Unexpected love- a Dramione Fanfic

After the wizarding war everyone is invited back to redo their seventh year and Hermione and Draco are head boy and girl. Everyone is resorted, will there be a bit of love between our main characters

Later on this will get to some more grownup content, enjoy


7. Christmas

The term flew by and before we knew it Christmas was here and in that time me and Draco grew closer and closer and our love blossomed.

when we apparated to Malfoy manor we were greeted by Narcissa and Lucius who welcomed me like their Daughter.

on Christmas day we received the most amazing presents like I got my own room at the manor, a bookshelf, a locket from Draco which he had a matching one that was enchanted and would grow hot when we needed each other, a charm bracelet with lots of charms reminding her of her family and the past from harry but the most amazing gift from Draco was the most beautiful engagement ring with a Diamond encrusted loop made of gold and on the top was a pearl engraved with always on it.

the next day was the wedding so Draco and Hermione couldn't sleep together but after the wedding she was guaranteed the best night of her life...

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