Daughters of Samson

They were hoping hoping he would rip her to shreds but he didn't.
(rough draft/outline)


2. Biting the bait pt 1


At the sound of Inoue's cry a girl with bronze hair looks up from her task in the back seat. The jeep slows to a stop  and the engine shuts off shortly after. Inoue drapes herself over the dashboard and begins to sob. 

"Cilicia, what're we going to do?! We're stranded in the middle of the desert now!!!"

Cilicia observes her companion quietly before retrieving a bundle of rope from her knapsack.

"What're you doing?" Her companion asks as she ties the rope around the bumper.

"We're going." Is all Cilicia says. She walks ahead of the car with the rope wrapped around her hand and pulls the car at a casual pace. 

A nervous sweat slides down Inoue's temple.

She had forgotten about her friend's inhuman strength.

It's not long before the two happen upon a small town near an oasis the next morning. As Cilicia pulls the jeep along the road the townsfolk stop to stare at the petite young girl pulling the as if it were her toy wagon.

"Gas station." Cilicia finally speaks and Inoue glances around to confirm its location. 

"This town doesn't look too backwater, I think it might. Should I ask for directions?" She asks. 

Cilicia nods and Inoue hops out the jeep to approach a pair of male teens eating ice cream as they walked, upon seeing Inoue they freeze as she flips back her hair before asking. 

"Excuse me, do you know if there's a gas station around here?"

Cilicia watches her companion return in high spirits.

"Ah, they were so cute!" she seems quite satisfied with herself. Cilicia blinks at her.


"Ah, straight ahead, there should be one around the corner." Inoue clarifies.

After arriving Cilicia climbs into the back to sit now that her role was done.

"I'll go in and pay... do you need anything?" Inoue hops out the jeep to ask but Cilicia wasn't paying attention. 

Huffing Inoue heads inside. 

Cilicia gazes at the sky. It was the same color.


Pale blue eyes stared back at the child after the light found her cell. 

The child had never seen it before so she backed away into the corner, back into the darkness.

"...haha." A small sound escapes its being. 

"No need to be afraid love, I don't bite."


"-Bite?" Inoue finishes. 

Cilicia blinks. Inoue was holding a popsicle out to her. 

Without answering she takes it. 

Inoue eyes her as she begins to pump in gas. 

"Do you like it?"

Cilicia pauses upon the first lick. 

"...banana?" She asks.

"What you don't like banana?" 

Cilicia's eyes narrow as she stares at the popsicle. 

"This isn't a banana." 

"It's ice flavored like the fruit." Inoue explains.


"Well, people need to cool themselves down so someone thought that instead of eating plain ice they thought adding flavor to it would make it more fun." Cilicia's expression doesn't seem to change even after hearing this. "... try to think of it like banana juice only frozen." Inoue tries again.

Cilicia sighs. She licks the popsicle reluctantly while gazing off elsewhere. 

I suppose she just likes bananas. 

After filling up the tank and a spare gallon of oil they find a inn to spend the night. The owners of the inn seemed very hospitable, the two were given a room that wasn't too spacious but wasn't too cramped either. Cilicia takes a shower while Inoue goes out to gather information. 

"Hey Sill, come check this out!" Inoue calls out to her as she shuffles past in her towel to her clothes on the bed. She sits on the ground behind one of the beds and changes before finally going to see what her friend was so excited about. 

"A map?" Cilicia observes.

"Yup." Inoue's grin was so wide Cilicia furrows her brows. 

"The innkeeper gave me a copy. Currently we're right here and if what Old Bora said was true then Zeke should be here!" Inoue points out the points on the map but Cilicia just stares before shuffling off to look out the window. 

"Are we leaving early?" 

"You bet! We might need to stock up on supplies but I'll do that now while the shops are still open." Inoue folds the map back up before stuffing it into her clutch. 

"I'll be back!" She calls. 

Cilicia doesn't say a word as she heads out the door. In the reflection of the glass her eyes narrow as she thinks to herself.

This all seems too easy. 






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