I Am Not Afraid To Walk This World Alone.

Riley Hicks is a different type of teenage girl. She wants to fit in, but no one likes her. To get through the day of torture she suffers at school, she listens to the words of her saviours. My Chemical Romance. When listening to them, the school's horror fades away, but that all changes when she gets home.
With her mother gone from the fear, Riley is left in her father's abusive hands. But what will happen when she finally escapes, just to find a "stranger" that helps her...

*My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms competition.*


20. Chapter Nineteen - Get Her Back Daddy.

Gerard's POV

I speed walk to the car, carrying Bandit in my arms. He is not getting my daughter again. I won't let it happen. She cries and wills me to put her down, but I don't.


"What's up, sweetie?"

"We have to go back." I stop and look at her.


"We left Riley. Uncle Mikey said she had to stay."

"That's because Pete is going to get her." I start walking again.


"What do you mean, "no", Bandit?"

"Pete is there." She points behind me and I turn to see Pete walking towards us.

"Where the hell is Riley?" Mikey cries.

"Still there... Her Dad was there and he-"

"Let me get Bandit in the car." I interrupt. I turn, open the car and strap her in. She tries to protest, but I just shut the door. I go to Ray in the front seat,

"Can you take her home now? Me and Mikey can get in with the others." He nods and turns the engine over. As he drives off, I turn back to the others.

"He had her handcuffed to the bed by her foot and she had a black eye and-"

"Guys." Mikey stops Pete and we all look towards the house. Riley's father is stood in the window watching us.

"Come on, we'll talk in the car." We all climb in and Andy drives away from the house.

"Okay," I say. "What are we gonna do about Riley?"

"We have to go back." Pete says from the front seat. "Patrick won't forgive me if we don't get her back."

"We'll go back tonight, Pete is there anything else about the room you can tell us."

"There was a TV... It was the house. Oh my God! They have cameras on the house!" He turns around in the seat. "Guys, he can see what we're doing!"

"Well, there's the first problem to sort. I'll ring Patrick." Mikey gets out his phone and rings him. He explains about the cameras and asks the guys at home to find them. He turns to me. "Bandit wants to talk to you." He passes me the phone.

"Daddy, please tell me you're still there."

"Sweetie, we can't fit Riley in the car with us."

"Go back. Daddy, you can't leave her."

"We are going to get her later."

"No. Now."

"Bandit. This is not up for debate. Give the phone back to Patrick."


"Give the phone back now." I pass the phone back to Mikey and look out the window. "Pete, was there anything else?"

"Uh... Just before I left I saw him tie her hands together. Other than that, I don't know."

"Okay. We will think of something."

When we get home, Bandit is sitting in front of the window staring into space. I get out of the car and she looks over. We all walk up to the front door and Lindsay flings it open. She hugs me tightly and doesn't get off me. I gently push her away, kissing her on the cheek. I go and sit next to Bandit, who stays still and stares out the window.

"She hasn't moved since she got off the phone with you." Lindsay says, behind me. I put my hand on her leg and she flinches, pulling into herself. He messed with my daughter's head. I stand up.

"We're going now." I say walking to my room. I pull a pistol out of my chest of drawers. He's gonna pay for hurting two innocent girls. Frank runs in and sees me with the pistol.

"Gee. Don't do anything you will regret. Bandit needs her Dad right now and you know what will happen if you do that."

"It's self-defense. Riley won't want that nightmare to come true in front of her."

"Guys!" Pete calls from downstairs, "The webcam has moved!"

I tuck the gun in the back of my jeans. We go downstairs to see Riley staring out of Pete's computer screen. Her cheeks were tear-stained and she had bruises on her neck. I hear Bandit whisper her name and look at Pete. He rotates the screen, so that she can't see the screen. I go and sit by her feet, being wary not to touch her. She continues to stare at the computer even though she can't see the screen.

"Are you going to get her now?" Bandit says, quietly.

"Yeah. When I get home I want you to be in bed sweetie. You've had a long couple of days."

"It's only six, Daddy."

"Well, if we aren't back by half seven, you are to go to bed, okay? Deal?" I hold out my hand. She looks at it, but only nods.

"I love you, Bandit. Don't forget that." I stand up and hug Lindsay.

"Keep her away from the window. Well, as much as possible."

"Hey. You're coming back. You had better." I smile and kiss her. With that, I follow Mikey, Andy and Pete out of the door.

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