They took her father. A terrorist group known but also hidden. She wants revenge and her father back. Filled with faith, courage, love, and strength this story is an adventure like no other. This broken group of teens will put up a real fight to get what they lost back and without even knowing it, making a new family along the way.


7. Chapter 6

It was a long train ride that seemed to last for an eternity. I was constantly on alert after the last two attacks. I kept thinking about what he said. How they needed me alive, but why? What was so valuable about me? I decided to leave it alone. Calvin slept almost the whole time. I didn't mind, but it was more stressful knowing I had another life in my hands and not just my own. I honestly don't know why we stuck together but we did. Turns out Calvin is only 16, he seems to do fine on his own for such a young age. I can't believe he was carrying around $200! I heard the call for our stop and gently woke up Calvin. I tied my fire red hair up in a pony tail and grabbed our things. We were first off the train but hung back to stay with the crowd. I got a bad feeling in my stomach, like someone was watching me. I gave a quick glance behind me, but all I saw was the crowd. I tried to tell myself it was nothing but something just felt off. I surveyed the crowd around us and thats when I noticed it. On our left and right were two men, both wearing black coats, glasses, and a com system attached to their ears. They were identical same with one man in front and behind us.

I grabbed Calvins wrist giving it a slight squeeze to help him understand something was wrong. He gave a slight nod. I slowed our pace down to the rear of the crowd. The men did the same, that confirmed something was definitely up about these guys. 

"When we pass the stairs make a break for the doors, I'll be right with you, take a left." I whispered to him. he gave another nod. I felt him tense under my grip as we neared the shop. I released his arm. As soon as we were five feet away we both bolted. Straight between two of the men in black. They turned sharply and followed us at a controlled run. Yep, definitly terrorists. We turned a hard left, I looked behind us and saw them gaining on us. Up ahead I saw someone turn into an alley. 

"Go into that alley up ahead!" I shouted to Calvin. He nodded and turned into the alley. It led to another street at the end. The dumpsters covered the alley along with graffiti. Another glance behind us told me they are all carrying guns with silencers but only two followed us into the alley. We passed the dumpsters and I swear, I swear I saw something behind one but I kept moving. I heard a throttled grunt. I spun around to find a stranger on top of one of the terrorists. He must have jumped him when he passed the dumpster. I stopped Calvin and grabbed the gun from my jacket. We were out of view from the public so no one saw a thing. I pointed the gun at the other man who was advancing towards the stranger. Whoever this kid was saved our lives. The kid and the man were having a fist fight rolling around on the ground throwing punches. I on the other hand had my hands full with the other man. He pointed his gun back at me. We both had silencers so the normal bang of the gun would not be audible to people passing. I took a deep breath and fired. The gun bounced back with so much recoil it almost hit my face. I was aiming for his leg but hit his chest instead.

He dropped to the ground. I ran over, kicking his gun away. Then I turned back to the two people fist fighting. It was no longer a fist fight. Calvin must have hit the terrorist with the metal gun in his hand knocking him out. The stranger who saved us was leaning against the dumpster blood spilling out of his leg. Crap, he got shot. I ran over to help him but was met with a gun to my face. 

"Weapons down, both of you!" he shouted. He knew we couldn't fire a gun but, from the way he held the gun like it fit his hand, we could tell he was experienced. We slowly put our guns down on the ground. From so close I could tell this was not a man but a teenager. He was probably around age 19 from the looks of it. He had brown hair and hazel eyes. He wasn't too shabby I would give him that. The other two men suddenly entered the alley from the opposite direction. Without even blinking the teen shot two silent shot. They both dropped to the ground. My jaw dropped, that was from the other end of the alley! That's a ridiculous shot!

"Who the hell are you?" He asked wincing at his bullet wound.

"Look, we can help you please just not here, it's not safe!" I tried to reason. He just laughed.

"Look hot shot I ain't going no where with you until you tell me who the hell these goons are, why there after you, and who YOU are!?" He said determined to get his answer.

"Unless of course you want to end up like them?" he said waving the gun at the two dead men.

"Fair enough." I grumbled.

"Those are terrorists, I don't know why they are after me but they recently kidnapped my father, I'm Flare Connors, and this is Calvin Miller." I huffed.

"How do I know your not lying?" he asked curiously.

"I don't think you wanna waste much more time here bleeding out in the street." I countered.

"Fine." he said obviously not happy with our answers.

"I got a place around the corner just get me there unnoticed." he grumbled. I picked up my bags, grabbed my gun and went to help him up. 

"Woah slow down, leave the gun here." he ordered. I dropped the gun from my pocket and continued to support his left side while Calvin helped his right. We followed his directions and after about a block found the apartment building.

"Room 3B." he ordered. I didn't get this guy. Is he keeping us hostage or not? We brought him to the room and he opened the door, revealing a perfectly clean room with a desk, lamp, bed, and luggage.

"Put me down on the floor here, you calvin right? Get me the first aid kit from the bathroom." he said again. We set him down and Calvin got the kit. He still had the gun in his hand but put it on his lap to open the kit. He pulled out some cloth, wrap, tweezers, and a small sewing kit.

"Flare?" he asked.


"Give me the knife in your jacket pocket please." he said more as an order then a request. How the heck did he know I had that anyways. I tossed it to him and he gave me a nod in thank you. I cut his long came pants to reveal the bullet wound. It was still bleeding but the bullet was still inside stopping the blood. He grabbed the tweezers putting the cloth in his mouth. He dug the tweezers in and ripped out the bullet. Blood poured out as he squeezed the wound and started sewing it together. I winced just watching him. Calvin went completely pale and had to hide in the bathroom. He put the cloth on his closed injury and wrapped it with the wrap. He rested his head back on the bed behind him.

"Jason." he said holding a hand out to me.

So I'm glad this chapter is longer! I really hope you like it so far, remember you can comment any concerns, suggestions, or anything else just please be respectful. Let me know if you like it so far!~Destiny_Taylor



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