I Am Not Afraid To Walk This World Alone.

Riley Hicks is a different type of teenage girl. She wants to fit in, but no one likes her. To get through the day of torture she suffers at school, she listens to the words of her saviours. My Chemical Romance. When listening to them, the school's horror fades away, but that all changes when she gets home.
With her mother gone from the fear, Riley is left in her father's abusive hands. But what will happen when she finally escapes, just to find a "stranger" that helps her...

*My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms competition.*


19. Chapter Eighteen - Bandit Is Safe Now...

Riley's POV 


I wake up and wince as my leg is restricted from moving. I look down and see a set of handcuffs keeping tied to the bed. Asshole. I look up quickly and search round seeing Bandit sat in the corner, wide eyed and terrified. Se isn't crying, but she she isn't looking at me.


"Bandit?" She flinches as I say her name. I'm about to talk again when she opens her mouth.


"Are you okay?" She turns her head and looks up at me. Then she holds up a set of keys.


"Bandit! You angel!" I whisper. Slowly she gets up and walks over. Watching the door as she did. What the hell has he done to her? She bends down and undoes the handcuff from around my leg. I pick her up and hug her. "We are getting out of here."


"Daddy's coming."


"Of course he is, but we should get out now."


"No, he's coming now." She points up to a new TV on my bedroom wall. The house where the guys live is on it. Both cars are missing. Wait he has cameras on the house? Oh my God. What the hell? He's officially a control freak. 


"How long has this been up here, sweetie?"


"It was up when we got back in here." 


I'm about to talk again when the doorbell rings downstairs. I tense up and pull Bandit close. I can hear Gerard yelling.


"Where is she? Where the hell is my daughter you freak?" 


"Talk to me like that and you won't fucking see her!" Dad is screaming as well now. There is more yelling and then someone is walking up the stairs. The door bursts open and Mikey walks in. He looks down at my foot.


"Riley put the handcuff on your foot. Your Dad is now coming to make sure I only get Bandit. Pete is coming. He'll be at the window. I swear we aren't leaving without you." He picks up Bandit and walks out.


I take the key from the bed and stuff it under my pillow. I feel tears welling in my eyes.They're helping me as well. They could just leave. But they came for me as wellI smile to myself as Dad bursts in


"Riley?" I wipe my eyes and look up. I stand up as he gives me a huge hug.


"What?" I stiffen, his arms wrapped around me. "What are you doing?"


"Making sure you don't leave me again." He pulls away and handcuffs my hands together.


"Dad? You can't do this!" I scream as he walks out of my door. He locks it and leaves me alone. I lean across my bed with one leg to see Pete climbing up the wall. How the hell is he doing that? He reaches the window and I hold up my wrists. I go to push open the window and realise it's locked. I sit back on the bed and feel tears down my cheeks. Pete gives me an apologetic look and ducks as my door opens again. Dad walks in and sits next to me on the bed. I shuffle as far away as the cuff on my ankle lets me.


"Riley, sweetheart-"


"No. You aren't allowed to call me that. You lost those fucking privileges." I spit at him. Before I have time to react his fist collides with my face. Tears pour out harder. 

"Don't swear. And I'll call you what I fucking want, bitch."


"You're a fucking hypocrite!" He pushes me down on the bed, yanking he cuff on my foot, causing me to cry out in pain. He puts one of his massive hands around my throat.


"Don't swear, or you'll regret it." I nod, feeling everything around me start to go black. He releases my neck and I gasp for air. "Now. You will stay here. I don't wanna find you gone when I check on you, because there will be hell to pay. Maybe one of your new friends blood could pay for it?" I shake my head, coughing violently. "No? Don't escape then. We're leaving in the morning."


"What?" I choke out.


"You heard me. In the morning, we're going back to England." With that he leaves. I sit on my bed and sob, not caring if Dad hears me. I've got to get out of here. If the boys don't get me out, I'll get myself out. I go to reach for the key to the cuff on my foot, but now my hands are stuck I can't reach. I begin to sob harder. I just want to leave.

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