Daughters of Samson

They were hoping hoping he would rip her to shreds but he didn't.
(rough draft/outline)


10. Hidden Hand pt 1

"Why is this suitcase so heavy?!" Jackal whines. 

Inoue frowns at him before looking to Tai.

"Is maintaining one's strength not a part of job entitlement? How can he be so weak?" she asks innocently.

"W-weak?!" Jackal hefts the suitcase up into the back seat. "S-see? I'm not weak..."

Taiyang stares at the bag in silence before walking away.


Inoue slams the door shut. 

"Well goodbye!" She calls as she hops into her jeep. The city guards were already beginning to open the outside gate. She waves goodbye at her two escorts. Only Jackal waves.

"Bye...Princess Inoue." there were bags under his eyes, seeing them pleased Inoue.

"It was...nice meeting you two. I hope we never have to see each other again." 

"Likewise." Taiyang agrees. 

As Inoue drives away from the city, the suit case unzips itself and Cilicia crawls out from the back. 

"It's amazing how you seem to fit in the smallest of spaces." She laughs not noticing the strange small pile of sand ahead.


Too late, the jeep crashes into the roadblock buried by sand and Cilicia who didn't have enough time to put her seat belt on goes flying through the glass and tumbling out onto the sand a few ways off. She quickly recovers and rises to her feet.


She had rolled farther than she thought as she could only make out a bunch of men yanking her out of her car. 

"Sill!" Inoue cries. "NO! LET GO OF ME!"

"Inoue!" Cilicia jets off through the sand towards the group of men who were already pushing her in the van.


Even though she was moving at a fast pace it was hard to run in sand while trying to catch up to a van speeding away from you. 


If Cilicia could still hear her screams then that meant she was still at a point she could catch up. Cilicia doubles her speed only to realize that two more vans had shown up out of nowhere. 

Cilicia stops in her tracks and begins to inhale. Suddenly the vans begin to reverse as Cilicia sucked in air but as soon as she got close enough one of the windows wound down and someone shot her. Paying no mined to the bleeding of her abdomen Cilicia stretched out her arms which were inches away from the middle van. 

"Sill!" she could hear Inoue screaming clearer than ever it was definitely this one. Another shot goes off but the bullet misses and whizzes past her head. The next one however hits her right in the forehead and she falls. Exhaling the air all at once pushed the vans forward. The ones on either side of the middle one toppled over while the middle one shot off into the distance.


She could still hear Inoue's voice as her consciousness faded.


Cilicia reaches forward with her hand only to black out. 

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