I Am Not Afraid To Walk This World Alone.

Riley Hicks is a different type of teenage girl. She wants to fit in, but no one likes her. To get through the day of torture she suffers at school, she listens to the words of her saviours. My Chemical Romance. When listening to them, the school's horror fades away, but that all changes when she gets home.
With her mother gone from the fear, Riley is left in her father's abusive hands. But what will happen when she finally escapes, just to find a "stranger" that helps her...

*My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms competition.*


8. Chapter Eight - Breakfast

The next time I woke up, it was to a quiet house. I panic and pull myself out of the bed. I cry out from pain, but continue up. I walk through the landing until I come to a flight of stairs. I start down the stairs quickly,

"Gerard? Frank?" I call, as I race down. As I reach the bottom of the stairs, Gerard appears in front of me. "Oh, thank God!"

"Another nightmare?"

"No, but I panicked."

"Okay. Come on, we have breakfast sorted." 

"I slept all night? Where were you?" 

"I crashed in Mikey's room." He leads me to the kitchen, where I see Ray Toro, Mikey Way and Frank Iero sat around a table eating waffles. Oh my God. I'm in the same room as My Chemical Romance. 

"Hey. How'd you sleep?" Ray asks me. I feel myself go red. I know I'm being silly, but it's just the idea of famous people talking to me! I'm just the quiet kid that literally no one talks to. Now I have celebrities talking to me. Why am I freaking out? They are normal human beings like me. Except I'm not entirely normal. Well, my life isn't. I realise I haven't answered the question and I go redder.

"I slept well, thank you for asking. How did all of you sleep?" 

"Good, thanks."

"Yeah, alright."

"Okay, thank you."

Gerard pulls out a seat and signals for me to sit. I thank him and sit. He piles waffles onto my plate and offers me maple sauce. I decline, but thank him anyway. He takes a seat next to me and we dig into the pancakes. I get about half way through one pancake and feel as though I can't eat anymore. I put the fork down on my plate and lean into the table. As soon as I shut my eyes, I see my Dad scorched against my eyelids. I sit up.

"Excuse me for a moment." I stand up and rush out of the kitchen. I don't know where the bathroom is, so I sit on the stairs. This is it. I'm stuck. I can't leave, because Dad might find me. I can't shut my eyes, because I see him. But I can't take advantage of these guys. I need to find somewhere to go.

"Riley?" I hear Frank call.

"I'm here."

"Are you okay?"

"Yes. I just needed to take a moment."

"You have to eat something."

"I'm not hungry."


"Don't. I'm not hungry and you aren't my Mum. And she lost all responsibility of telling me what to do years ago!"

"Okay... Just be okay. For Gerard."



Hey guys. pretty bad chapter sorry I'm having a hard time trying to do something at the mo but hopefully it will be sorted soon and back to being decent chapters. Thank you for reading though!!!

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