I Have A Crush On My BestFriend

Rose Albus and Scorpius have been friends since first year, what happens when she develops a crush on Scorp in the sixth year? Does she get over it, or fall into the darkness that is love?

P.S This isn't based off of Cursed Child because it didn't feel right to me.


1. Chapter One

    "Are you sure he's not willing to date right now?" Emma Knott whimpered, as usual I was talking to one of Scorpius' many followers to get them off his back. Why didn't he reject them in person, why do I have to deal with them. 

    "After his last breakup he's been too scared to date." I replied, all Scorpius said was I had to reject them, never said I couldn't mess with him and make his last girlfriend feel important. Obviously he was fine to date, just not one of these girls.

    "Are you sure you're not just keeping him for yourself?" She growled, oh god the thought of me and Scorp dating was horrible, and quite frightening.

    "Oh Merlin No! Never gonna happen, he told me personally he doesn't want to date because he knows you come to me first." I lied, didn't want to get in a catfight today, or ever for that matter. Emma Knott was a slytherin and getting on her bad side was not a good idea! She stormed off, and I sat down on the bench behind me, Scorp owes me for that one.

    "That didn't go to well." A familiar voice said laughing.

    "No duh Scorp, I almost got slapped by a Knott, you owe me for that one." I turned around grinning.

    "Well, how about a a piece of cake from the kitchens before next lesson?" He offered, I grinned and we sprinted down to the lowest level of Hogwarts aside from the dungeons. Most students weren't allowed to take food from the kitchens, but since Dobby and Kreacher were friends with Winky, who is recovered from her alcohol addiction and is now the head house-elf, us Potters and Weasleys can get whatever.

     "Rosie! Scorpius! How lovely to see you!" Winky said excitedly

     "Hey there Winky! Scorp over here owes me a slice of cake, got any?" I asked, squatting down to eye level.

     "Yeah, there's a lot left over from last night." Winky handed each of us a slice and we went to sit down on a bench.

     "How do we eat without forks?" Scorpius asked, obviously even after years of eating with the Weasleys Scorp was a preppy boy at heart.

     "Like this..." I said stuffing half the cake in my mouth. I chewed and he gave me that preppy look when you do something improper.

     "My mum would kill me if she was me doing this." He replied before doing the same. I giggled, watching him was funny, and I got this weird feeling in my stomach. After we finished, we headed down to the dungeons for our potions lesson.


     "Alright students, what does this particular potion smell like to you?" Professor Slughorn asked. I leaned forward and sniffed, it was a mixture of a parchment, the quaffle, and Scorpius' really strong shampoo. Why would a potion smell like that?

     "It smells like a new broomstick, and Grandma Molly's chicken!" Albus said to our group of three.

     "What! No, it smells like some really floral perfume and fresh wood, kinda like my dads desk." Scorpius retorted.

    "You're both wrong, it smells like fresh parchment, a quaffle and some men shampoo." I replied.

      "Actually, all three of you are right. This class is amortentia, the strongest love potion in the world. It's scent changes for everyone, it shows what you truly love." Professor Slughorn announced, the rest of the class was learning about brewing amortentia and other love potions. All I could think about was me smelling Scorp's shampoo, maybe it meant I loved him in a brotherly way. Like I loved Hugo? Merlin this was confusing! As soon as class ended I went straight to Herbology, not saying a word to Al or Scorp. Herbology was the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuff's, one of the few classes I had without the two boys. I used it as time to think, but Professor Longbottom had other ideas.

    "Miss Weasley, your mother wouldn't like it if I owled home saying you weren't paying attention in class. I know you know the answer to the question." Professor Longbottom or Neville, depending on which Potter or Weasley you asked said sternly. 

    "Magic cacti are like muggle cacti, they don't need much water and are poky. The difference is the magical one tends to dance and can cure magical diseases." I got this lesson last summer when he was reviewing the lesson plan with Alice (His daughter) and I. I never really liked Herbology, but I managed to make it through the lesson, and get back to Ravenclaw tower to tell Alice everything. She was my best-friend, and easier to talk to than one of my cousins. They would probably end up telling their parents and their parents would tell mine and then the entire family would know, and since Scorp is Al's best-friend he would definitely find out.  



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