MISFORTUNE LOVE (I hate you girl )

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  • Published: 23 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 18 Mar 2018
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It is the story about Boy name Ray and girl name shiori. Ray is average high school Boy who doesn't care about what's going on around him. He simply ignores the bothering issues. He also hate stuff like love, girls and friendship because of his horrible past. Because of his hot head and short height he was teased by everyone in school until he met a girl name shiori in library. Shiori always reading books in library everyday after class. She has a power to seek the people's bad future or misfortune. She became pain for him because of that power but soon after he get attach with her and he's life begin to change.


2. The Girl who can see misfortune

When I open the door of library after seeing what in it I was fro-zed right on the spot  it's just like I am seeing a goddess of the sea. Well if any Boy will see her probably they want to have her in all cost. But I am different you know I hate girl so for me it's just one time attraction. Hai my name is ray and I came in library for return my book. well why she starring at me it makes me little nervous?

While I am walking towards on library counter she kept starring at me.

when I reach counter.

" excuse me miss I am here to return this book "I said to counter lady.

"why she's still starring at me? I think she never saw a short guy like me", I murmured to myself.

After done with library work I went straight home but I couldn't stop thinking why she starring at me. If Boy keep stares a girl then girl will get blush but in my case it's totally opposite.

I am certain of it, it wasn't a love,  it's another thing what I hate most. They stares at me because I am some kind of laughing stuff, deep down she also same as rest of them, of course she was like a princess although

Next day on school like always some guys call me shorty and like always I got that attention and move forward,  then I saw some familiar faces.

" what you three up to now ", I said to ino.

Those are the same 3 girls who happened to be a bully but thanks to me now they are just a bunch of scary cats."

" well tell me what you up to now, let me guess you're here.. ",I said to them.

" wait... We are here to give you some offer you know ", ino said to me.

" an offer Ha... ", I said with bored face.

" you  see if you delete that video then we gonna  be fulfill your one request is that ok", ino said with confidence.

"I think it is a bad deal for me ", I replied.

"but why? ", ino ask question.

" Making my one request fulfill by deleting that video rather inconvenient for me because I can fulfill my all requests by using that video. So no thanks. ", I replied with faint smile.

After said that I tooke my leave from there then ino said to me" why would you doing this for that girl. are you in love with her or something". I replied to her, "no I am not infact I have no vision of her and it never will.""so why? ", ino said. She wants a straight forward answer but what can I Say I don't know either why I did. So I make example for her," what would you do if you saw a lost child? Will you gonna wait until his parents show up or will you act accordingly and help him out?" the choice is up to you. After said that I leave for class.

When I sit on my chair tsukishima approached me and said, "hey ray could you do me a favor today." he asked me like I am his buddy but you know me. "what favor" I questioned him. He said , "I want you to teach me some math problems which you good at it. So meet me at 5 pm after class in class A room.""why would you think I am gonna do a favor for you?" I questioned him. When I said that he was keep trying to convince me after when I got tired of him I made my condition on him. "OK... Fine in one conditions" I said to tsukishima. "OK fine", tsukishima said without any hesitation. The moment when I heard his response I doubted on him but I ignored it. "after that you will never talk to me ever again ok" I demand to him. "OK as you wish, my lord" after that he leave but now I am certain of it something fishy going on his mind. Although I don't have time to think clearly because my homeroom teacher called me right after that.

"ray kurosaki! Come to my office ", homeroom teacher called me.

My teacher take me to his office. He show me my essay report on life and also giving me some serious lecture on it.

" what's the meaning of this ray? ", he asked question with rage.

" what is it I don't get it ", I said with calm look.

After my answer he show me my essay report on life and said, " in this report you write life is nothing but a joke and those who approach a girl because of love is wasting their life and they should be dead as fast as possible. I get the love part but writing dead is going too far. So tell me how am I gonna give you marks for this nonsense which doesn't make any sense?"

" no teacher my essay definitely make a sense like those who has a life makea repeated mistakes like drinking alcohol , going disco, making crime, gambling a money stuff and those who approach a love making false promises, and at the end they elope from home or Kick out the parents from home or build up misunderstanding between each other, stuff like that happens eventually ", I replied.

"do you have androphobia or something? ", teacher said to me.

" do I look like a girl to you teacher ", I replied.

" whatever just write a better essay and submit before the date and this time don't use your idiotic brain just go to the Library ok" teacher said to me.

I replied him "yes sir" and leave to attained my class. Idiotic brain he said, you know what, I can be topper in my class if I want to but no I don't want to because it doesn't affect on my life. although I used to be topper in my middle school and beside I still don't know what career plain i should choose? but no matter I got plenty of time so I will think in future I guess.

After class over, all the people in my class take a leave except me. Because tsukishima asked me to tutor him so just like he said I went to class A. When I open the door and enter someone speak to me in class suddenly, "excuse me, are you the person who sent by tsukishima, hello nice to meet you, my name is kudo class president of A class." after when she said all this I got clear view of tsukishima's earlier behaviour. In other words he tricked me to help her, dam... him next time I will kill him but first I  have to deal with this short hair, red glasses girl. "so you are class president ha.. would you care to explain why I am here?" I asked her question. She give me straight answer, "I asked tsukishima to help but he refused me because of his baseball practice but he said he will send someone else for help." I asked a question to her , "for help huh.. tell me what kind of help do you need? " she explains me all Detail, "well I have a novel to return someone in my class but I can't do it because it is very hard to approach" after hearing that I am quit shock. what kind of situation is this? I suggest her, "so take help from your classmates." she replied, "I already try but nobody wants to do it even i don't want to do it. Her name is shiori matoa and ever since class is started she never talk to anybody and she is always taking a distance from all of us in fact she never saw our faces either although she's quite popular but still non of us ever talked to her."

After listening this I became more puzzled, what kind of girl is she? She is popular in school but unpopular in class or something else. I don't get it about this girl but only thing I get it is to I have to deliver this novel and after that I will be free. "OK fine give me that book I will deliver it for you".

 After when I said this she gave me that book and I moved towards on my freedom. According to her that girl is in library. When I open that door I  got frozed again because that girl shiori is non other than that goddess. The girl who starred at me yesterday.

"so that girl is a hard to approach huh well I totally get it now. But I hate talking girls and she was not type of person who wants to held conversation so I just have to leave the  book and off to go home". I said to myself and move forward to her.

"shiori matoa I think this book is yours ", I said to shiori without hesitation and put down the book on her desk. When I turn my back to leave she replied to me," thank you ray kurosaki". Her voice make me shock because she never talk anyone but now she is talking and I also realized she knows my name too. So I questioned her with little anger, "hey! How do you know my name". She replied into my face without any expression, "you know my name so I know yours too". "that's not my answer you dammit ", I said little loud voice. She said without expression again," you are going home right so take my advice never climb up on tree if you do you might will fall". After said that she gone in silent mode, no matter what I said she never response so I left.

On my way I was thinking what her meant but I couldn't understand and that time I spot a little boy who is crying out loud so I asked him, "why are you crying little boy ". He replied to me with his crying face, "my cat is stuck on that tree". "OK I  will catch your cat for you so don't worry ", when I said that he stops crying but when I saw that tree then I remembered her words but I decide to ignore her words and do what is necessary. I climbed up on that tree without hesitation. I was moving cautiously over a branch of tree when I grab that cat then that branch is broke down and I fell straight down on ground because of that my head's bleed. "are you OK mister" kid said to me. I don't want to tell him that my head is bleeding so I hide my head and said, "here's your cat and from now on take good care of him OK" . He gave me replied " OK thank you mister " and left. When I am starting to think how was my head conditions then suddenly a familiar voice is echoed, "I thought I warned you already " when I turned around I saw shiori right in front of me. "it looks like there is no point of fighting to your future, whatever written, it will happen" she said to me but I couldn't understand what she was trying to say.

This is all puzzle for me, what is she and how did she predicted this will happen? I want to know all of this and on top of that I want know about her, shiori matoa what are you? 

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