MISFORTUNE LOVE (I hate you girl )

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  • Published: 23 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 18 Mar 2018
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It is the story about Boy name Ray and girl name shiori. Ray is average high school Boy who doesn't care about what's going on around him. He simply ignores the bothering issues. He also hate stuff like love, girls and friendship because of his horrible past. Because of his hot head and short height he was teased by everyone in school until he met a girl name shiori in library. Shiori always reading books in library everyday after class. She has a power to seek the people's bad future or misfortune. She became pain for him because of that power but soon after he get attach with her and he's life begin to change.


3. Misfortune of Tsukishima

Hi my name is ray and I am here on my bed right now. I want to sleep but I can’t because I am thinking about shiori's prediction. After when I fell on tree my head bleeded , it wasn't a big deal for me but for my mom it was, she want me to took in hospital but somehow I managed to convinced her so she put bandage around my head. I always say bad things about love and friends stuff but one good thing I can say is no matter what happens mother always care about her son.Even we hurt her feelings and even whole world turn against us but she never leaves our side so I must say don't make her cry and cherish those memories of her.

After end of school I am going to library. Why? Because I want some answers from shiori but what I heard about her I have a doubt that she will give me a straight answer. Because of her I also let Tsukishima live but if I can't get answers from her he will dead tomorrow with my own small hand. When I entered I never had a courage to talk to her and you know the all reasons like she is princess, I hate a girl and past experiences stuff like that. Instead of approaching her I look up my essay report. I remember what teacher said I have to done my report before the ending date, so I take a book and sit far away from her although it was pretty awkward because we are the only people in library. The moment when I thought the situation can't go out well then she stands up and I thought she was going home but instead she came at me and sat on chair which is right in front of me. She said without any expression, "are you came here for confessing your love to me like others?". I replied with cold eye, " No I will never go out with you even if you are the last women of this planet". She asked question, "so tell me, why are you here?"I answered, "I think you know my questions so give me some straight answer OK ". "OK fine "she gave me quick reply. Now I am starting to think is she the same person which I heard from the class president of her class. Shiori said," let me ask you one thing, what you concluded so far?

So she want my opinion first huh, OK I will let her know what I gathered. I said, "judging by what you said to me in library and the reason you followed me is all pointed that you were certained about my fall and the question is why didn't you tried to stop me? " She replied, "good question but do you want to know the answer". I said, "no I think I know the answer, the reason you didn't jump to save me because you said I will fall but you didn't mentioned any death or any serious injury so you just came to make sure my safety and after saw that tree height you decided to step back and also I think you can't climb on tree either".

After hearing that Shiori gave me response by clapping her hand and she complement to me,"impressive! You are quite smart as compare to your height. It looks like I should explain my whole story, so hold your tongue". She started explained all that stuff but did she really needed to bring my height on that subject?

"just for clear I can see the peoples future but there are some conditions like I can only see the future of those persons who's faces already in my mind", she explained to me.

"OK tell my future, when will I get girlfriend ", I responded to her.

" no I can't tell you right now ", she said.

" but why? do you have power or not ", I said.

" it's not that simple because those vision came to me randomly not according to my will and also I can only see peoples misfortune like accident, blood, hurt and at last death. So you still want to know your future.", she answered. "No thanks", I replied.

After heard that word death it made me goosebumps. Who wants to die? Everyone here is trying to live no matter how hard it is, after hearing that nonsense I take my leave but before go I said to her that," you know what, you are full of bullshit". But she gave me response, "so you don't believe in me do you or you want to pretend like you don't believe in me". It was pretty obvious that I want to pretend. Because I got scared when I heared word of death. Well everyone scare of death so why I shouldn't? I am also scare of her the reason I want to pretend is because I want to go back to my old life so I will never came close to death. When I started to walk without giving shiori any response she spoke to me from behind, "you know what ray I saw a vision of your friend  tsukishima, he will fall from stairs and get heart seriously". When I heard that I couldn't move and instead I ask her, "when  and where this will happen?""I don't know when because my power never show me time and date but it will happen in school", shiori said. I was thinking how I involve in all of this then she said, "are you gonna help him". "why would I? It's not like we are friends or anything  so I will not ", I replied with cold eye. And after that I went straight home.

Next day on morning I was sitting on my class thinking about that fortune or misfortune of tsukishima, suddenly tsukishima is appear and said, "hey ray! Good morning ". He was acting like he never tricked me day before yesterday. Tsukishima said, "what's with those bandages dude, did you hurt yourself while I were busy on practice". He spot my bandages but what I want is apology for tricking me so I said, "let me guess first you tricked me to help A class president and the condition what we made is nothing but a lie to you right that's why you agree without any thinking". Tsukishima said with smile, "you got me, OK I will make it up to you now". I question to him,"how ". After he gave me coupon and said," this is a free coupon of lunch and it's valid for 2 weeks so you can go there and eat without paying any bills". I said, "well it's not a bad deal OK I accept it". Just like that foods won my heart and he convinced me. In a lunch time he is going around chatting with his friends from different class and I decided to follow him without noticing. He's now in hall way and I am hiding myself behind the wall watching like a stalker. Why? Is because I want to avoid his accident even after said that his not my friend to shiori. Someone call me from behind, "what are you doing". When I turn I saw ino once again, she was watching me so I said, "don't disturb me just go". "jeez I just asked what are you doing ", ino said." I am doing some important work so get lost ", I said. Because of that interruption I lost track of tsukishima, I was searching in various classes desperately but I couldn't find him then I got remember she said tsukishuma will fall on stairs so I was running to went there but when I got there it's already too late for tsukishima. He's already fell from stairs because he was running on stairs. He's sent to nurses office when I reach that office I heard rumours that he break his leg so he won't be participate on upcoming baseball match.

After few hours I was alone in my class and tsukishima was sent to the hospital but he was crying when I glanced on him because everyone knows he worked so hard for upcoming baseball event but now he won't be play on that match although he was a star player so the chance of winning is now decreases. That's all my fault because I couldn't stop him for being hurt that's why it was my mistake. I was lost myself in that room then someone open the door and blue light is coming from that door next thing I know is that shiori is standing in front of me.

"you were trying to avoid accident of tsukishima but you couldn't ", shiori said.

" how do you know I was trying?", I asked question.

"you were running like a maniac in all over the school, do you think I wouldn't noticed that ", she gave answered to me. But I wasn't in a mood to talk to her so i kept myself in silence.

" I don't get it, first you said he is not your friend and now you depressed like it's your fault because you couldn't save him huh. That's so pathetic of you ". She said that but after hearing that I still remain silent, then she said," you should happy about it because the person you hate most is now in hospital and now you can pray for his sick death so he will never approach you as a friend ". Hearing that it made me pissed off so I shouted on her,"shut up....! I am not like that so back off". "I know that, you are not that kind of person  infact you are someone who help his friend even if he doesn't ask of you", she replied. It was like she was trying to cheer me up so I decided I will not get depressed anymore I will do something about it so the tsukishima's effort don't go to waste. After reached my conclusion I said to her with confident look , "shiori thanks and also he's not my friend nor you."

"so what am I for you? ", she asked question.

" for me you just misfortune teller ", I answered.

" is that even exist? ", shiori asked with faint smile.

" not until now ", I answered her with faint smile too.

Now shiori is going back to library and I decide to say one Last word, I stopped her and I said" wait one more thing ". " what is it? "she reply to me

" I hate you girl ", I said with calm expression.

" well then I will always acknowledge it for you ", after said that she left.

Wait what's that mean she will acknowledge it. That means she will not mad at me if I said her " I hate you" in rest of her life. Somehow I can't read her now but I owe her this one so I will make sure return the favor.

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