They took her father. A terrorist group known but also hidden. She wants revenge and her father back. Filled with faith, courage, love, and strength this story is an adventure like no other. This broken group of teens will put up a real fight to get what they lost back and without even knowing it, making a new family along the way.


2. Chapter 1

Clink Clink. My fencing sword clashed with my opponents' sword as we dueled. We circled each other round and round on the mat, both looking for the opportunity to strike. Then I saw it. She lifted her sword slightly giving me the perfect place to strike. She realized her mistake but not quick enough. I jumped forward slicing my sword under her arm straight into her chest. The tip of the sword bounced off her fencing clothes. Everyone clapped and I shook hands with the girl I had beat. She looked disappointed but accepted the loss. As I walked over to the bench to take off my gear I looked around the gymnasium. Its starch white walls and depressing basketball hoops that hung low like sagging trees surrounded me. The school I went to was old but not too bad. I had a few friends but wasn't the popular type. Luckily when I joined they offered a fencing club and so here I am. I live with my dad in a small cottage, about a five minute walk from school. I looked over from the gym bench to see my dad socializing like always. He looked over at me and gave me a thumbs up. I smiled and grabbed my duffel that sat under the wooden benches. He hopped off the bleachers clearly finished with the previous conversation. I walked over to him.

"Nice job kiddo!" my dad said as he hugged me. I felt embarrassed being hugged in front of all my friends that were looking at me from the bench, but I shook it off and gave him a smile.

"Thanks." I said.

"How about some ice-cream!" 

"Dad I'm not five. Seventeen year-olds don't normally go get ice cream with their parents." I responded hoping I didn't hurt his feelings.

"Oh...right, sorry." He said clearly heartbroken that his baby was too old for ice-cream.

"Why don't we go out to eat?" I suggested as we walked out of the gymnasium into the cool fall air. I felt a rush of relief to be out of the stuffy gym and get some sweat free air.

"Sorry darling I got some work to do at home...how about you just make some mac' and cheese instead?" He said. I knew he did have a lot of work to do. He was a genius scientist and was always working on new projects for work.

"Okay no problem, I understand" I said as we walked up to our street. I jogged over to our small little cottage, pulling open the screen door to reveal the living room. Taking a sharp left inside I veered into the kitchen pulling out a pot from under the stove. I filled it with water and put it on the stove to boil. My dad walked in just as I plopped down on the couch. 

"Homework." he said.

"huh fine." I puffed pulling my backpack off the table and grabbing my science textbook. My dad quickly hid in his office pulling out all kinds of gadgets and blueprints from his desk. I looked up at the tv, which was set to the news channel, and looked at the head line. "Terrorists Suspected of another Murder." These "Terrorists" are a group of very dangerous people that live here in the United States. Everyone calls them Malum meaning "evil." The government can't do anything about them because they have no solid evidence on any murder they were behind. It's ridiculous and everyday there group grows bigger collecting more people to join them and "Save the States." It's a load of trash but theres nothing I can do or anyone else for that matter. I changed the channel and finished my homework within the hour. My mac and cheese was delicious even though I'm way to old for it. At eleven I settled down in bed and slept peacefully, until I heard a gunshot.


Thanks so much for reading! Sorry this chapter is short hopefully they will be longer. I'm going to do my best to update, please comment or leave a like if you are enjoying it! Let me know what you think.~Destiny_Taylor


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