Blurred Future

I never thought me, out of all people would like or maybe evn love him, he was way out of the category, of ehat I thought my perffect dream guy would be, but what can I say, That's Harry Styles for you.
You want to find out more, read Blurred Future.


2. Jerk

"Wait, you're dating a boy that's on your wall?" I questioned, "well, yeah, I'm dating Niall Horan from the poster on my wall, that's why you havent been capable of meeting him because he travels for the tour but he's staying with us from tomorrow till new years and he's bringing his band with him, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Harry Styles, I met Niall, at a bar, but then I got to know him ans since then we beacame, official, please say something Leila, you're scaring me" Brenna replied so fast I could hardly understand her. I decided to answer after a long minute of silence "Okay then, if he makes you happy then okay, but I swear if he hurts you, I'll make him chopped liver and if any of his friends hit on me, I'll kill you all" "deal, and I do like him alot Leila and I might Love him" Brenna replied.

"K, so enough with this, let's watch movies and eat junk food today, cool?" I asked, "cool she said". and so we stayed and watched a bunch of fun christmas movies, until around 1 AM when we fell asleep on the couch.

***********************7HOURS LATER

I woke up to the door bell ringing non stop, I looked around and saw Brenna gone and in her place a note that said " hey babe, I left at around 6 AM to go get some groceries and necessites if the boys are gonna be staying, didn't wake you up because your a grumpy morning person, love you, brenna" I looked at the clock hangign on the wall and it was 8 AM, she must be still gone but the bell was still ringing and it was annoying, so I woke up and went to the door and I forgot to say that I was in my booty shorts and a tank top, I opened the door to find a curly headed boy looking me up and down with 4 other boys behind him.

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