They took her father. A terrorist group known but also hidden. She wants revenge and her father back. Filled with faith, courage, love, and strength this story is an adventure like no other. This broken group of teens will put up a real fight to get what they lost back and without even knowing it, making a new family along the way.


4. Chapter 3

I reached the Amtrak Train Station in New Haven at about four in the morning. It was a decent sized area with a few benches, stores, and people milling around. I walked up to the ticket counter, a young lady wearing to much makeup came to the front.

"What is the best way to get from here to New York?" I asked.

"Let me look. We have a seven a clock train directly to Grand Central in New York? Would you like that?" she said.

"Perfect just one ticket please." I responded as she handed me a ticket and I gave her the $45. I have 3 hours to kill so I walked over a laid down on the bench. I realized if I fell asleep someone could take the satchel. Instead I went to the ladies room. It was small and cramped with light pink walls and peeling paint. I found a small space in one of the stalls to stuff the bag. You could only see it if you were really looking for it. Satisfied I went back to my lonely bench and laid down. About two hours later I was about to drift off to sleep, that was until I felt a cold leather glove grip my throat. My eyes opened in surprise to see a tall man. He had a buzz cut and looked about middle-aged. He was wearing a black shirt, pants, and leather jacket. I looked around desperately but no one was around. I clawed at his hands as I gulped for any air I could get, which in this case was none. I reached my hand under the bench and felt for my duffel bag. Just as my vision was going fuzzy I grabbed the bag, with a last burst of strength swung the bag up hitting the man square in the face. He let go slightly, startled by the bag, giving me enough time to swing my fist into his jaw. He let go completely of my neck.

I sucked in a huge breath as I rolled off the bench. He came at me again swinging his fist at my face. His massive size gave me the advantage because I was quicker. I dodged his flying fist and did a full 360 swinging myself into the bathroom door. It swung open and ran in. The bathroom had stalls in front of the door but also behind a corner, the satchel was in the last stall around the corner. I went straight to that stall, just as I made it I heard the bathroom door open and heavy foot steps echoing around the room. I slipped into the stall and looked at my watch, 6:55. Five minutes till my train arrived.

I heard him start to kick open the stall doors. I peered through the crack in the door and my heart stopped. The man had pulled a gun out of his waistband and was now holding it in front of himself, ready to fire as soon as he saw me. Slowly he went stall by stall until he was three away from mine. My heart was beating so hard in my chest I was worried he might hear it. I looked at my watch again, 6:58. I had two minutes. I stepped back, grabbing the satchel from behind the toilet, and got ready for impact. He opened the stall next to mine. I looked through the crack again. Just as he turned from the last stall to mine I kicked the door with all my might. It swung open, hitting the man in the head as it rotated. I heard an agonizing thud as the door made contact with his face. He dropped like a rock dropping the gun at his side. I stepped out, grabbing his gun as I ran towards the bathroom door. Before I left I dropped his gun into the trash and then continued to the platform. The Station was still empty with about one or two people standing at the platform now. I tried to fix my hair and make it look like nothing happened and patted my jacket pocket, the knife was still there. The train arrived a few seconds after I got to the platform. After one more look around, I boarded the train. I found a seat alone in the corner and stayed awake the whole time, watching other people board and get off the train.

I got off the train at Grand Central and found myself a map at one of the shops. My grandma has an apartment a few blocks away. I headed out stopping at a hotdog stand to buy some much needed food. I want to try and save the food in my bag for when I really need it. After about a twenty minute walk I made it to the old apartment building. It was painted yellow with a white door and window sill. I walked inside to a hallway lined with apartment rooms. I walked up to the second floor and found her room at the end on the right side. I knocked on the door, no response. I turned the handle to find it unlocked. Slowly I pushed open the door, inside was a messy room and a person that was definitely NOT my grandma.

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