Unexpected love- a Dramione Fanfic

After the wizarding war everyone is invited back to redo their seventh year and Hermione and Draco are head boy and girl. Everyone is resorted, will there be a bit of love between our main characters

Later on this will get to some more grownup content, enjoy


1. A new year

Hermione boards the train and bids goodbye to Harry, Ron and Ginny as she has to sit in the heads compartment with the head boy in their own private compartment at the back of the train but who is the head boy?

When she reaches her compartment she finds he is already sat in the compartment 'Hello Hermione,' said the blonde sex God, 'so are we on a first name basis now Malfoy,' asked Hermione.

'Well I thought that since we are going to be working together this year we ought to be kind to each other and over the summer I learnt I should just forget what we did to each other before and be friends, what do you say?' asked Malfoy. 'Well I suppose we should,' spoke hermione, 'OK well now we are friends follow me.' Said Malfoy.

Hermione followed Draco to the slytherin compartment which held goyle, Pansy, Astoria and Blaise.

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