Undertale Part 1

the title says it all


3. Chapter 3

  You encounter the dummy buttons appear in front of you they say FIGHT ACT ITEM and MERCY you choose MERCY and spare the dummy nothing happens you repeat it about 8 times the the dummy tires of your pointless shenanigans then the dummy flies away Toriel well she looks confused.

" ..... ..... The next room awaits!" Ok? That was something you enter the next room.

" There is another puzzle in this room I wonder if you can solve it?" Hmm it`s worth a try but your not sure as your walking to the next room you encounter Frogit you click ACT and compliment Frogit didn`t understand what you said but was flattered any way Ok? Toriel comes in and stares Frogit down then you win! You get nothing! you walk until Toriel stops in front of a bridge of spikes she looks at you.

" This is the puzzle but ... here take my hand for a moment." You take her hand and she leads you trough the bridge.

" Puzzles seem a little to dangerous for now." You both agree and disagree with her but you move on despite the confusion she looks at you with a worried look on her face.

" You have done excellently thus far my child but ...... I have a difficult request for you I want you to walk to the end of the room ........ by yourself forgive me for this." Toriel runs off you think to yourself... And thats it for this chapter sorry for cutting it short I need to remember what all happens after this see you next chapter.

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