They took her father. A terrorist group known but also hidden. She wants revenge and her father back. Filled with faith, courage, love, and strength this story is an adventure like no other. This broken group of teens will put up a real fight to get what they lost back and without even knowing it, making a new family along the way.


1. Prologue


We were surrounded. Ten men in all, all with rifles and hand guns. We were stuck in a the cold cement room. I could feel the air closing in on me like I was suffocating. Jason was pinned to the ground with a gun pointed between his eyes. Calvin's bow was a few feet away broken, along with Melissa who was knocked out cold on the ground. This was it. The mans hand tightened around my throat. I could barely breathe. We had all gone through so much, all for nothing now. They would kill us all once they got what they wanted, the files and me. A sudden noise made me crane my neck too see over the soldier in front of me. Jason had grabbed the gun from the soldier in front of him. I watched as he threw a side kick at the one behind him shooting the one in front. I knew he wouldn't last a ten verses one was to big even for Jason. I wanted to just cry as they butted his head with the back of the gun. He fell lifeless to the ground now in the same state as Melissa. We stood in silence waiting for their leader to make the call. The seconds ticked by, it was hardly bearable.

Before I keep going maybe I should tell you how our little family came to be. We all shared a common enemy, and that enemy brought us together. Let me start from the beginning......

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