Her Torturers

As they try to break her down, he tries to pick up the pieces and put them back together.
Alice Rosalie Jackson

Alice is the third hybrid to exist. She has all of their strengths and only one weakness from each specie. She is the perfect supernatural. Because of that the leaders of the world are trying to capture her, torture her, make an example out of her, enslave her and breed her. She is constantly on the run to stay free and survive. What happens when her freedom is taken away completely? What happens when she loses everything she has left?
Salem Xavier Ares

Salem is the leader of the werewolves. He is the strongest, the fastest and the most feared wolf in existence. But he is mate less and therefore not at his strongest. He has been looking for her since he shifted the first time. But happens when he finds her and realizes what she is? Will he accept her or will he push her away and use her like the other leaders had planned?


11. Chapter Nine

Salem's POV

Ever since I had figured out who my mate was I kept trying to figure out how I was going to handle the situation but I was never able to come up with new possibilities. On one hand I know I should kill her as soon as I get my hands on her for being a hybrid but on the other hand she's my mate and I know I won't be able to do that. But if I don't kill her and the other kings and the queen finds out about it then I'll have a war on my hands. No matter how I looked at my situation, I just couldn't figure out what to do.

So I chose to do the only thing I could do. I sought counsel with Hayabusa. 'Hayabusa, I know you are listening and I know that you know of my predicament. Please show yourself and help me understand what I have to do. Please, I need your wisdom' I pleaded in my mind as I was sitting on my bed. Well technically it's the hybrids and mine but for now I guess it'll be mine. Suddenly I felt someone inside of my head. 'Salem, you have come a long way, my friend. I know that you will do the right thing but what is your really problem?' He asked kindly. Hayabusa and I had always gotten along better than the other rulers. He always talked to me as if I was an equal instead of a child like the rest of the rulers. 'Hayabusa, I need to know what to do. My mate is the hybrid and I want nothing more than to protect her and keep her safe but the law clearly states that all hybrids must be killed. I mean what am I supposed to do? If I don't kill her then the other rulers will start a war. I can't kill her. I just can't. My wolf is already in love with her and I care about her too much to harm her in any way. So please, Hayabusa, please tell me what to do' I pleaded and hoped that he would grant me that much at least. 'Salem, my friend, I can't tell you what to do. Only your heart and wolf can do that. Listen to your heart and your wolf. You won't be able to get through this without both of them. I know that you will do the right thing. Remember that I will always be only a call away' He said before his presence disappeared.

I sighed as I let myself fall back down onto my bed. My thoughts were going a mile a minute and I had no idea of how I could slow them down. I tried to listen to my heart and figure out what it was trying to tell me. Nothing came to me but the next second I was passed out, asleep.


I woke up the next morning feeling very well rested and for once in a long, long, long time I felt happy. I didn't know where these feelings were from but I didn't care. I mind linked one of our omega's and asked her to make me some breakfast and bring it up to my room. It is rare that I eat breakfast with anyone but it isn't because I don't want to. It's because I'm known to be ruthless and cold. I became like that after the loss of my parents but I don't want to be like this. The problem is that I don't know how to act friendly towards anyone but my sister and Caleb. They are my family. My family is the only people that I feel like I can be myself around but it's been so long that I no longer know how to be loving and caring.

After almost 15 minutes the omega I mind linked came in with my breakfast which consisted of bacon, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, a bunch of toasts and strawberries. I just pointed to the desk and grunted as a signal for her to put it down on the table and leave. I hated to interact with the staff of the castle. I always felt like they were only doing what I told them because there were scared of me. Whenever I looked into any of their eyes, I only saw fear. They only showed me respect because they were afraid of me.

As soon as she left, I slowly got up and walked to my desk. I began to enjoy my breakfast and relaxed a little bit as all my worries disappeared just for a little while. After I was done I decided that I would go to my office and take a look at the different visa requests that I had received from a small group of vampires, wendigos and dragons that had decided to move to different parts of America. The vampires I had nothing against being here but the wendigos was another thing. They almost only wanted death and destruction. When I arrived at my office I went straight to my chair and began looking at the different requests. I just let the vampires stay in Brazil. The wendigos I had brought in for questioning and I let the dragons live in the amazon forest as long as they promised that they wouldn't hurt any human. I knew that one of the laws was that no supernatural creature was supposed to hurt a human but I also knew that the dragons had a habit of overlooking that specific law.

As soon as I had put the requests aside, the door to my office was flung open by Caleb. "Sir... I... we... have... good... news" He said as he was trying to catch his breath. "Well? Spit it out dammit" I commanded. "Jon... Sam... Shadow... they... are... back" he said, still out of breath. As I heard the names of my best and fastest trackers, my eyes widened. "WHERE ARE THEY?" I snarled as I needed to hear their report immediately. I knew that they were probably tired but I needed to know what they had found out so I could find my mate. Even if I didn't know how to react towards her.

Caleb quickly lead me straight to the infirmary as Jon, Sam and Shadow had been placed here so they could rest and get back on their feet in peace. "Shadow, report. What did you find?" I asked as calmly as I could. "Sir, we followed the scent for as long as we could and when we lost it we headed towards the closest town. We figured out who the man in the car is. His name is Chris Kyle. Married to Hope Kyle. Both are humans. They have no knowledge about what we are. We even found a source that said that Chris has offered to adopt the hybrid" Shadow said as calm and collected as he could. My wolf howled as he heard that someone other than him and me cared about our mate. But I couldn't let them adopt her. I mean it would only make it even more difficult for me to get her. I had to find a way to get her before they decided to adopt her. "Thank you Shadow. And you too, Jon and Sam. You have all done a lot for this and therefore I order you all to stay here and rest until you are back to your previous state of health. Once you are all back I want all three of you to report at my office. I have a few things I want to discuss with you" I said softly. Right after that I turned around and headed straight for my office. I needed to figure out how I could get her. I needed her here with me.

When I arrived at my office, I pulled out a few maps of the town that Shadow had told me that the Kyle's lived in. I looked at them and tried to understand what the easiest option would be. I needed her and that was for sure. I couldn't live without her. Not now that I had found her. Just knowing that she was so close to me but still out of my reach was breaking my heart into a million pieces. 'Caleb, I need you to get 23 elites ready and I need you to get ready as well' I mind linked him. 'What are we getting ready for sir? A search and rescue, a kidnapping? What do I tell the elites?' Caleb replied not long after. 'Just get 23 most trustworthy elites ready for an expedition. And don't tell them anything just tell them to be outside of the gates in 15 minutes. I'll be there to describe what is happening' I mind linked him, maybe a little too harshly.

As soon as I cut him off, I got up from my chair and went over to the bookshelf that was in my office. I growled in a low but rhythmic tone and as on cue the bookshelf started to move out of the way and revealed my private arsenal. My guns, knives, bows and my tactical equipment. I hadn't used it in almost a century but right now I need to get my mate I wasn't going to let anyone else lead this mission.

I quickly got my gear on and looked over all the weapons. I grabbed a couple of dozens of throwing knives and strapped half of the to both my thighs and the rest was strapped in their holsters on my back. I picked up my eighty-pound compound bow and pulled it over my head. After making sure that both the bow and my quiver was secured safely on my back, I grabbed my custom made M1911's and strapped them in their holsters. I decided that I wouldn't be needing any more than this but just to be on the safe side I grabbed my Kriss Vector .45 ACP and pulled the strap over my head. I knew that I had what easily weighed around 30 to 40 kilos strapped to my body but when it came to my mate I wasn't taking any chances. She was coming with me whether she liked it or not. I wasn't going to stand by and watch as some guy that she barely knows declares himself her dad. I made another low and rhythmic growl and the bookshelf slid back in place with no traces of any form of secret arsenal being kept behind it. Well other than me standing in front of it with all my gear on.

I grabbed the maps and began heading down towards the gate. I knew that I would be the first there but I didn't mind that. At least then I could test my elites and see if they were really the best possible soldiers for this mission.


Question Of The Chapter: What is your favorite quote?

My Answer: "Nothing is impossible. The word literally says I'm possible"

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