Daughters of Samson

They were hoping hoping he would rip her to shreds but he didn't.
(rough draft/outline)


6. The hunter's lure part 1

When Inoue opens her eyes she's surprised to find herself in an unfamiliar room only to remember yesterday's turn of events. Not only does she have no idea where Cilicia went but she has no idea what her saviors want.


"You're not letting me go?!" Inoue realized that night after becoming acquainted with her two saviors. 

"You should be grateful, for a beauty such as yourself being protected by the great -

before he could finish his sentence he was hit by his companion. A dark haired fellow who looked at her as if she were an interest. Inoue wouldn't have minded in the slightest if he were some normal guy but he was hot. Which was an extreme blow to her, she had always taken pride in her good looks so to not be acknowledged for them made her feel less confidence.

The other guy- who was also of the same caliber as his friend threw his arm around her as he steered her towards a trap door hidden underneath a dumpster. Inoue had thought they were going to the other building but that was not the case.

"For the time being why don't you let us look after you?" he asks with a grin. He opens the trapdoor and Inoue ducks from under his arm and backs away.

"Sorry but I barely know you." She apologizes but before she can even walk away she's kicked from behind into the hole and Inoue can't seem to remember much after that. She scoots out of bed and trudges towards the window. After drawing open the blinds her eyes widen as she realizes how high up she is.

"Am I in the capital?!" She realizes.

"Yup." A voice confirms this from behind and Inoue spins around. 

"Whoa there! No need to be so antsy." A tall girl with long red hair braided in twin tails steps forward from the shadows of her room.

"Princess..." The girl adds. 

Inoue's face darkens.

"Who are you?" 

"Wouldn't you like to know." After studying her a bit longer the girl straightens herself as she steps forward into the light.

"I'm Bell. It's not my full name but that's what everyone calls me. You're Ezekiel's younger sister aren't you? Our jobs are somewhat similar, only I suppose you could say he's like my boss..." The girl's eyes were yellow and almost catlike or maybe that's because of the lighting? Inoue wasn't sure but there was something odd about here on a whole.

"Where is he?" Inoue demands ignoring all this.. 

"He had business in the eastern regions so he's not here now but he'll return..." The girl looks Inoue ever. "You mind as well wait if you came this far out to look for him but I'm curious... what's the fiancee' of Arthur Ferdinand Dierz doing all the way out here in Africa?" She cocks her head curiously but Inoue looks elsewhere.

"None of your business."

"I'm sure it is. Still I'm sure neither of them would like it if you were sold off so stay put here, okay? You're free to roam the city but not without proper escorts." Bell glances at the door as she leans against a table.

"Boys. You can come in."


Inoue isn't surprised to see the boys from before. 

"I never got to introduce myself from before but I'm Jackal." the brown haired boy Inoue had mistaken for Cilicia  before bows respectfully. 

"I knew you were beautiful but I'd never expect you to be a princess." 

Meanwhile the dark haired boy from before looks like he'd rather be elsewhere.

"Taiyang." He mutters with closed eyes.

"But you can call him Tai." Jackal adds.

"Please don't." Taiyang refutes his companion's suggestion in which Jackal waves him away. 

"You've all met. You two are to watch over Inoue until Ezekiel's return." Bell orders. 

"Yes ma'am." Jackal seems to be a bit too happy while Taiyang seemed the exact opposite.

Inoue frowns. 

"Actually I don't need a guard, I already have one." 

"You do?" Bell tilts her head.

"How curious....well until this said guard of yours shows themselves you will be stuck with these two whether you like it or not." Bell says leaving no room for further discussion as she makes for the door.

Huffing Inoue turns her back on the two and gazes out at the city relieved but at the same time stressed. 


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