Stereotypes Dictionary

A dictionary, of stereotypes.


1. Asians

The only Asians out they are Chinese people and they speak Chinese, and no, Indians are not Asian and what is this Mandarin orange people talk about? Some skills Asians have are studying, using chopsticks, fine arts, and kung fu.

When it comes to school, Asians can be found in the top classes with the highest grades even though they are in a class meant for students two years older than they actually are, especially if the subject is math. When it comes to grades, a passing grade is a 100, and anything else lower is a failing grade, especially if it is a 99. It's not very common to see an Asian failing a class because their parents will have already murdered them if they had anything lower than a 95. Because of their grades, all Asians end up as lawyers or doctors when they grow up.

When it comes to food, Chinese if the best especially if it comes from Panda Express. Some Chinese delicacies are dogs, cats, and always expect white rice or noodles for every meal. Also, don't be surprised if the only utensils used for eating are chopsticks and those strange soup spoons, because together, there is no need for a fork or knife.

When it comes to sports and fine arts, all Asians are mainly gifted in one; however, some are lucky enough to be gifted in both. Ask an Asian to draw a picture of what the had for dinner, and they'll draw you a realistic acrylic painting of their pet dog that had been missing for two weeks in less than a minute. Give an Asian some sheet music, and they'll be able to play the music perfectly immediately. Give an Asian a basketball, and they'll somehow throw it in the complete opposite direction of the basket you told them to throw to. But if you manage to find those few Asians, ask them to cut a brick in half with only their pinky, and they'll use their ninja-kung-fu skills and break through ten brick without chipping a nail.




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