Her Torturers

As they try to break her down, he tries to pick up the pieces and put them back together.
Alice Rosalie Jackson

Alice is the third hybrid to exist. She has all of their strengths and only one weakness from each specie. She is the perfect supernatural. Because of that the leaders of the world are trying to capture her, torture her, make an example out of her, enslave her and breed her. She is constantly on the run to stay free and survive. What happens when her freedom is taken away completely? What happens when she loses everything she has left?
Salem Xavier Ares

Salem is the leader of the werewolves. He is the strongest, the fastest and the most feared wolf in existence. But he is mate less and therefore not at his strongest. He has been looking for her since he shifted the first time. But happens when he finds her and realizes what she is? Will he accept her or will he push her away and use her like the other leaders had planned?


5. Chapter Three

Alice's POV

I had been running for what seemed like hours. I hadn't found a river or a lake so I was still smelling like the vampire I killed.

Suddenly I broke through the trees and entered a clearing. And right in the center of it I saw a river flowing. I quickly ran straight into the river and started to wash the blood off me. I quickly realized that I would take more than that to get rid of the scent of blood. It had been stuck to my clothes for too long. I had to get rid of it. But that wasn't exactly an easy decision as it was the only set of clothes that I had. I would have to find some place where I could steal some new clothing. But I had to keep this on for the time being which meant that they would easily be able to follow me no matter where I go. Especially the werewolves.

As much as I hate to admit it they are the best trackers there is. I was going to have to do something extremely clever to hide my scent and the scent of blood until I could get some new clothing. And I didn't know how long it would take me to find something.

As soon as I got out of the river, I immediately started running as fast as I could. I had to get out of the forest. I had to get out of the continent. But where would I go. I could go to America. The werewolf continent. It was a risky move but it seemed like the only one I could possibly make.

I would be closer to my goal but at the same time I would be somewhat safe. I doubt that they would expect me to hide on their own continent. It didn't take long for me to decide but I still had to plan exactly how to get there.

I doubt I could get there by plane. They would probably have that under surveillance so it would have to be by boat. Even though I hate sailing. I also got seasick so quickly every time.

I decided that I had to get out of the forest and find a city so that I could get some clothing and then I would head down towards the docks and try and find a ship that was heading for America. I didn't care where specifically as I just had to get there and then I would figure the rest out.


Later that day I had found a homeless shelter in Saint Petersburg and had gotten some clothing that, for the time being, would disguise my scent. I decided to head for the Admiralty shipyard. Hopefully I would be able to find some form of transportation from there to America and even more important, hopefully the ship wouldn't be employing any vampires. I knew that there was a slim chance that none of the people on board of any of the ships would be only humans but I had to take a chance and hope that at least they wouldn't be able to detect my scent.

When I finally arrived at the shipyard after many hours of searching, I looked for a ship that was heading for America.

I tried to find the main office and search the manifests but it took too long so I decided to play the homeless little girl and hope that some of the workers at the shipyard would have pity for me.

The clothing I had gotten definitely made me look like a homeless little girl but I didn't think it was enough so I grabbed some mud and smeared it all over my face to make it look like I was in even worse condition than I really was.

I saw a group of workers standing beside a container, smoking. I thought that they were the perfect group for trying to get away from Russia. As I walked over to them I heard a couple of different accents. I heard Russian, American, German and Portuguese. I was surprised by the last one but decided to take the chance and walk up to them.

"Привет, можете Вы парни помогать мне? (Hello, can you guys help me?)" I asked them. The Russian of the group answered. "Это зависит от того, что Вы хотите, Ваша бездомная часть мусора. (It depends on what you want, your stray piece of garbage)" He spat, his voice laced with disgust. Maybe this isn't the right group of people to ask but I decided to keep trying. "Пожалуйста, я просто хочу поехать в Америку. (Please I just want to go to America)" I pleaded, making it sound like I was about to cry. I don't know why but the American was the next one to speak up. "Nikolai, behave. Can't you see that the poor girl is starving and just want to get a better life?" He said as he pushed past the Russian now known as Nikolai.

"Hey sweetie. Do you speak English or only Russian?" The American asked me. Of course I spoke both and a bit more but I had to play along like I only knew a little English. "Know only little bit" I said in English making sure it wasn't grammatically correct. "Okay sweetie but you do understand English?" He asked to make sure I understood him. As a response I just nodded and stared at him while giving him the puppy dog eyes. "Okay sweetie, my name is Chris, that over there is Nikolai, that guy over there is Sebastian and the silent guy right there is Roberto" Chris said. I looked around to them all and gave them all a small yet scared smile and wave. "Now if I understood right then you want to go to America, right? Well you, my sweet little girl, are very lucky because we actually work on board of that huge ship right over there and it just so happens that I our next destination is America. And I would like to help you get there. Do you understand?" Chris asked. I nodded and smiled a little more at him. I silently thanked the gods that none of them were a werewolf, vampire, wendigo or dragon. Well at least three of them weren't that. Nikolai was definitely a vampire. I was happy that he couldn't smell my scent because then we would be in trouble.


After a lot of questions from Chris, he finally helped sneak me onto the ship. He had suggested that I was to stay hidden in his cabin and then he would make sure to get me some food. I thought it was a good idea except I never liked staying still in one place unless I was meditating. I had always been able to relax while meditating. It gave me some sort of peace. One that I have been missing for as long as I can remember.

As I got situated in the cabin Chris came in and sat down with me. "So sweetie, do you have a name?" As he asked that I didn't know what I was going to say. I mean I could tell him a random name but he had actually helped me. Of course it was without knowing who or what I am and it was without knowing how dangerous it would be for him if we got found out by one of the kings or the queen.

I decided that I might as well trust him. He had already helped me a lot and it was the least I could do for him. I nodded and looked up at him shyly. "And what is it?" He asked softly. "A-Alice" I said nervously hoping that my American accent didn't come out too prominently. "Alice. Such a beautiful name for such a sweet girl. Now Alice do you mind if I ask you a few questions? I mean just to get the time to pass." He asked softly as if he was afraid that I would run away from him. Which I thought was weird since I was in a steel cabin with only one way out which wasn't easy to open. I nodded and waited for him to start asking the questions. "Okay. Where are your parents, sweetie? I mean you can't have been living on the streets on you own" He said curiously. "Dead" was all I said.

I kept my answers as short and simple as possible to make it seem like I barely knew any English. "Oh I'm sorry sweetie. So how long have you been on your own?" He asked softly as he caressed my back like I was about to break down in tears. I just held up all my fingers to signal that I had been on my own for the last ten years of my life. "Ten years? How old are you, Alice?" He asked with what sounded like curiosity. "Seventeen" I answered quietly as to keep up the act of being the little shy girl. "So you have been living on the streets and fending for yourself since you were 7?" He asked, his voice laced with surprise. God I hated when people thought like that about me I thought to myself. I just nodded.

He stared at me as if he was thinking hard about something. I looked at him closely. His face was covered in stubble. His short black hair was slicked back across his head. He had nice brown eyes. He looked like he was in his mid to late twenties. He kind of reminded me of my dad. Something about him made me feel safe, normal and like I could trust him. Suddenly he spoke. "Do you have any family in America?" He asked. I shook my head. Of course I had no one. My entire family had been slaughtered because of fate. The same fate that had destined my grandparents with one of the other species and then my mom with my dad so that I was created. "Well, Alice, if you want then I think that my wife and I would like to adopt you and give you a little bit of what you have missed out on. Would you like that?" Chris asked. As his words slowly sunk into my head, I stared at him in shock. Did he just ask if I was okay with him and his wife adopting me for the last year before I am an adult? I thought to myself. "Are you serious? This isn't some sick joke that Nikolai has come up with?" I asked him not caring if he found out that I knew how to speak English perfectly. My dad was American and my mom was Russian so English and Russian was the two languages I knew best. "Yes I am sure and no Nikolai doesn't even know about this. And how can you all of a sudden speak English perfectly?" He asked me with a surprised look on his face. "Well my dad was American and my mom was Russian so that's why" I said to him. "You lied to us? But why?" Chris asked angrily. "I did it because it was the only way for you and all the others to help me get to America" I said Irritated. "Okay fine. But from now on, no more lies" He said. "Fine. Now back to the suggestion you just gave me. Are you sure your wife will like that idea? I mean I'm a street kid. I don't know anything about having a family" I said softly. And it was all true. Even though my parents had died when I was 7 years old, I still couldn't remember anything about having a family. "Yes I am sure. Because my wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past 3 years and I know that she would instantly like you. So what do you think?" He asked me.

And with those words I had apparently gotten a new family.


Question Of The Chapter - What is your happiest memory?

My answer - My happiest memory is back when I was a kid. My grandfather used to own a boat and to say that I loved that boat would be an understatement. I practically grew up on it. I was so sad when he had to sell it but his sight was getting bad and that combined with a bad back and a bad balance made it unsafe for him to sail.

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