Unexpected love- a Dramione Fanfic

After the wizarding war everyone is invited back to redo their seventh year and Hermione and Draco are head boy and girl. Everyone is resorted, will there be a bit of love between our main characters

Later on this will get to some more grownup content, enjoy


6. The headmistress's office

We raced to McGonagall's office and got there at 8pm sharp, we walked in and we saw the headmistress was already waiting for us.

'Ahh hello Hermione, Draco now I asked you here because I wanted to speak to you about your relationship and something else which I'll get to in a minute' said McGonagall.

'ok' I said.

' now then I know you are obviously of age and are very much in love so I don't mind you, umm you know and if you get pregnant you are to tell me immediately and we will help you and the other thing was umm now that Hermione is a Slytherin which I admit I don't know why she ever would be it shows that I may have to keep an eye on you but umm and your dating Draco I thought you ought to know that you are a pureblood and not muggleborn you see you are adopted your father was Sirius Black and your mother is a lady who we know not the name of so you are required to change your name and you can use the Black vault.' said McGonagall

'But what has that got to do with me being a Slytherin?' asked Hermione

'you did not let me finish, therefore since you are a pureblood Slytherin you now are aloud to visit Draco and are to go home with Draco for Christmas to meet his parents and get married,' said McGonagall.

I was so happy!!!

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