Dance with the Devil: Book One of the Devil's Gospel

You’ve been dancing the Devil’s game for seventeen years, and now he’s come to claim what is his…

Turning eighteen is a huge milestone for anyone, but for Naomi Burns, it means more than just being able to buy a drink in a pub. On the night of the eighteenth birthday party, she gets a visit from a strange being, claiming to be engaged to her, and now he wants to take her back to his home so he can get what he was promised: to marry her.
The thing is, the creature claims to be Lucifer, the Devil, and apparently he made a deal seventeen years ago that involves Naomi marrying him when she turns eighteen.
Naomi’s determined to get out of the deal, and she’s on borrowed time to change it. Not only has she got to figure out how to get out of the deal, she’s got to find a way to tell her best friends and boyfriend that she is now engaged to the creature from legends, the Devil himself, and that her new home is apparently Hell.


21. Twenty

    I walk in the front door at home with only the bag for my makeup. I left the rest of it at Mia’s so Robb doesn’t see it before the day itself. We found the veil in Debenhams, along with the underwear; the veil comes down to my waist and is plain with a silk hem. The underwear is strapless, white and complete with lace and diamantes, and expensive, but with the money we saved with the dress, we had enough left. All we need to find is the hairdresser, where we’re going Saturday to ask nicely. Robb’s ring is cobalt which is a hardwearing silver metal, and it’s completely plain, but I’ve had engraved with the date of our wedding and our names on it, which all together cost ninety quid with twenty quid extra for engraving. The ring will take between three and eight days to be done and Isaac is going to pick it up as he’s ring bearer, which he’s happy about so he can hail himself Frodo Baggins, the weirdo.

    “Hey Sweetie, you get everything?” Dad appears.

    “Yeah, we just gotta see the hairdresser on Saturday and ask her to go to Mia’s on the morning, but other than that everything’s done,” I say with a nod and give him a hug. “Thanks Dad.”

    “You’re welcome honey,” he says, kissing the top of my head.

    “Is Robb back?” I ask.

    “Not yet,” Dad says and lets me go. “I’ll start dinner, it’ll take a while to cook, I’m making curry, from scratch.”

    I chuckle and head for the stairs. “I’ll leave you to it, good luck.”

    “You won’t be saying that when you try it,” Dad chuckles.

    “No comment,” I yell back and head for my bedroom. I put the makeup away in the bedside cupboard where Robb won’t go, not that I mind him seeing bits of makeup, but still, it’s all part of the outfit and I don’t want him getting any ideas at all.

    “So you two have moved in together, huh? Or rather, he’s moved in here with you. You realise how much of a kick in the teeth that is to me?”

    I spin on my heel to see Lucifer standing shy of me, looking genuinely hurt. I find my eyes instantly focusing on his expression, every single nerve standing to attention, everything else in my mind gone so it’s just Lucifer and I.

    “Actually, I don’t know why I bother asking, Naomi,” Lucifer says, moving away and sitting on my chair at the desk, glancing around the room in disgust. “It’s… unnatural. I don’t like it.”

    I quickly remember exactly what’s going on and come-to. “I don’t care if you don’t like it, it’s not your room, is it? Now, what do you want?”

    “You haven’t tired of asking that have you, even though you know the answer and will get the same one every single time you ask,” Lucifer says, moving to his usual position; feet up on the desk and inspecting his nails. I decide that’s not really a question to answer, so I move from the bedside towards the door, which quickly closes shut when he lifts his right hand. “If you take one more step towards it, the next flick of my hand will make it lock.”

    I stop moving and watch him instead, thinking of what Mia said at lunch about him purposefully turning up, trying to seduce me because he’s trying to get my soul. I wonder if it’s actually true, I wonder if he knows he’s been on my mind since yesterday and I wonder if he knows that I’m getting married in sixteen days.

    “So what is your plan, Naomi?” Lucifer asks, putting his hands in his lap and looking at me, expecting an answer.

    “Plan?” I ask and at that, he sighs deeply and stands from the chair, approaching me from the other side of the room, stopping right in front of me so all I can see is him, I can feel his breath beating down on my face, I can smell the aftershave he’s obviously freshly put on of lime and grapefruit. The Devil smells sweet, that’s for sure.

    “Yes, Naomi, I am not as naïve as you clearly think I am; I know you are up to something, I know you seemingly have some kind of plan, and I would like to be informed of it,” Lucifer says, the annoyance coming through his accent, the brogue is more obvious now he’s pissed off than before.

    “I don’t have a plan,” I say, looking up at him, watching his eyes fix and not move an inch from mine.

    “Oh, really?” he scoffs, flicking his hand and I feel my back hitting the wall, forcing what I can only describe as an ‘ooff’ coming from my mouth, the oxygen all but leaving my body for a second, my lungs unable to take any for a single second. Lucifer appears in front of me, his face stopping only a single centimetre from mine, his eyes searching frantically for whatever he believes there to be there. “I do not believe you for once single second, Naomi Burns.”

    “You don’t usually,” I retort.

    “What is it, Naomi, what are you hiding from me?” Lucifer sings, practically to himself. I close my eyes, remembering the way he’d kissed my neck yesterday, how it felt to have him touch me, the way he whispered in my ear…

    “Open your eyes and look at me,” his voice suddenly interrupts my thoughts. I instantly do as I’m bid, scared of what may happen if I don’t. I’m under his control, against the wall and off the floor with nowhere to go unless he lets me. I find him in the same position, but this time looking closer at me, inspecting all of me instead of just my eyes.

    Within a second, I find myself being moved down the wall until my feet are firmly on the floor and I’m standing properly, but still under his control entirely.

    “You seem different from before, Naomi,” Lucifer says.

    “Different from when?” I ask quietly.

    “From yesterday even, what is going on? I am not sure I like the look on your face, the confused look, the haunted look in your eyes. What is wrong with you, Naomi?” Lucifer asks.

    I scoff, “Haunted? I’m haunted by you if that’s what you mean.”

    He feigns a laugh. “Funny. I am serious.”

    “Well, I haven’t seen you in a while, and then you make a comeback. You really expect me to still be happy about seeing you again?” I retort, not for one second scared of him. He managed to stop scaring me the second time I saw him.

    “Tell me, Naomi, how is it you are suddenly unhappy to see me when you were quite content when you saw me yesterday? Hmmm, tell me how that is so?” Lucifer asks, closing the space between us. I see him raise his hand from the corner of my eyes and he puts his index finger, curled on my cheek, forcing shots of electric excitement through my body, lighting up my being. I close my eyes, unable to think of an answer. I remember the feeling well, how I feel whenever Robb touches me, the smallest touch able to send me into a daze, but why is it happening now, with Lucifer?

    “Tell me,” Lucifer whispers, but suddenly he’s by my ear again, the sensation filling my body with the wave of pleasurable terror. I’m out of my own body, not sure of why my hands move or why they touch Lucifer’s arms, as if I were holding him to the spot, not wishing him away. I feel like a vessel myself; Lucifer’s poison, his words, his touch filling me as if it were a demon trying to possess me, trying to turn me into one of his children. I feel his breath landing on the side of my face as he chuckles silently. As his laughter fills my brain and knowingly poisons my mind against my better judgement, I feel my hands clutching the vessel holding Lucifer in.

    “Tell me something, Naomi,” he whispers. “Are you beginning to hate me less, are you beginning to feel for me the way you do for Robb?” I have no answer, my poisoned mind is telling me one thing, my judgement telling me the other thing. My body is reacting to his words in my mind, I feel myself practically in his hold, always under his control whether by supernatural forces or merely his words.

    “Tell me, did you expect to ever submit a part of yourself to me, even if it is like this, for now?” Lucifer whispers into my ear, pressing a kiss onto the tip of my ear, then one on the lobe of it, and then catching the lobe in between his lips, kissing it like a lover’s kiss. All the while, I find myself unable to move, unable to react, simply standing still and letting him carry on as he kisses my neck, forcing every single part of my body to sing and come to attention. He leaves a

trail from my ear, down my neck and up to my jaw, where he pauses, his lips hovering just above my lips. I feel his breath, slow and steady. I find myself itching, needing and wanting him back. I keep my eyes closed, for fear of seeing him gone, though I can still feel him, his hands around my back, his arms beneath my grip, I’m still in his hold, only under the control of his touch and not of his anger anymore, but still I need to feel his kiss, and the feel of his breath hovering over me is not enough. I open my eyes slowly to see Lucifer’s face just in front of me, his eyes searching me, a smile spread across his face and I find myself looking back, silently urging him to carry on.

    “What next?” he whispers, challenging me to the next move. I accept the challenge, my entire body yelling at me to even against my brain’s wishes. I pull him closer, pressing my lips to his, feeling instantly satisfied, like kissing Lucifer is the meal I need after a full day of starving myself, which to me it has been; since yesterday, I’ve been starving myself of him, thinking on what happened and what this would feel like, and now I’ve got it, now I’m kissing the Devil, it’s the satisfaction I needed. I feel the smile still filling his face as he kisses back, lapping it up, and as he fills my mouth with his, I feel every single part of me singing as if he were Robb, as if this is how it should be. Deep down, somewhere inside of my mind, deep, deep down, I know he is only smiling because this shows how he can triumph over me, how he can get inside of my head like poison and how he can get his way like he’s used to, but somehow, I can’t stop myself, I know that this is just him, working his way inside of my head like the demons he creates, but still, I cannot help myself, it’s my drug.

    “Tell me,” Lucifer suddenly says, letting me go. As he does, every single part of my body dulls like the light has gone and the singing across my skin is broken. “Now the deal’s void, do you feel bad, now you have realised your true feelings, that you’ve given your soul to the wrong person?”

    I suddenly take a step back, my eyes wide from the words. “What?” I watch him chuckle, rubbing his chin with his hand, his eyes never moving from mine, not even when I take one more step back, realising exactly what just happened.

    “You heard what I said,” Lucifer says, still chuckling to himself as he closes the gap between us again, chancing at putting a hand on my cheek. Usually I find myself shuddering, twitching at the contact and wishing him off me, but this time, after what just happened, I welcome the touch, the nerves dancing out, singing, tingling, the skin under his hand warming and flushing.

    “I heard what you said, I just don’t know what you meant,” I say quietly, still not afraid to speak back to him, even after everything that’s just happened in the space of merely twenty-four hours.

    He smiles again, and a small chuckle comes out of his mouth. “Naomi Burns; for one so intelligent, for one so pretty, you are so naïve still.”

    “You say that every single time you appear,” I say in the best dead-pan tone I can muster.

    “Aye, I do, but I thought you needed to know once more,” Lucifer says and I cock my head in confusion. “You are one of a kind.”

    “That’s to do with my genetics,” I say in an obvious tone. He is right, I am one of a kind, and as Jaime Lannister would say, ‘there are no men like me, only me’, except I’m a woman, but the quote still stands. Maybe it’s just a part of me wishing that he wouldn’t go on trying to compliment me.

    “Yes, that is true, but what I mean is that you, Naomi Burns are meant for me, you are meant to be my wife, my one and only,” Lucifer says, still caressing my cheek.

    “Only because you made a deal with my Dad,” I tell him, feeling the poison slowly being released.

    “No, Naomi, after everything, do you still not see it? You are it, you are the one. Yes, it’s genetics; you are the X to my Y, the key to everything, it’s you, Naomi,” Lucifer says, his eyebrows furrowing as he speaks.

    “If you honestly think that, then you are seriously deluded,” I say with a scoff.

    “May I remind you that it was you who kissed me?” Lucifer points out.

    “May I remind you that it’s you who keeps turning up here like you own the place?” I retort. “When it is actually your father who owns this place while you only have your claws in downstairs?”

    “It is not as simple as that Naomi,” Lucifer says. “You are like a drug to me, you are my addiction and I cannot keep away.” I watch him as he says it, his eyes fixated on me like he’s an actual human being falling in love. I remember watching the way it happens on TV, the way they look at each other, it happens when Robb looks at me, even the way Robb Stark looks at damned Talisa in Game of Thrones, damn that storyline I will never speak of it again, but that’s the way Lucifer is looking at me now, and I can’t take my eyes from his.

    “Like any bad addiction, you need to go cold turkey,” I suggest, still watching him. He closes the gap between us again, leaning down to my height and pressing his lips onto mine, and all over again, the poison overwhelms me. But unlike last time, my thoughts are still there and I pull away from him. “Kissing me isn’t helping the addiction.”

    He chuckles, obviously wounded by the quick rejection this time, but he composes himself gracefully as any angel would. “You are hard work, Naomi Burns.”

    “I know,” I nod, looking at the ground for a second before looking up to find the Devil gone.


    I start unpacking Robb’s books and DVD collection while he starts hanging up some of his clothes in my already full wardrobe. I pick up the box of his Game of Thrones books, chuckling to myself.

    “What’s funny?” he turns round as I show him the box.

    “These are the ones you lent me. I remember it now, it was like the first time we met,” I say with a laugh. “You gave me the box of them, a post-it note on top with your number scribbled down.”

    He chuckles. “Yeah, and I told you to handle them well, and then to phone me when you’ve finished the first one so we could go out and discuss each one.”

    “Your way of getting me to go on a date with you,” I nod, putting the box on the pride of place shelf with all my ornaments and photos.

    “It worked, didn’t it? Secured five dates, didn’t it?” he shrugs.

    “Fair play,” I scoff, starting to unload the next lot of stuff. “I still remember asking how your Mum named you after Robb Stark, spelling and all.”

    “I told you, Nay, my Dad was really George R.R Martin, don’t ruin the secret now,” Robb smirks. “I gotta carry on the legacy and get the next one written, but so much pressure!”

    “Ah, so that’s why the next one has taken forever and a day, huh?” I arch an eyebrow at him.

    “Obviously,” Robb scoffs. In reality, his mum and dad loved random names, and they fell in love with the conventional name Rob, but because they’re weird, they added an extra ‘b’ on the end to make Robb, which is ironically the way Robb Stark’s name is spelt in the books.

    “How’d the shopping go?” I ask him, approaching him and putting my arms around his waist and my head on his shoulder blade.

    “Good, we got everything,” Robb says, stopping moving to put his arms on mine. “I’m guessing you need to go shopping again?”

    I scoff, “Do not start the conventional gender stereotypes here, Robb Hart.”

    “That’s a yes then,” he chuckles.

    “That would be a ‘we have everything sorted but the hairdresser’, actually.”

    “I’m surprised,” he smiles and leans around to kiss my cheek. I feel myself giggling, my body warming, though at the same time, I can still feel Lucifer’s touch on my cheek. I feel myself letting him go to carry on unpacking, confused by everything. To be honest, I’m surprised Robb hasn’t brought up anything to do with the Devil at all recently, not explicitly; he’s brought him up in a round-about way, talking about the deal and whatever, but not once has he asked if Lucifer’s visited, or anything to do with Lucifer explicitly, and I’m surprised.

    “I filled in the notes for the ceremony thing that I’ll hand in tomorrow, I gave her the song you wanna walk in to,” Robb says.

    “You made sure it was ‘Always’ by Panic, right?” I ask.

    “Yeah, I made the CD for ‘em. Written that we have a best man, bridesmaid and you’re gonna be given away by your Dad. No readings and no additional vows. I’ve made the CD for the restaurant so we can have our first dance, Uncle M’s gonna take it in tomorrow,” Robb says.

    I nod. “What do I need to take tomorrow?”

    “Proof of your names, age, marital condition, nationality and address,” Robb says.

    I chuckle. “You memorised that.”

    He beams, proud. “Yep. I’m taking my bank statement and passport.”

    I nod and get back to piling his DVD collection under all of mine, wanting a distinct distance between most of his crap and my good collection.

    “What’s wrong, Nay?” he suddenly asks and I stop stacking for a second, considering answering but then thinking better of it and I carry on stacking. “Don’t pretend you can’t hear me, I know there’s something, you’ve been off for the past two days. You forget that I know you better than you know yourself.”

    “Nothing’s wrong,” I lie, finishing off the pile and blankly moving to the box, taking the sellotape off and unfolding the thing.

    “Naomi Burns, do not lie to me,” he says and stands opposite me, nothing more to unpack for now so I’m stuck with just an unfolded box in my hands. “Talk to me.”

    “Nothing is wrong, Robb,” I lie again and put the box under my bed and grabbing my pyjamas from my pillow. “I’m gonna get ready for bed.” I take off for the bathroom, needing just a few minutes to myself.

    I lock the door and press my forehead against the door, feeling the tears well up in my eyes and this time, just this once, I let them fall free from my eyes, letting my body sink slowly to the floor so I’m kneeling on the floor, my head still against the door. All I can think about is Lucifer and the way he made me feel, how his kiss felt and how his lips felt on my skin. Even when I’m in Robb’s presence, somehow, right now, he isn’t Lucifer. But then when I’m with Lucifer, all I crave is Robb and the feel of Robb touching my face, his kiss, the feel of him.

    It’s like I’m walking a path, going one way and then realising I should have gone the other way, only to then realise I’m on the wrong one, but that leaves me still standing on the main road, with no idea where I’m heading or which way is best. This sudden burst of feelings for Lucifer has literally come from nowhere and I know it’s wrong, but like the old saying goes, you cannot help who you develop feelings for. I can’t help but think of how Robb would feel, how his expression would be if I told him the truth of what’s happened the past couple of days, if he knew that I’d initiated the kiss with Lucifer, if he knew that I’d let Lucifer touch me and get into my head. I can’t help but think of how Robb would react if he knew that I’ve been lying to him the past two days, especially about the mere fact of before anything to do with Lucifer and kissing him and my feelings for the damned Devil, that I’d simply lied to him about the fact he’s been here, visiting me. I can’t help but think about how Robb will react if after I tell him all of that, I tell him that Lucifer had said that the deal is now void.

    I think about that for a full minute before wiping my eyes and getting ready for bed: Lucifer had told me the deal was now void.

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