MISFORTUNE LOVE (I hate you girl )

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  • Published: 23 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 18 Mar 2018
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It is the story about Boy name Ray and girl name shiori. Ray is average high school Boy who doesn't care about what's going on around him. He simply ignores the bothering issues. He also hate stuff like love, girls and friendship because of his horrible past. Because of his hot head and short height he was teased by everyone in school until he met a girl name shiori in library. Shiori always reading books in library everyday after class. She has a power to seek the people's bad future or misfortune. She became pain for him because of that power but soon after he get attach with her and he's life begin to change.


4. Understanding between you and me

Today I am going to help tsukishima but before that I have to complete my essay report on life. So I'm here sitting in library so until I finish it, I will not leave. But things got worse here, you know why? Because this time princess shiori siting right beside me. If anyone see us like that then probably they will kill me.  When I came in library I was siting at distance from her but she came just like before and sat right beside me. I don't know what her deal.

"so when you gonna ask me out" she said when she reading. "will you stop teasing me" I said. "OK tell me how you gonna help tsukishima, don't tell me you are not planning to joining the team aren't you", she said. "that's the only way to help him, team doesn't have a substitute so I guess I have to nominate myself and make it to the next round." I said. "is that so? well then good luck" she wishes me.

I know about her power and I also believe in but I don't know single thing about her. I glanced at her and thought should I ask her or wait but I can't wait so I asked her. "hey shiori! Tell me something", I said. "you want to know about myself aren't you?" , she replied quickly like she want me to ask,  so I said yes and after that she started her story. She said

"when I was young I always saw some visions like someone dying, hurt and bleeding etc. Because of that I always crying but when I get in elementary school I always tell my friends that they will get hurt and how but they don't believe me. When they saw I was right so then after they keep their distance from me because of that I was alone. So long I was trying to avoid any eye contact so I won't get those horrible vision but in the end I saw their pain, blood, sorrow, accident and dead. Even I get used to it still it is hurt to watch all of this. "

" So that's why you stopped making friends and talking to other people", I said to her .

When she was saying all of this I watch her closely and i can tell how much pain she is going through until now. Compare to her my problems are nothing. It make me sad but I can't show her that. Only thing I can do is being normal to her.

Next day I went to the baseball club. Just like I though nobody joined their club as a substitute so I nominated myself. Some of them said, "hey captain! Don't to you think it is high school baseball club not elementary.".  And some said, "we don't have a correct size uniform for you kid". Heard all of that anyone gets mad but I stay calm. Captain's know very well what's important for team so he let me in and we started practice from that day. My performance wasn't so bad but not good either. I used to play baseball so it wasn't difficult for me to understand rules and I also got information about opponent team. Captain decided my position I have to guard center position alone. When practice over I was going home then I overheard about me in secretly. Some members were talking "should we believe on that shrimp because the way I saw he's not much of help for our team you know". After hearing that I was left.

Next day I was walking on roof  alone because it hurts if someone doesn't believe in you. So I was little depressed there, then shiori came on roof with lunch box. She saw me and said, "why are you here?" . I replied ," that's my line ". She said after ," I always came here to lunch and you.. , let me guess you finally came here for confession right". I shouted on her, "you know what, I really hate you. when will you stop your wild imagination of me". "so how's your practice going on ", she said." "not bad I guess but they don't trust me ", I said.

Well I told her all that and then she gave me something and said ," here take this". "what's this? a memory chip", I said. "in this chip all videos of your opponent team is saved. Use it to win your upcoming match", shiori suggested me. But I ask her "how". She gave me answer, "you are smart guy so I know you will figure out something".

Well she gave me something important but I was wondering how he get this information. Whatever I should thank her properly after everything over. When I open that chip first thing I saw in video was shiori and what she said in that video really make me pissed off, she said, "when will you ask me out ray".

"I.....  Hate....  You.. ", I shouted looked upon the sky.

Well after seeing all the videos of opponent team it gave me some hint. After few days later before the match captain giving us instructions about our position and I wanna to suggest him about what strategy I made. So I raise my hand and say, "captain I like to show my strategic plan, so would you care to listen". Just I thought when I suggest my idea some of the team members decline, they said, "why would we listening your idea, you are not captain". But the captain is equally treat to all members so he never reject my idea. So I start explain , "listen guys according to me if we play with our current position listed, we might tie the match but possibility of winning is less. So I think we should try to come up with new methods like if we position ourselves according to the opponent player and cover up our weak member like me so we might win this game "." how can you say that we can't win like this,  do you have any proof "one member said." "well in past few days I watched and learn that losing tsukishima is great risk, if I compare, we lost our 35%power and in our current position we have 20%less power than opponent team. Because I gather all information about so I can predict their style therefore we can arrange ourselves accordingly. ". I said that but I can imagine it's hard to believe in someone you don't know but in spite of that captain had no objection on that. He accepted my strategy because he said everything what I said is right.

So on the game day we played like we planned according to my instructions. As a result we won the game with just one point. It was intense match I thought may be my plan will not work but it worked at the end. Everyone happy on that day because you know we won and I also happy on that day because now tsukishima will play his next match. My main objective is now done, so I can leave the team without hesitation. On that time all members asking me why? But I couldn't told them a reason and left the team like I wasn't there from the very beginning.

Today tsukishima is discharging from the hospital and he came directly to the school. All people's are surrounded him in class, they all asking how are you? How you feel? stuff like that but it looks like he is searching someone. He glanced at me and walk directly towards me. Tsukishima said, "thanks for the back up men I owe you one". "it wasn't a big deal and don't think I will do that again ", I said."you know what I think you will do that because you are good person ray. I know that from the beginning of 1st year high school ", tsukishima said.  "its your imagination tsukishima, I never consider you as friend, I hate you and I always will ",I said without looking him. " I know that you never consider me as a friend but you hate me that's a lie. And you know what some day you will consider me as a friend, as for me I always remember you as friend", tsukishima said with smiling face.

Hearing those words made me really happy but I couldn't showed my smile I buried my smile and focusing on study. In lunch time I was thanking shiori for her helped but I also scold her about confession stuff it makes me gross. I don't know why she bringing that stuff over and over again but she was just teasing me and I know that because when she want me to confess, on that moment she never show me any expression on it. In fact I never saw any expression on her face ever since we met except that smile. I wonder why? Never mind that first I have to thank her so I suggest her, "hey! I have a free coupon of tomorrow lunch so you can have it, as thank you for helping me ". She replied to me, "I will accept it if you promise me that you also coming with me and if you refuse it then I will tell entire school that you were trying to confess your love to me".

"what......  Either way my life will become hell you know ", I shouted on her

At that time I can't refuse her offer so I had to accept it. It almost like I was drinking poison with my own hand. After she satisfy she left me alone with despair of not having a normal high school life ever. Then I shouted on sky because she is not there

"I....  Hate..... You ! Girl "

Ever since I met her my whole life became chaos but still I am little happy about it. But I also wonder what kind of disaster will waiting for me. That's what I am thinking on that day.

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