Blurred Future

I never thought me, out of all people would like or maybe evn love him, he was way out of the category, of ehat I thought my perffect dream guy would be, but what can I say, That's Harry Styles for you.
You want to find out more, read Blurred Future.


3. My official enemy

I saw the curly headed boy checkme out, and honestly I was and wasn't too happy about it. But truth be told he was extremly hot, with his curly hair thrown back with a pair of raybans and his paint on skinny jeans, he looke dlike a freakin god, but anyways, Niall the one Brenna was dating decided to speak up, "sorry this is probably the wrong place, I was just looking for my girlfriends apartment" "no, actually this is the right address, your GF is Brenna, I'm her best friend and her and I share the apartment, she went to the grocery store but she should be back soon" I answered feelinga apair of emerald eyes heavily on me. "ohreally, well nice to meet you, I'm Niall and as you already know, Brenna's boyfriend, thiese are my band mates, this Liam, (he pointed to the one with arrow tatoos on his arm), this is Zayn,(he pointed to the guy with the quiffed hair and a blonde streak on it), this is Louis, (he pointed to the kid with a toothy grin and brown light hair) and this is Harry, (he ponited to the one that was checking me out earlier)" Niall replied, "well nice to meet you all I'm Leila, you guys should probs come in or else Brenna will kill me" I said with a smile. The guys came in, each of them having a suitcase of their own, I told them to just put it in the living area. "do you have carrots?" louis asked "nope, sorry were all out but Brenna went grocery shopping and I'm 100% sure she'll get carrots because I love them with all my heart, theyre my first love, and I will never love anything more" I said with the cheesiest grin on my face, Louis looked over at me and smiled so big then he jumped on me and gave me a tackle hug and he said "I think were going to get along just fine, we are best friends now, deal?" "deal" I said with a goofie grin on my face. " I bet I can change that" harry said "change what" I asked he replied "changign the fact of you loving anything else more than carrots" he gave me a wink and headed into my room and me being the idiot I am, I followed.
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