1. Prologue

There were once six kingdoms of Tae: Rhur, Spriggas, Vintros, Lonnith, Greth, and Ynnis. Each of these kingdoms was ruled in peace for over a thousand years, or so we are told. Since the Fall of Tae, so few nobles remained that much of our history was lost to the ages, and the written word became little more than a legend.

Rhur was the northern kingdom, and it is said that those with blue eyes and white hair are descended from them. Spriggas by the tree folk, whose skin was like bark, rough and strong. Vintros lay to the west and Lonnis to the east – two kingdoms on opposite coasts both with an affinity for naval combat – while Greth was a vast desert in the centre of the slab of land that served as a buffer between the other kingdoms.

What of Ynnis?

Ynnis serves as a reminder. Once, it was a source of energy and the continent’s source of coal mining... and now, its ashes still smoulder on the horizon. When the Vale had split and the Frae had spilled from the crack, fire had rained from the heavens and left the world broken and fragile; the six kingdoms united into one to fight against a new threat.

And now the people of once great kingdoms are nothing more than handfuls of rebels fighting for their lives...

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