The Sex Scene

Luke Hemmings is the type of guy that goes to fast with his relationships and on the first date he always wants to have sex so a girl named Cece teaches him he needs to take it slow let's see what Cece can do


5. Girl Hunting

Luke was the first to wake up in the morning he couldn't wait to go to a bar and hang with the ladies because he new was going to because Luke is very cute and a nice person it makes sense why girls want him but he always goes to fast a few hours later Nick and Cece finally got out of bed Nick just realised that he didn't have a condom during sex with Cece they just got into it and didn't want to stop Nick told both Cece and Luke that he didn't have a condom on and Luke was kind of mean and said "well that's your problem" but they didn't care and moved on in their day

Hi guys I'm not going to be able to write anymore today but please tell me if u like it so far in the comments and the next chapter will just be the other part of this chapter so I will just call it Girl Hunting Part 2 so don't be mad at me for not finishing this chapter

- Alivia

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