Snippets for the local magazine


1. Snippets for the Local Magazine

Snippets for the local magazine


“You look very happy. Where have you been ? What’s that ring on your finger and what’s this mini dagger you have here?”

“Where did you go ?”

Abhilash lives with his parents and uncles and aunts and cousins in their grandfathers large house which has a huge courtyard.

“Don’t know but I found this nice girl that I married. This dagger! It’s my passport to fame and fortune. It’s my dowry.  It will give me access to places and people who are rich and famous. My Dad in law knows all of them.”

Shows her photo.

“She is pretty and young. Oh! What it is to be young.”

“Where is she?”
She is out chatting with the neighbour’s kid. They are of the same age.

“Bring her in, bring her in. Let’s see her.”

The next morning.

“Oh my God! Your dagger has turned into a snake.”

“And that too a Cobra. Your lady must be a snake girl.”
“Don’t be silly.  Wait a minute. I will get it out of here.”

 “Told you not to marry some stranger. Did you listen to me.”

“She is not a stranger. Mom has known her family for years and saw her last year. She was at the wedding.”

His new bride

“Oh! That’s my snake. How did it get there. I made it in school.”

Ah...! Much relieved.


Which year are you in ?  answer “2015”

“We are in 2017”

“Dad how is that possible”

Ever so wise unflappable dad

“Oh! They are on another planet. They are graduating this year.


“Really! They start school at 5 years old, not 7 as we do, that’s why they are already in the graduating year 2017.”

“ Ah…That makes sense Dad,” says his older child. “I thought you were fibbing.”

“Ah… ! That I never do for the most part. “


Do you know Ann disliked school and couldn’t imagine going through 15 years of it. Besides she had become gawky tall.

So her mum found her a job at the age of 7.” All schooling over dear.   You can continue to study and do diplomas while you work. You will be paid, so don’t worry.”

“Great! Mum! And thanks!”

Mom! “Wonderful, 1 child settled in life.”

Another child learnt all about shops. What did she each week in show and tell.  She would say  “ we went to the shops” Her mom made her boss of the local Woolworths.

Another child was named Dean. He ended up being Dean of Harvard.


The story goes the American traded Australasia for the Usa.  The states became united states – each state is a country.  In turn America is all of  Chinski  Hind region.


To get an India experience you must go through the chilli experience, the traders market, the market experience   visit birla mandir etc etc. I have done it all.  Learn hindi and other languages.  Eat palm fruit, drink coconut water from the coconut. And there is much more.   Visit the Hyderabad zoo. I once went home in an auto from the zoo and it only cost me 20 bucks. Even in those days  20 bucks would not bring you anything. :-0


Mom what is the story of this suburb ?

The hospital building and location stay the same. One level was given out to the University Monash Caulfield.   Kambrook road and Caulfield and Glenhuntly were all changed. The old houses removed and  new one’s built. Doesn’t take long if one can find the fellows to work on it.  Can’t recognise the place.

Yes true. Does the Univ still use the building.?

Not far as I know. It was moved to the Clayton campus.   Maybe they have lectures in the building.

Bus Aaj ke liye inthna hi tazza khabar. 

If we were on talk radio,  there were old timers who could talk about it. 


Did you know people once told a story of housing a lion in the house to safe guard it when they  were away . 

Do you know, you walk faster in proper climatic conditions and the walk is more enjoyable


No concept of chronological age in the blue lagoon.  One can be any age.  Just go to the hairdressers  and cosmetologist and  they fix you up for the next role in life, be it a job, a mother etc.  One can’t tell age from looking at a person. Depends on so many factors.   From records I am 21, working age 56. Even if we do not change cities, the city changes from time to time.


Have you  heard about plug in plug out houses that also double as spacecraft and cars that fly ?  Its like plug in plug out modules of space stations.


How about making some money while you are here

Be a sex doctor.  Ok! Grin where do I have to be?

At Isric,  be fashionably late . How about 11:30 am, after tea and gossip, so no one will talk your head off.

Big money in it 5000 Rs in 10 minutes.

Great!  Ok brother! See you there.

Get the pass at reception. They look conservative but they are a very open place.

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