*WIP* part 9

*WIP* part 9

whew! sorry that this came part came so late! i just started gymnasium and i've been under a little bit of writers block due to an exam i had a risk of going to!

but a small summary of this part and the last others

Bucky broke another asset out which was taken for defective - they make a run from the Hydra base and head for europe, staying shortly some places before setteling in budapest, the defective asset gets their name 'Noel' and also a place to work! as of far they havent been found by hydra but who knows?


1. *WIP* part 9!!

In the run of the week i did recover but he had decided i should stay in the apartment a last day - even though i felt rested enough i didn’t want to put up with an argument of this decision and he left me to lay down on the couch.

There wasn’t much to do, the television we had only had a channel which apparently was defect, no books, we couldn’t afford it, if hydra found us we couldn’t waste time to simply pack things like that.

Wherever he had decided to go he hadn’t informed me. Neither had he informed me of the time he’d come back

so i was left for something that felt like a long time, staying still and growing tense

what if they had found him?

When the lock of the door made the sound of a key turning it I ran into the kitchen to grab a knife, standing at the corner towards the door in case it was someone else

As the door opened i didnt run out yet, they were too far away, if whoever had a gun they’d probably shoot me first before i even get something done.

When it sounded that they got near enough after few moments i did run out, blade drawn with an angry sound

I didnt get punched - neither did i get shot but i did find myself on the floor with the knife out of my hand ,

,what…’’ i looked up moving backwards a little

,,Noel.’’ my throat tightened when i looked up to see him, he sat down a small bag, glancing from the knife to me

,,..bu..cky?’’ he helped me up and picked up the knife as well, putting it on the counter ,

,what was that about.’’ his brows were drawn together, i couldnt quite put his facial expression, it looked like what i felt when he had opened the door just before.

I looked away at the knife and the window

,,you didnt inform me about.. When you’d be back- it could have been someone else!’’

,,tell. Others use the word ‘tell’’. You’re not an asset’’ he did touch my shoulder carefully and i held a hand to my face

,,you did react correctly though.’’ he didnt walk past me but rather pulled me close to him as i let out a small wail and my eyes got wet

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