The Abandoned Amusement park

I never liked clowns I always hated them, they just scare me and they are terrifying. My boyfriend talked me into going to an abandoned carnival. I didn't like the idea but I went along with him, it was creepy, I felt like something bad was going to happen. Tell you this much that bad thing did happen and worst thing are yet to come to my life.


3. Chapter 3

Leo’s pov

I groaned and held my forehead, my head was pounding and it hurt like a crazy mother fucker. I sat up and looked around this was not my room. I looked at the foot of the bed and saw the box. This can’t be happening. I fell out of bed and landed with a thud, I stood up just in time. The door swung open revealing the black and white clown from a few weeks ago. I got scared and started the throwing things. The clown was laughing while he was trying to talk.

“What’s so funny?” I asked scared for my life. I’m going to die just like Isaac did. I kept throwing things at him but he kept laughing. “Why do you keep laughing?”

“I’m laughing at you. You know that won’t hurt me right.”

“I don’t care! Where am I?! Let me go!” I yelled throwing more things at him. He just kept laughing. “Let me out of this hell hole!”

“Look Princess you’re not leaving this is your home so you should unpack and get settled in!” He slammed the door and I sat on my bed and started to cry. I’m not going to get out of here and if I even try he is probably going to kill me. I rubbed my eyes and saw the boxes there was three overflowing boxes on the ground. I walked over and all my things were here. Everything that was on my walls and my bed covers basically my entire bedroom was in these three little boxes. I can’t believe that I’m going to be here for the rest of my life. I sighed.

“What does he even want from me.” I mumbled. “I don’t have anything I’m not rich so if it’s money he wants I can’t give it to him.” I sighed. I wiped my face and saw that there was a blue door to the right. What is that? I walked over and opened it, I bet you ten dollars that it’s the bathroom. I opened the door and it was just a brick wall. What the? I touched the wall but was suddenly pulled back by the clown and the clown looked pissed.

“Why must you not listen huh, I said make yourself at home not go snooping around.” He growled.

“It was in my room clown.” He forcibly grabbed my arm, I yelped and his claws dug into my arm and it started to draw blood. The warm liquid ran down my arm and dripped off of my figures. I was pushed on the couch. His eyes widen and then he left. I was stuck on the couch while he just leaves me with a bleeding arm. I got up and found the kitchen. I looked in drawers and finally found a rag. I got it covered in cold water and the front door opened again.

The clown walked in with someone else. He was wearing a doctor's coat with a mask that had a smile with sharp teeth.

“It was an accident I swear Smiley.” The guy named Smiley sighed.

“You just can’t keep your cool can you.” He looked up at me while I got the blood off of me. “Is this her?”


“Jack can you please keep your distance till I get done wrapping up her arm.” So that’s his name Jack. I just stood there while Jack grabbed my arm again and sat me down at the table. I let Smiley look at my arm and he sighed. “It’s pretty deep, You need stitches and then you need to put this cream on and change the gauze every time you put the cream on.” I nodded as he got to work on my arm. Three gashing holes in my arm and it’s going to leave a scaring.

“Is she okay?” Jack called from the other room. Smiley sighed.

“You went near the blue door didn’t you.” I nodded. “That is why he was mad, don’t go near the blue door Jason has it blocked off for a reason.”

“Jason? Who’s that?”

“Jason the toy maker. He use to live with Jack here, before Slender Man let him have an empty house for his toy shop. The blue door that’s in the guest bedroom was Jason’s old Toy shop where he worked in dolls and things. Jack and Jason don’t get along anymore. The blue door comes and goes so when it’s here try to ignore it.” I nodded.

“So they don’t like each other?”

“Not anymore they use to be really good friends.” I nodded.

“Jackie poo I’m home!” A deep voice entered the room.

“Yeah I guess we are.” Another voice called out.

“Candypop, Cotton Candy so nice to see you guys again.” Jack said laughing.

Smiley got done with my arm and we walked out into the front room. There was a guy that looked like a jester, the girl was really pretty. She had long light blue, light pink, and purple hair, with a light pink crop top, light blue skirt that went to the middle of her thighs, pink and white shoes, with long white and pink socks, she had a hot pink with black net finger gloves, blue lips, pink eyes that looked like cat eyes and she was eating candy.

“Who’s this Doc?” The girl asked.

“Cotton Candy this is Leo, Laughing Jack can explain everything.” Smiley said walking out. I held my arm cause it started to throb.

“Here take one of these.” Jack said handing me a small white pill. I grabbed it out of his large hands and swallowed it.

“So this is the girl.” The blue haired guy said with a smile.

“Leo this is, Cotton Candy and Candy Pop. There a thing.”

“So this is the girl that Slender man doesn’t like. You know LJ you can get in a lot of trouble for having her.”

“Yes I know that’s why I’m going to keep her a secret from him.”

“He has eyes everywhere LJ!” Candy snapped.

“But yet he doesn’t have any in his head.”

“Jack!” Candy Pop snapped.

Soon there was banging on the door. Candy Pop whispered something in Jack’s ear and he didn’t look happy.

“You are not taking her through that door! Do you know where it leads!”

“Yes and I will bring her back at least when a creepypasta goes through that blue door it will disappear and I’ll make sure that Leo gets back here after he is gone.”

The door burst down and I saw a crimson hair guy and a tall guy without a face behind him. Candy grabbed my hand but didn’t move, what’s going on.

“Never mind Candy it’s too late.” Jack said with a sigh. The tall man walked in with the yellow eye guy. “Slender man, Jason.” Jack said.

“Well this isn’t weird.” I said lowly. Wait why am I just standing around with all these people that could kill me. Wait I forgot if I leave I will probably die, like Isaac did. I can’t think of that right now.

“Leo go unpack.” Jack said looking over at me. I was pissed now, he first killed my boyfriend, then he kidnapped me, now he is telling me what to do. I ripped my hand away from Candy.

“Look here clown!” I snapped. “You have no right in telling me what to do! First you killed my boyfriend! Then he decide to kidnap me! Now you telling me what the fuck to do! Well you know what I’m sick and tired of being pulled around like a fucking rag doll! So you know what either take me back home or just fucking kill me cause that’s what you do! You fucking kill people for the fun of it! So make your choice!” I huffed out air and I was pissed my blood was boiling and I can’t believe him right now! He laughed then walked over to me he grabbed my arm and threw me over his shoulder. I yelped and started to scream and cry! “Let me go you fucker!” I yelled.

“Would you shut up!” He snapped. I didn’t say anything I just kept hitting his back.

Unknown pov

“So that’s the girl.”

“Yes master.”

“Maxx I think there might be some complications with having her around.”

“I understand master. What shall we do about it?” I laughed a bit.

“Maybe make her into a puppet.”

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