every day for a week.

Confess to someone. Throw a party with over a hundred people.

Do one thing that you’ve always wanted to.

Get a tattoo (if fake, get make sure to wear a noticeable one to school).

Make up with someone.

Call ten people ‘beautiful’ in a row. Get a spray tan.

Say ‘yes’ to everything for a day.

Carve yours and someone else’s name in a tree.

Speak in a foreign language for a whole day.

Wear the same colour of everything, every day for a week.

Eat the worst choice of food from the school canteen.

Change your style for one day.

Scare someone you don’t like.

Befriend someone you’ve always liked or admired.

Have a five-minute conversation with yourself.

Do (At least) ten cartwheels in the middle of the street.

Call someone at one in the morning.

Start a healthy lifestyle.


      Eventually, I must have fallen asleep, but not before wishing what I wished every night. A wish that something exciting, amazing, miraculous would happen to me. Then I sighed, knowing it would never happen in a million years.

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