Daughters of Samson

They were hoping hoping he would rip her to shreds but he didn't.
(rough draft/outline)


8. The hunter's lure part 3



From the rooftops of the capital Cilicia peers down at the city alit at night. 

He should have showed himself by now.

Sighing, Cilicia drops down onto one of the lower roofs.

It's been three days since she parted ways with Inoue to go find the lead she was looking for. Inoue was kidnapped by his henchman, who she's been stalking ever since the abduction. Instead of having to go down to save her herself she was saved by members of the Silent Knights, who just so happened to be the underlings of her brother. No doubt she's met him by now but Cilicia wasn't as blessed. Cilicia closes her eyes as she lowers herself once more landing onto her feet she emerges from the dark alleyway and tousles her hair as she steps out into the light. She bumps into one of the men and falls. 

"Hey," the man calls out to one of his buds who walk over to peer at the girl. 


They carry her into the building not thinking it strange for a completely sober girl to fall at their feet. Once Cilicia is loaded into a cage she's shelved into the back of a trunk along with a bunch of other cages. It's then that she opens her eyes as the truck's door shuts behind shrouding her in darkness. 

The truck drives on for a while, an hour at most before screeching to a stop. All the cages slide towards to the back and Cilicia sighs as the sound of footsteps race across the roof. Outside men scream and grunt in pain and after all that dies down the back of  the truck opens. A tall red haired girl with catlike eyes steps out into the light. 

"There's a lot more than I thought." She says calculatingly before turning to someone outside.

"Bring them to headquarters."  

The caged girls are freed from their cages but kept in the custody of the Silent Knights for the time being. Locked in a room with a bunch of girls Cilicia kept her head lowered and herself tucked in a corner with a tight fist tucked away. 

When the Silent Knights come in to bring food not every girl goes to eat, she was one of the ones who stayed behind glued to their spots but for some reason the red haired girl from before stalks towards her.

"Aren't you hungry?" She lowers down to place a tray of food before her but Cilicia only stiffens and curls herself up into a ball. 

"She's new," One of the girls who had gone to eat tell her. "She was the last one to get captured...."

"I see." The red haired girl smiles sympathetically before rising to her feet. "That's not too soon before we arrived, lucky thing we were able to get on before anything could happen to her still  she must be in shock..."

They're all in shock. Why is she singling me out? 

As soon as the lights go out and the Silent Knights leave the room Cilicia waits till everyone's fallen asleep before opening the window and  scanning her surroundings.

There were guards stationed on the ground beneath her window- also it was a long drop. She slips out of the room only to run into the red haired girl who smiles kindly. 

"I had a feeling you'd be up."

She invites her to the cafeteria's kitchen for tea.

"Peppermint?" She asks. When Cilicia doesn't answer she smiles and pours her a cup before pouring one for herself. 

"It's like I'm looking at myself." The girl smiles sadly. "I mean I have no idea what you may have been through but I think I can relate I was in a similar situation once." 

As she says this someone walks into the kitchen. A handsome young asian male with cold eyes glances at Cilicia. 

"One of the girls from the previous mission." She explains.

"I don't really care." he notes as he rifles through the cabinet.

"You haven't eaten yet?"

"The Princess just went to sleep." he grumbles bitterly. "Jackal should be here soon."

Cilicia's ears perk up at the word "Princess" seeing this this the red haired girl smiles. 

"I haven't introduced myself yet have I? I'm Isabella. What's your name?" 

"Why give it out? It's not a name she'll remember." The guy from before pours himself a bowl of cereal and watches the two with a frown.

Cilicia stares at his bowl of cereal. 

"What?" Isabella asks. "Ah you didn't anything either earlier, are you hungry can I make you something?" 

Cilicia shakes her head.


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