Daughters of Samson

They were hoping hoping he would rip her to shreds but he didn't.
(rough draft/outline)


12. Hidden Hand pt 3

"You don't talk much do you?" Jackal asks. 

For the upteenth time Cilicia ignores him.

"Great. We have another one of you Tai." 

Taiyang frowns at him before observing the girl before him. Tanned skin, and bronze hair with golden blonde strands at the sides. He couldn't tell how old she was with her bangs covering her face but her body type was similar to that of the Princess'

"You lied to me." Isabella glares at the girl who sat across from her in the van. Upon leaving headquarters they immediately set out for the city which were the planning to sell the Princess at an auction. 

"Technically she didn't say anything." Tai notes only to receive a glare from Isabella. 

"I know you can talk, you were just talking to the Captain!" Jackal tries once more but Cilicia didn't even look his way.

"Cilicia may not have been a victim then but she has had a similar experience as you Bell." Ezekiel enters the back room and sits down. 

"Can you not talk as if you know of it?" Cilicia doesn't shift her gaze as she says this.

"It's because you don't talk about yourself that my sister wanted to help you know." he starts.

"You talk as if we've been best buds for years. Should I remind you of-

"I see your point. I'll take it back. However unlike before I'm hoping you'll prove useful." The three look back from their Captain to Cilicia.

"So you really are joining us?" Bell raises her eyebrows at Sill who looks to the Captain with a horrified expression.

"It's only temporary. What's with that face?" 

"Nothing. It's not like I hate the idea or anything." Cilicia fingers the hemmed sleeve of her black cloak. Her spare clothes had been taken away and at the time this spare uniform was the only suitable outfit she could find. She wasn't used to wearing skirts or stockings it was a strange feeling now that her legs were unshackled by the skinny jeans she always wore. Perhaps Inoue was right about her. 


"I can't tell if she's being sarcastic or not." Jackal sighs.

"Well regardless of your personality I'm glad to have you on the team."  

Cilicia smiles a small smile. 


"Nothing. You're pretty funny."

"You mean annoying." Taiyang corrects her. "Because that's what he is."

Cilicia glances at the rest of the crew, they were silent for the most part but perhaps it's because they were unacquainted with her which was fine, she didn't come here to make friends, Cilicia returns her gaze to out the window. 

Inoue... please be okay...!

Ezekiel studies her carefully and watching this Isabella's face clouds over for a split second. 

"Say why do you cover your eyes like that?" she asks.


Cilicia tilts her head at her. 

"Is there a problem?" 

"I don't know what you look like." 

"Oh." Even though she says this Cilicia makes no attempt to do anything about it. 

"The only reason I'm here with you now is because of Inoue even if she hadn't gotten taken I would be on this journey alone. Please understand that I have no intention of getting distracted. Once Inoue is secured I will take my leave from this group."


"Please don't mind me and focus on finding the princess." 

"Don't forget you'll be helping the search." The Captain reminds her sternly.

"But of course!" Cilicia says. "I plan on taking full responsibility should anything happen to her." 

"Good. Don't forget you said that."

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