Promise ?

" I won't every let you go " He said cupping my face with his hands .
" Promise ? " I asked looking deeply into his eyes .
" Promise " he replied right before crashing his lips against mine .


1. Chapter 1

Melissa's POV :
" DAAAAD " I screamed horrified at what i saw . He came upstairs running into my room with a confused look 

" What is wrong " I rolled my eyes .

" Why did you pack the red dress when i clearly said the YELLOW one ?!"

I asked him getting mad . As you can see my dad always messes things up .

Yeah sure he buys me lots of stuff but ALWAYS when i tell him to do something he does it wrong .

" I'm so sorry sweetie but your flight is in one hour and we gotta go hurry up "

He said zipping my suitcase and bringing it downstairs .

 I scoffed.

This is such a not perfect day !!

" Finee "

i mumbled walking into my bathroom . I applied some Red lipstick and pushed my blonde hair behind my shoulders . I looked at myself for one last time in the mirror then smiled . 

My dad waited for me downstair and we drove with his car to the airport and got out . We did all of the stupid things that you have to do at the airport and finally when they called my flight i stood up . My father smiled

" Honey please take care , i am going to miss you a lot and tell your mom and brother i said hi "

I fake smiled at him and hugged him .

Just to act nice .

" Ok daddy i promise you " I said pulling away the hug . 

" Bye "

i said waving at him as i left .

He smiled at me . i turned my back and kept walking . Oh my god this is actually the first time me traveling somewhere alone . I'

m so exited !!! I hope that in Australia there are hot guys ! Oh wait i have a boyfriend .. never mind i'm sure my boyfriend is 100% hotter then any of them .

- 16 Hours Later -

I rubbed my eyes from the sun shining through the window . We finally landed . I walked out and grabbed my suitcase. As i was walking i saw a familiar figure in front of me . I kept walking until someone tapped my on the shoulders.

I turned around .

" Are you Melissa ?" Asked the guy .

I nodded my head and he smile .

He opened his arms to give him a hug but i stopped him 

" And you are ? "

I asked raising my brow . He chuckled and said

" You don't remember me ? It's me Luke "

He said smiling popping out his dimples  .

I looked at him up and down and notice his lip ring .

" Ohh like that guy from 5 minutes of spring ? And btw you look so much different . Finally you work out " I said laughing loud and giving him a hug .

He just stared at me offended .

" What ? " I asked Innocently . 

" Nothing " He mumbled . " At least you are here again " he said smiling .

Paparazzi's came took pictures and i smiled .

I just love the attention . Not to sound bitchy or anything its just what i love .

He carried my suitcase to the car and we drove off .

This year is going to be interesting .



Hello my Unicorns sorry i haven't been online for sooooo  long . And look i have a new story . 

But i apologize and i promise to update on my other stories .

Hope you like my new book .



- Rainicorn 




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