Blurred Future

I never thought me, out of all people would like or maybe evn love him, he was way out of the category, of ehat I thought my perffect dream guy would be, but what can I say, That's Harry Styles for you.
You want to find out more, read Blurred Future.


5. Curosity kills the Harry

Leila's POV:


What just happemned, he just got up and left after telling me that. I barley knew him for more than an hour. Geez Brenna was right when he said that he was a womanizer, he's soo hot and I really have no idea what to do, wait a second I could totally get him jeaulos, I decided to text my frien Jake, me and him have been friends for about 7 years now

Conversation between Jake and Leila:

L: Hey jake I need your help

J: watcha need babe (in a friendly way)

L: well I met this guy and .......(I told him the story) and so I want to make him jeaulos and I need you to come over and act all lovey dovey shit to me. is that okay?

J: Sure, if it makes you happy, I'll be there in 20 mins, cool?

L: cool, luv ya bro

J: luv ya too, can't wait to see you, also bring me roses, red ones.

He didn't answer after that but he saw it, I'm glad he's helping me do this, I decided to change, I went int my closet and looked for a dress, I decided on wearin my white and black mid thigh dress which had a big cut out in the back of it






I did red lips and mascara and heavy eye shadow, I looked for shoes and decided to wear my black high heel boots.




I think that should do the trick to tease and make Harry Jelous, so I decided to let my hair down into beach curls like this 



Just as I was spraying perfume, I heard a knock on the door, I yelled I'll get it and ran out of my room, the second I went to the living room where the door is, Harry's and the other boys except Niall's jaws dropped, I blushed and then Liam asked " are you expecting someone?" "actually yes, Its jake" I replied "who the hell is Jake" asked Harry I gave him the innocent smile and said "A guy I know" then I skipped to the door but not before seeing a frown on Harr's lips. I went to get the door and opened it and Jake came in and gave me a carry hug where he literally carried me off the ground, he then kissed my cheek, making sure the boys were watching he gave me my roses and I smile and told him to come so I can introduce him to the guys. " Hey guys so this is Jake, Jake these are Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Harry" Jake gave each of them a bro hug but harry just shaked his hand, hahaha I fell delighted my plan is working. Jake sat down but there were no other spots for me to sit so I went and sat on Jake's lap and he held me by the waist, the guys didnt really care but Harry was fuming, and he kept running his hands thru hi shair making it a whole lot messier. "So, do you guys wanna play a game. I'm really bored" I said all of them mumbled a yes through out the room so I said "how about truth or dare?" everyone shouted yeah except Harry he just stared at me, we held eye contact for a good minute bt then  broke it and said that I'm gonna grab a water from the kitchen and be right back to start the game, they all said okay, so I walked into the kitchen, I was drinking water when I felt someones presence, I looke dbehind me and saw Harry leanng aginst the counter looking at me and then he said...................

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