Her Torturers

As they try to break her down, he tries to pick up the pieces and put them back together.
Alice Rosalie Jackson

Alice is the third hybrid to exist. She has all of their strengths and only one weakness from each specie. She is the perfect supernatural. Because of that the leaders of the world are trying to capture her, torture her, make an example out of her, enslave her and breed her. She is constantly on the run to stay free and survive. What happens when her freedom is taken away completely? What happens when she loses everything she has left?
Salem Xavier Ares

Salem is the leader of the werewolves. He is the strongest, the fastest and the most feared wolf in existence. But he is mate less and therefore not at his strongest. He has been looking for her since he shifted the first time. But happens when he finds her and realizes what she is? Will he accept her or will he push her away and use her like the other leaders had planned?


7. Chapter Five

Salem's POV

I kept pacing my office. It had already been 5 hours since Jon had gone after Samuel and my elites. I was beginning to think that the chance we had gotten to surprise the hybrid would be wasted.

I had only just finished that thought before the door to my office was burst open. "Why did you call us back after that threat you put out?" Samuel yelled. His outburst showed nothing but disrespect and my wolf didn't like that at all. "YOU WILL NOT TALK TO ME SUCH A DISRESPECTFUL WAY, AM I CLEAR?" I growled at him loudly which made him flinch and bow his head. "I am sorry sir. I did not mean to disrespect" Samuel mumbled. "Good. Now why don't you try and talk to me in a more respectful manner unless you want me to make that threat a reality for you" I said sternly. "Sir, why did you call us back?" Samuel asked softly, still with his head bowed. "I sent Jon because we got some new intelligence about the hybrid" I told him. "Oh okay" Samuel said. I could hear the curiosity that he was trying to conceal. "But? I have a feeling you have some questions regarding the intel and the validation of it" I said calmly. "Well what was the intel? Who gave you the intel? Can we trust them?" Samuel asked softly. "The intel suggests that the hybrid will arrive on a containership in New York, two days from now. The intel was given to us by a couple of rouges that only wanted a peace of territory. And we can trust them" I said softly and calmly as I was explaining everything to him.

I looked out the window and mind linked my lieutenants and strategists. I just stood there and waited for them to arrive. A couple of minutes late I heard someone knocking on the door. "Come in" I called out. The door opened to reveal the rest of my lieutenants, Caleb, Jack and Adam. Behind them were my strategists, Zack and Alec. "Gentlemen, please take a seat and then we will get started" I said and gestured for Caleb, Jack, Adam, Zack and Alec to take a seat in front of my desk. "As a few of you may know, I have received intelligence about the hybrid. She will arrive in New York by containership from Russia. I want a plan set for an ambush. I will not have this hybrid run around on my continent. I want her captured and I want her captured alive" I said sternly. "Yes sir. And how many men do you suggest we take with us? I mean it's a big area to cover" Alec asked. "I want you to take every one of our elites with you. I want at least 50 snipers set up ready to take a shot as soon as they see her" I said softly. "Okay then tell me exactly what you plan on doing. I wanna know your exact plans for the ambush" I said calmly.

Zack and Alec immediately gather a map over the entire docks and the buildings that surrounded the area. With them Caleb, Jack and Adam worked on a plan. While they did that I decide to try and contact Hayabusa and ask him for some advice in regards to my mate. 'Hayabusa, king of the kitsune, I call for you in the hope that you will grant me help in finding my mate. I have looked for her for over a century and I am beginning to lose faith in the gods and goddesses above. I need to know if we will be happy. I need to know what our future holds. Please answer me and please tell me that she is still out there. Please tell me that I'll find her soon' I asked him in my mind as I hoped he would hear me.

Suddenly I heard a voice in my head. 'Salem Xavier Ares, I hear your problem and I am here to answer you. Your mate is still out there and she is getting closer day by day. You will find her within this month. You will not expect who she is. You will be conflicted about everything' Hayabusa said and then his presence disappeared.

His words replayed inside my head. Your mate is still out there and she is getting closer day by day. You will find her within this month. You will not expect who she is. You will be conflicted about everything. What did he mean by the last part? I will be conflicted about everything. I mean I'm happy that she's still out there but what Hayabusa said only makes me nervous about who she is.

I was brought out of my thoughts by Caleb. "Salem? Are you alright?" He asked. "Yeah I'm okay. How are the planning going?" I replied, trying to change the topic off of me. "It's going alright. They are working on a few different plans but I only see one plan that would probably work the best" Caleb said. "And which plan is that?" I asked calmly and a little intrigued. Caleb was my best fighter and he was a damn good strategist. I had even tried to promote him to lead strategist but he didn't want that. He was happy with being a trainer for the new recruits. "I think that the plan should be that we board the ship before it even makes it to the docks. Let's keep it far from land. That way the hybrid won't have a chance at escaping. She won't be able to jump over board as she'll just drown and she won't be able to take on all of our elites" He suggested quietly. "Have you suggested this to the others? I mean I know that it's a pretty good plan but you know as well as I that I can't just make the decision. The plan needs to be approved by at least 50 % of everyone in this room" I said calmly. "Yeah I have brought it up shortly but only Alec agreed with me. The others would rather be able to have solid ground beneath their feet when the ambush is started" Caleb said a little frustrated. "I understand them but I would still have preferred your plan as seems as the best possibility. I mean with your plan she won't have any escape routes and she'll be forced to confront us and then she won't be able to hold up against our elites. For Christ sake we have wolves that has trained with almost every special force in the entire fucking world. How could she possibly be able to defeat any of our elites?" I said as I started to get frustrated with the whole situation. Our elites were the best of the best. They had trained with every special forces team in the world. There was no way that a small girl would be able to defeat any of them.


A couple of minutes went by and soon they had finished all the different plans for the ambush.

"Sir, we have come up with two different plans"Zack said as he gestured for me to come closer to the map of the docks."Alright and what are they?" I asked as I stood and looked down at the map. "Well the first would be to place half of the snipers on this bridge right here" Alec said as he pointed to Goethals bridge. "And half of the remaining snipers would be placed on the roofs on the other side of the river" He added and pointed the industrial area on the other side of the river that made the dock accessible."The remaining snipers will take position on the cranes on the dock and then we would have the rest of the elites hiding in different containers and once one of us gives the go ahead then they will storm out and ambush the hybrid" Alec finished his description and looked at me. "Sounds like a decent plan. What is the other?" I asked. "Well the other would be an all-out assault on the boat when it is docked. We would have all the elites placed at random placements around the dock, waiting for the go ahead. We will be quick at get her but we won't have the backup of the snipers in case she gets through" Zack said softly. "Okay and what about Caleb's plan? Why was it turned down immediately?"I asked calmly. "I think that Caleb's plan is probably the best of the ones I have heard now. If we went with his plan, then the hybrid wouldn't have any escape routes. She would be trapped on board of the ship and we would just have to sedate her and then bring her here" I added. "Sir, you know as well as us that werewolves aren't particularly fond of sailing. We all want solid ground beneath our feet. I understand that it is the best plan but how would we try to explain it to the soldiers?" Jack asked."I don't know, Jack but I know that with that plan we will lose the smallest amount of lives if any and we will have the highest chance of success" I said calmly. "But as we all know, for a plan to be approved, we have to have at least 50 % percent of the people in this room to agree to the plan. So who's in favor of the all-out assault?" I asked.


Question Of The Chapter - What is your biggest fear?

My answer - My biggest fear is definitely to lose the people that I care about or disappoint them.

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