Daughters of Samson

They were hoping hoping he would rip her to shreds but he didn't.
(rough draft/outline)


5. Biting the bait pt 4

"L-let go of me!" Inoue screams and squirms but the arm around her waist only tightens which only causes her to scream even louder. Townsfolk stare at her pitifully as the bikers whiz past. Inoue tries to kick one of the bikers alongside her only for them to notice and stare out of her foot range. 

"Help! Somebody help!" she scream as she kicks wildly at the biker who smirks tauntingly. 

"You bunch of....bunch of.... AGH!!!!! LET GO OF ME! LET GO!!!" If there was anything Inoue couldn't stand it was being teased.

Everyone ignored her and only looked ahead as a figure dropped from the sky and into the middle of the road. 

"What the hell?" one of the bikers skid to a stop only too late. The figure held out their arm in time to hit the biker's throat. The biker lets go of his bike and in that instant the cloaked person takes the bike and throws it. 

Inoue screams as it heads for her but the man shifts her around to his other arm and tilts the bike at an angle. Inoue stares wide eyed as the bike whooshes by inches before her face and closes her eyes as the man holding her steers the bike in the opposite direction of the cloaked figure. They were lucky- or unlucky as Inoue and a few of her kidnappers were the only one able to get past. Inoue looks back after hearing the sounds of men screaming as they were all either thrown off their bikes or hit with others. She frowns.

Whoever that person was certainly didn't come to save her. 

Another cloaked figure waited for them at the end of an alley. Her kidnapper pedaled faster as the cloaked figure charged down the alley, suddenly they were running up the wall and spinning in the air as they kicked her kidnapper in the face forcing him to release her and in that split second Inoue glimpses long locks of brown hair whooshing past.

"Sill!" She cries as another biker grabs her only to get hit in the face with the lid of a trash can. The cloaked figure catches her as she is released and sets her down on her feet, dragging her by the wrist as they squeeze through a tight space in one of the walls.

"Sill, where were you?!" Inoue asks in concern as they continue on to race down the streets and into another alley leading to the back door of a building. The cloaked figure removes his hood revealing an annoyed face and Inoue gasps as she backs away.

"You're  not..."

"Who's Sill?" 

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