''Pretty in Death''

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  • Published: 21 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 20 Aug 2016
  • Status: Complete
More than 60 years ago, a beautiful photo of a dead woman will catch the attention of the world.


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The weather in New York was more fabulous than ever. Different scents were flying from neighborhood to neighborhood, the birds were singing in Central Park. One day in May, 1947, after she has left her husband, Evelyn McHale wrote a note: ''He will be better off without me. I wouldn't make a good wife for anybody!'' This note she put on the bedroom table for the husband to see it sooner than later. After that, she left the flat. Evelyn was holding no luggage but was dressed pretty. Her hair was done nicely. She even put white gloves like some sophisticated actress and pointed herself toward Empire State Building. Evelyn was originally from California. In her mind, the 23 year old young lady already created a plan for herself. Evelyn McHale finally reached the desired spot. She was inhaling the spring scents in the air while reaching the observatory deck of the building. Through the tiny mist she gazed at the street, 86 floors below. Evelyn felt relieved somehow. Also incredibly light and free. Then, with no warning, she jumped. Her well-structured body hit a United Nations limousine. What an irony,indeed! . . . Across the street, the photography sophomore student Robert Wiles heard a noise and saw the young lady who was so desperate to end her life this day. Four minutes later, he already took a photograph of Evelyn's tragic and at the same time beautiful death. Everything about her pose-her gloved hand clutching her necklace,her gently crossed ankles,her right hand with its gracefully curved fingers-suggests that she is momentarily quiet,perhaps daydreaming or thinking about her later plans for the day. The photo shows as if Evelyn is just resting, rather than lying dead amid shattered glass. There was no blood on her or near. Why was the girl from California so pretty even in her death,too? Quickly, Mr. Wiles from only a photography student turned into a master of the photos. This is something he couldn't learn in college. As for Evelyn McHale- you will not find her remains in any cemetery because she was only a vision. Both from flesh and blood and not. She came on this Earth for short and then disappeared with the stars.
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