StepBrother// MC

Ali's Parents have been Divorced since she was 6
So have her worst enemies Parents Michael
What happens when ali's mum and michaels dad have been seeing each other for over 2 years without them knowing and now there getting married?


3. Chapter three

Ali's pov


The final class just finished so i sped out of it knowing i had to get home to get ready so i sprinted to the bus stop because the bus comes in 5 minutes.


As i arrive back at my house my mums car isn't there so i go into my bag and get my key out and unlock the door, i walk to the kitchen to get a drink and i see a note


Popped out to get some drinks for tonight, be back soon

Mum xx

I go to the fridge and get a drink then walk to the living room and watch tv for a bit, I look at the time and its 3.45PM and as i look at it my mum walks through the door.

"Hello honey how was your day?" she asks 

"Good how was yours?" i ask her

"Yeah its been good I've been getting ready for tonight, when are you going to get ready?"

"Im going to get ready now and if you need any help just shout on me" i say to her knowing she's bit anxious for tonight

"I will be fine hun" she says

"Okay I'm going to get ready now" i say while getting up off the sofa

she just nods and goes to the kitchen.

when i reach my room i pull out my white jeans a fancy top and a pink silk cardigan and head for the bathroom for a shower.

I quickly wash my hair, dry it then curl it, put the clothes on and do my makeup lightly then go down the stairs at 5.30PM 

"Oh ali you look amazing" My mum gushes 

"thank you mum so do you" i reply to her, she has on a black dress with her hair down and she really looks amazing 

"thank you hun theres still 30 minutes till they arrive, so could you go and set the table for me all the right amount of stuff is through there" They? 

"yeah sure" i say and let my question slip for just now


Its now about 5.55 so they should be hear any minute 

I'm still thinking about the they thing though

im jumped out of thoughts with my mum shouting me to the door so i walk through and come to a complete stop when i see what she meant by they

"Oh My God" i say



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