Lord of the North


2. The slave, an important message and three cows

~~When Brennus arrives at the hideout, he orders his men to stay where they are until he himself has scouted out the hideout. In the distance he saw smoke from a camp fire, someone was obviously nearby. As Brennus approach the fire, Brennus realises that this must be the missing slave that the elder had told him about. “Greetings traveller” the man said.
“Greetings. What are you doing here in the middle of nowhere?” questioned Brennus.
“I ran away from a nearby village, and I’m hiding here trying to decide what to do next.” The man replied.
“Why did you run away?” Brennus questioned.
“My master has beaten me on more than one occasion. I could not stand it any longer.” The man answered.
“I’m here to bring you back to your master.” Brennus stated.
“I’m begging you, sir. Anything but that. Death awaits me there.” The man begged.
 “Very well, join my war band, and you won’t have to go back to your master.” Brennus said.
“Thank you so much sir!” cheered the man.
Once the man and Brennus returned to the war band, Brennus shouted “We head back to Tref Cathures. Move out.” And with that order the men gathered their things and started to move out, heading in the way of Tref Cathures.
As Brennus entered the village, head made his way straight to the elder of the village. “My good sir. You tired, but you returned without the slave. I guess you couldn’t find him…” the elder said.
“I am afraid so.” Brennus replied “Is there any jobs you require doing?”
“Bandits, sir. They have driven away our cattle. Our pastures are empty. If we had a few head of cattle, we could start to raise the herd again.”
“How many do you need?”
“I think three head of cattle will suffice for a small herd.”
“Then I will bring you the cattle you need.”
“Thank you sir, we’ll be praying for you night and day.” And with that Brennus left the village and returned to his men on the edge of the village. Heading in the direction of Tref Breatann East.
When Brennus and his men reach the settlement of Tref Breatann East. Brennus realises that to do anything here, he needs to speak with the village leader. Therefore, he leaves his men in clear sight of the settlement, however, not to draw weapons or any aggressive nature at any time. As Brennus approaches the centre of the settlement the leader exits his hut and sees Brennus in the centre of the village. “Good day sir, and welcome to Tref Breatann East. I am the leader of the village.” He said.
“I wish to buy some supplies from you, sir. I will pay with silver.” Brennus stated.
“Of course good sir. Do you want to buy cattle or supplies?”
“I want to buy some cattle.” Brennus replied.
“We have fifty-six head of cattle here. Each of 271 pennigas. How many do you wish to buy?”
“Three please sir.”
“I will tell the herders to round up the animals and bring them to you, sir. I am sure you will be satisfied with your purchase. Is there anything else I can do for you?”
“I’m looking for men who are willing to follow me. I am recruiting…”
“I am the leader of this area. It was smart for you to ask me. What can I say? My influence here is vast. Many listen to what I say and do what I suggest. I will not allow you to take the men who work the land, but there are others… landless losers that contribute nothing more than misery to the community. I could ask them to join you, but you don’t look like much of a leader to follow. You will likely take them to their deaths, and they will never return. Surely, even people like them don’t deserve such a fate.”
“I see what you are trying to do here, old man. Here take 500 pennigas for them” Brennus snapped.
“Well, you have my permission to take those troublemakers off my hands. I think they are eager for an adventure anyway. You may go to the centre of the village and take anyone loitering there. For every recruit you take, I’ll take commission.”
“Very well. Thank you sir for your time.” Brennus replied. With that the leader walked away and Brennus looked at the people in the centre of the village to which the leader said Brennus could recruit, and Brennus hired them all to his war band. With his new recruits in his war band Brennus orders them to head back to Tref Cathures. On the way to Tref Cathures a messenger approaches, galloping. He stops in front of Brennus, takes a breath and shouts;
“To the man named Brennus: my master, the abbot of Finian has sent me. He has heard of you and wants to talk to you about an important mission. He asks you visit him at his monastery, Finian, near Bal Eachadha. He will pay you one thousand pennigas just to listen to him.”
“Tell the abbot that the message has been received” Brennus replied, and with that the messenger rides of into the distance.

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