Innocence of the blue lagoon


6. Chapter 7

A lot of life is virtual real.  How much virtual?  How much real ? With moon in lagna I have a vivid imagination :-0 - but one has to be careful with virtual reality.  Have a windout sequence ready. They adore me and I them  J.  Have raised them well. They are genuinely nice kids. What more can I ask for. DK is a long time mate. And my records say he is the 5th look alike  I know.  He lives with us and is uncle to the kids. They call him dad. Mullaloo 11 is being set up.  Ah! The astute Laxmikanth who made it happen. I called him Laxmikanth because he looked like Laxmikanth. I am blessed to have helped make it happen.We persuaded him to stay on here.

All the houses are occupied on my estate. It generates income I don’t really need any more. I have become one of the richest persons on earth. I am Leo, a leader. Galvanised people to work, easy work to make money.

I remember when Dk and I first set up house, years ago.  He has come back into my life again.  We went to the Doctors to get a script for a skin rash, very common in tropical countries.  I had the name of the medication. It’s one of the best medications there is and affordable too.  The General practitioner (GP) did not know about it. I got paid for making the medication available to the agency that co-ordinates the work of Gp’s.  I was working as a Dermatologist at that time.

My defactos are enamoured of me even today. We are a gypsy group. I don’t emote. Its best never to do Virtual.  You become a difficult case for the psychiatrists.

Did I tell you about the helicopter sequence , the mullalloo brick sequence, where you are constantly hit against a brick wall, the drone sequence, the solo moot walk for which I made 30 , 000 Dollars US, here in 2014 on Christmas day and handled my own wind out sequence. Did not need a doctor. Just panadol and nurofin.  Was difficult. Requires courage. As a sting ray stabbed me in the heart. (A pin from acupuncture).  Virtual real creatures. No real creatures exist, we humans are the only real things in this universe. ), All adventure, no adventure, totally safe, even though it doesn’t feel so. So many events in Mullaloo in 2014. It was a lot of fun.  The aquamarine waters of Mullaloo ( I call it Mullalloo 4) are beautiful.

And yes the transport to 1000 Mullaloos was approved. And it even has a international section. Meaning there is a Mullaloo trail over seas too now.

I feel like singing, one of my many talents.

Are you lovely tonight

Are you handsome

Will you be mine for ever

Will you be mine for ever


Om Shanti Om! Shanti OM!

Mere Meheboob Mere Kasam

‘Meher Bani’ tumhari Sanam :-0


Meher B-an-eetum bani mere kasam laughter


Muje see you itana pyar BaDA

Kyun Ke Mein ek Badhal Awara (ajnabi tara)

Mein ek Ajnabi Tara.


I was offered a job by Perilya Road.I would love to accept it. Home office, home open, homeless office suite Mullaloo beach front. N

Knew I would get the job. Estimate in confinement for another 2 weeks. Flexible flexitime week.

Love me tender, love me strong

[ log april 2015) The place is owned by 4 of us ?  Is it. And what does that mean. Considering a place can be owned by only one person ( tenancy rights are pagadbandhi ( a water tight contract)). The landlord never lives with tenants. So he is also securing his position as long term tenant. :-0. Given my permanent position, my company covers the place as a Project home and moves us on to  a different place if required. It also owns some houses for long term tenancy and this is one such home?  Like flagstaff for VLK. There were several Vlk’s at one time, that day, all wearing white cargoes :-0 and looking alike. :-0 I found it so funny.  He projected himself as married probably in India. Just to get everyone off his back :-0. India is a big place for married people. They treat weddings as the thing.  And stick though it. :-0  Everyone gets the married Radhika message. Poor Bachelors :-0. 


The wise American said

How far America from khasghar.  2-5 hours by rail.

 I crave new staff . Just wait 2 days .  I am eternity President of the United  States of America  and work as a Career Diplomat in the president’s team.  I decided long ago, when I was doing my Arts degree that I would be President and worked towards it.

What do I do with the rest of my life. Become laid back. Its all planned out. Live in Utopia ‘U’ No pain and suffering. Even  jathakam not necessary. Excellent. No chaperoning  either. I look great in A line clothingand feel energetic too in a Aline body.  I have made my money.

Asia means North bridge for us.

What is this life if full of care….we have no time to stand and stare.  Aussie born mate. World of oz & ta Aussie Lander. No need to worry about fire-fire.

All these inventions will stand us in good time. Gobar gas colourless odourless swear by it. Have moved from San Fransisco to OOf Banff! Like it.

Atlantis city did not work.

LiAR – VLK (Vinod laxmikanth says)

With a huge grin. Would love to visit if it’s true.

Actual location San Francisco

You don’t have to know. Why did I  become President of India. How ? That everyone knows Hobnob with the richest. & the toughest and the brightest-or maybe not. I like a rugged life. Not anymore. My speciality was pain relief medication.

Ah! I feel fulfilled when I see my Raghu ( Marugelara Oh! Raghava)

He has a travelling job and so we don’t live together now. Please God, no more trauma. Cuddapah is like Yallingup Caves ! So my right leg was fixed for the walk. On the most! Closure. So risk management worked. Enjoy detachment at all times. Don’t be enamoured at all times. Not detachment, not attachable detachment, total detachment – like a Piscean !!!! Not aloofness. Wish I had plenty of friends. Of course I do. Just get back to Mullaloo.  Plenty of regulars.  One day I will lead a Geeta life here ! Geeta is a lady who lives on the beach. Except coconut water comes from the shops. – compensates and replaces moone ponde. Bemused Sic Smile J  Don’t think of marriage.  The sets do not suit you. Our Ethereal equation it is Established relatives all over the world. And places to stay! Amhayah! Will travel and kids will benefit. Can take care of themselves. Everyone has their own group. No wonder women at home are busy. They have plenty to do.Don’t you know what Negative J inflations means – the world pays you to own a house- so I bought this big place. My family may live here. It’s a Dharma shala ( sthala) I am enjoying it J Solo but not alone.Life is wonderful for the most part.  Think of it as picture perfect. Inspite of the danger, the moot walk was really enjoyable.  If you feel uneasy, pay heed to it. There is perfect health and a living for ever. The gk who tried to kill me left with the money he was meant to get as part of an agreement.  He did not want to do it but was happy he couldn’t kill ! He was asked to do it and he was assured I would not die. All part of a drama series. It was filmed.

My kid breaks my train of thought.

Mom is it true that you had 14 kids by a donor process.


Yes  mum says my adopted 5 year old

Dad told me you had 14 and he never lies. So did the Doctor

Hm..Where they are though smiles mom.

All settled in life with their aunt moms and uncles.

All mine all mine, I think to myself

Same dad ?–I have never lied to you

Ok, yes we know, we are cousins and siblings too

When did you kids not have a dad ?J

Are you married mom ?

No but I have a guy friend whom I see when he is in this part of town

He is my pen pal

The common law wedding was never registered

Dad is busy working for the government

He is loaded and a business man , so is busy doing a lot of things

Do you kids mind  my having a Guy friend now that you are all settled in life ?

No mom ! We are happy for you

Great! Time for dinner

Hm.. Follow the smell.

This place is getting ready for a lot of people leaving town.

Why do you say that ?  They are having self service checkouts in this Blue Lagoon.

My  kids say I look 28. It is taking me a while to get used to being 28.  I look like a Richards , I don’t have a snooti face.  My youngest  is  16 in 2016. My 24 year old has come back to live with me. Sometimes life goes on with much hungama. Victor VLK also has some of our kids living with them.  I am birth mom to all the kids in the family.  Victor and I achieved that without deceit. Victor is Singaporean American. Met him in Singapore when I visited it last .  He is due back next month.  He stands out among everyone else as he is tall.  Has taken over from his relatives and comes for a daily swim.  Took me a while to place him this time :-0.Men tend to change their hair cut and then they look different. He is always there for me. All my older  kids are settled in life and have guy / girl friends. Do not understand the ling ling sex.That’s why this place is called the Blue Lagoon. They will discover it in their own way.  It’s usually done when a teenager becomes a man and then when he is in his  30’s. 


I think I will go back to work locally. I do need something worthwhile to do. Easy simple. Like the RMO’s job. Last year.  Wondered though what I was doing there. The team I figured needed a RMO to complete the team and I had the credentials. They did the work and I do remember giving some guidance. Much like the job Mits offered my friend before a take over.  All she had to do was go sit there. What a archaic place. J  Had the credentials. A Doctorate from Monash in Engineering. I did the Doctorate in Business from UNSW. The Harvard one was a job, role play Vice Chancellor. I have a Bachelor's degree from Harvard and a Doctorate in business from UNSW. 


Went on a Sunday to the waterfront with the kids.  All kinds of people are there. Families, singles, kids.  Was wonderful.  Did not recognise anyone I knew.  But did notice people (locals) I had seen before.

Expansion of the Blue Lagoon has all been done, each with a distinct flavour of their own. Took 5 years even with existing infrastructure. There was a marine park theme at one time at Mullaloo 5. Made good money.They have wrapped it up now.


This house I live in has an attic, ladder and all. Kids enjoy playing there.

When I was young I was looking for business ideas to make money.

I am at a party. A fellow has just arrived and gone upstairs. I recognise him as the host’s son. And I check out the room !  No attache , nothing. The poor man ‘  s  stuff has

been dumped ceremoniously in a corner, the bed is full of a guy, a couple of kids, all playing

with their toys. There is a older guy on a computer,  And a  woman , yes its a woman  resting on the most well made rocking chair I have ever seen.  Totally safe .

Anyways I digress. Point of the matter is, this fellow has no place to rest !  Poor thing !

And there starts the germ of an idea ?If I get the ropes of running  a bed and breakfast inn,

Maybe the concept can be extended to spacecraft!Ah……art and engineering, my 2 favourite subjects. And I must get that Medical degree too !  Great money in that.  And will specialise in first aid.  Hm.. No such thing as first aid?  Nevre you mind ! I will specialise in fashion and aides …… u know diplomatic service, pilot and air hostess.

So much to do, so much to do…Oh….. Oh…… Oh…. Aa……. Aa…..Aa J

 I did run a bed and breakfast inn  , actually a couple of inns for weary travellers and that’s where I first  met my guy friend.  It was obvious he was loaded whereas we were just middle class, but Kings.

When you are young, there are no class barriers and we became good friends.  When I was looking for a partner for my MS Universe contest, he came to mind.  We came 2nd in the contest for teenagers.  The kiosk at the beach front is a money spinner. People come here for all sorts of things.

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