Daughters of Samson

They were hoping hoping he would rip her to shreds but he didn't.
(rough draft/outline)


11. Hidden Hand pt 2

"-Break you."

he said.

The child doesn't move a muscle, hearing the words of the mighty Samson it understood its place in the world. Urine leaks out from beneath the child's legs and the crowd laughs. 

"The bastard's so scared it wet itself. Look at it!"

The child's lowered from Samson to it's shaking hands, it's vision blurring with tears. 

"M-m-moth..." It whimpered.

"Now it's crying for its Mum!" The crowd jeered. "Who's the bastard's Mum?" One of the members in the crowd asks and the crowd stops laughing Samson's eyes shift from the  bastard to the man who had asked. 

"No one knows they said some noblewoman was raped by some low life and her Father dumped the infant in the sewer dungeon." One voice said.

The child didn't know what they were talking about. It didn't know what a Mother was but it was sure that it wanted one thing more than anything at the moment and that was Moth.


Cilicia opens her eyes and finds herself staring up at a white ceiling. She touches her forehead and upon realizing where she was sits up and scans the room with her eyes. It wasn't a hospital but an infirmary. Whoever it was that nursed her would know her identity and Cilicia wasn't willing to stick around for whatever would come next. She went to move only to find herself bound to bed by iron shackles. A vein pops on her temple and she yanks her hand from the shackles along with the rest of her limbs. 


A nurse clad in white freezes after witnessing the feat and runs off to go tell her authorities. 

Cilicia had to leave and fast. She quickly realized that she wasn't in her normal clothes but a scrub, also there were no windows in the room which meant the door was the only way out. Seconds later as the nurse returned with men glad in the uniforms of the Silent Knights Cilicia throws a sheet over them and pushes them aside as she runs left down the hall. Dozens of men come into view and Cilicia inhales deeply before screaming. Her scream shatters the glass and forces all the men before her and behind to their knees as they clutch their ear drums and without wasting another second charges for the open window. 


That voice!

Cilicia skids to a stop as a familiar group emerges from one of the stair wells. 

Isabella, the unfriendly guy from before and a few others along side Inoue's older brother Ezekiel. 

"Do you even know where you're going?" Ezekiel asks her. Cilicia scowls at him as he approaches. "I've heard everything from Isabella and the rest. Inoue said she had a guard, if you were her guard...she was probably implying you... you wouldn't make a very good one considering you weren't even around for half the time." he circles her.  

"You should be grateful, I didn't have to haul your useless self from the sand but I did." 

Cilicia could tell he was angry, angry that she had failed her- angry that she had came here.

"You will answer my questions. Come." 

He goes to lead her down a hall but Cilicia does not follow. 

"I asked her to ask you for information while I went to gather my own." Cilicia says. "It's something only someone in your line of work would have known, blame me if you like but she was the one who offered to help in the first place, I won't apologize for that. However I will apologize for not being able to stop her from being taken. I am sorry." She lowers her head in apology. Ezekiel's jaw stiffens.

"You're impatient. where do you think you're going?" 

Cilicia stares ahead. 

"Their men are long gone from this town, my men have already raided main base and hang outs." 

Her fist tightens.

"I know you must be concerned about that but the people of this town are very ignorant, only those who come from old families know of you." he assures of this and seeing Cilicia's fist relax walks ahead.

"Come. We must chat."


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