An adventure!

In the world of Astarli many regions eggzist most of them have kingdoms our story is in the view point of Lavender the elven princess and the story is about her journey.


2. ch. 2

 Suddenly strange people in black clothing covering there faces and hair and most of there body and red belts there ears must be really uncomfortable they take father by his arms then back away tords the trees.

" Father, Father no!"

" Honey theres an outside world out of the forest there is a king there an old friend he will show you what to do but be careful don`t tell everyone who you are and most importantly I love-" one of the strange people covered his mouth. I wen home grabbed my cloak my staff and a purse with some money and alchemy ingredients then I left the town and headed north I walked for longer then I have ever walked before I walked for 15 mins this was going to be a long journey I came across a town with a castle and a market in front of me a little girl about 5 years old walked up to me.

" Hey miss why were you in the forest?"

" I live there."

" Oh... I have a question" 

" What is it?"

" Why do you live in such a scary place?" Scary? the forest isn`t scary.

" It`s not scary it`s nice and warm and has beautiful flowers." her face seemed to light up.

" Ok" she smiled and left I went to look around in the market then I saw a man selling elven gold.

" Come one come all see my amazing jewelry pure eleven gold!" I took a closer look at  a neckless wait a moment... I look at the other pieces of jewelry on his stand just as I thought! 

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