Innocence of the blue lagoon


5. Chapter 6

My stay at Auntie’s extends to a week.  Auntie’s grand children have come over.

This place you call home is so odd Grand ma

Why? What did you see?

Why does everyone have their faces towards the wall ?

Oh! One is fixing its clothing, another it’s makeup.

Another urinating – na!  Fixing their undies. For the weather:-0 !!

Why is it so meaty here. Oh! That is the smell of our frangipanis. :-0

For a little one , you sure do ask a lot of questions.

I tell the kids stories about Chenigunta and Space travel.

About rain bows and being a King and an Aussie native.. 

They are enthralled. 

Where did you get this lovely shirt ? asks Uncle.

India.Clothing doesn’t last long in India. They change every 6 months. Their Bombay dyeing is one of the best in the world. Next time I will get you both a pair I promise.  They are pleased.  I give them the name of a Hotel if they ever wish to visit India.  I tell them its really safe and names of local contacts.  You can even live with them for the home experience.


I have been in my farm house for 6 months now.

The Moon Dance festival day is coming up. I have plans to expand the Blue Lagoon. I have plans for a 1000 Blue Lagoons.  I need somebody to set up transport to these places. I employ a fellow to sell the idea and give him the pros of it all.

 I have already selected the locations. VLK has helped me.  I thank him. He says “No big deal. I had the resources “  And I tell him about the innocence of the Blue Lagoon.

I have to convince the President of Mullaloo of its viability. That’s not difficult. 

I don’t have to work at a hectic pace anymore.  For all its slow going, plenty to do.  In personal life, my pen pal is my connection to the world outside.

Hi you penpal

Its Blakee dear.

You are Blake ! That Blake Hanan! Wonderful.

One and the same. Then you know who I am.

Sure do.

Welcome to my Curry network. Sir !

Can I use my masculine name ?

Oikey doikey

Its Sanjay Arvind Gupta. On being wedded it will be Aswini Rohini Gupta Hananhan?

Call me Sanjay ! Yay!

Whats’ up in the outside world.

The usual.

I am using my Press Secretary to communicate. I come across as rude direct too forceful :-0.


‘In spite of being a career diplomat

Impatient are you?

You guessed right. Plan to move to a farmland. Sigh! Taking time while I savour Hollywood style  here. :-0

I was practicing my  punch line  ‘you don’t talk to me’ in all its annotations, for the teleplay/movie we made. My Hollywood friend and producer was pleased enough to get me a part in Hollywood. A chance to visit Los Angeles :-).  In return I live at his house in the hospital campus and make him the nicest tea. He doesn’t know how to make good tea, poor fellow.  It also saves me the daily

That’s great ! says my pen pal.

What have you been up to?  I ask.

I have travelled extensively, my daughter and son are marrying this year.

That’s wonderful. You are not very old. You are only 38.

I had kids when I was 18.

And they are following in my foot steps.

My life ( my wife ) is a lovely creature but I don’t understand  a thing she does. Like took her a year to start handling cash, Rs1($) at a time.

Oh! That! Since there is a living for ever, she figured, lets take it slow. Your daughter is the exact opposite. Finish her education in the US!.

That’s fine but if she forgets us!

Never mind. That never happens.  That doctor friend’s friends’ daughter will do it. She will give her 3 years of tutoring to bring her to mark. Here is their number. 

I tell him I am running an Auto company

Hm.. That’s interesting

. So I send an email ‘Hire me’ Auto president / Manager (that’s me) to potential Clients.

In case you need special needs. Auto in Melbourne or in India, please let me know! At your service, if you be so interested, we are the stars of Autos.

Give me a card.

I promise to mail it to him.

 We chat for a while and then say goodbye for now. And arrange to meet up for lunch soon.


I run into VLK at the mall 1 ½ years later. I have been keeping busy.

A trip to Singapore to manage my Hotel business.  A first time overseas trip for one of my kids too.


He invites me for coffee and tea and I accept. I prefer tea.

He says the coffee here is pretty good. Try it.

So I leave it to him to take the order.

I ask after his Lady friend.

He grins! So the grape vine is working overtime.

I smile and wait.

Na!  We meet up for lunch sometimes. They tend to exaggerate.

I am a confirmed Bachelor.  Not the marrying kind.

Does she know that. 

Yes she should have got the hint by now.

So she likes you? 

I am not dumb. Yes she likes me but has met a fellow recently.

I am relieved but am very adept at hiding my feelings.

After all they don’t know I am the anonymous donor.

My memory goes back to the day I met VLK on a flight years ago.

We always did get along great!  I have had time to reflect on my future and have decided that I am not going to marry.Grihasti doesn’t agree with me.  Besides I have children and men friends in my life. All those 40 Adfa  guys/ gals who are ever so nice to me, as I am one of the Heads of ADFA.  The kids dad was truly an anonymous donor. I found the kids a family that was prepared to be their family as they had very few kids of their own.  They were European. I was pleased. I had the support of family for myself and the kids. Modern family.  I have had sex only once and the fellow became a good friend of mine and not the kids’ dad. He used to visit me until recently. My friends used to have keys to my house.

I tell VLK about my Curry network.  He declines politely.

How about being a pen pal. 

Try it!  I would love to get in touch with you.

Ok, when I have time and am so inclined.

Suri walks up to us. 

Hello ! Who is this lovely lady . I am Suri.  He doesn’t know I am the anonymous donor.


He is as handsome and tall as VLK. 

I am interested in contacts. I have been moving around a lot of late.

Suri will be here if you need a friend.I graciously thank him.

I will also tell Laxmikanth to get in touch with you. 

And that’s how I met them and they went on to become my defactos.  Laxmikanth is a friend.  And donors to my kids

I tell them I am a gypsy. They nod as though they know what it is.

VLK tells us he is moving to near Perth, Nevada when he has made his money.

When? In a few years

We are making Perth home.
All 3 of you ?  Yes.

Why don’t you come with us?

Are you sure?  It’s remote, cool and close to the East.

Plenty of work there.  There are only about 1000 locals.  Most are fly in, fly out workers

Can be isolated. 

That does not bother me. I said I would consider it.  What about jobs? 

I can put in your application at the hospital.

That would be wonderful. Besides I am enterprising, I can run a business until I get a Doctor’s job. By the way  I am a Consultant these days.

 Even volunteers are paid.

A defacto doesn’t necessarily mean a  sexual relationship.

You do look like each other.

Laxmikanth is a cousin,  VLK and I are twin cousins , says Suri.

What does that mean ?  I wonder

Oh we are cousins who were born in the same place at the same time


VLK clarifies

Suri and Laxmikanth were away, so they missed the famous party.

I get up.  I have to go. Its a 30 minute drive back. Do visit my estate some time.

6 months later Laxmikanth gets in touch with me, wanting to be my pen pal.

We talk. I say let’s play the game enamoured.  He is more outgoing than VLK.

Sure. How about next week. And a time is arranged. It’s a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, I have been busy with emails to my new found friends I met at the party.

They have invited me to drop in for Hi tea when I am in their area. 

Sure. I will take you to the Blue Lagoon when you visit me.

Did I tell you how I got a principal lecturer’s job.  There were some young blokes who got the advice – Don’t sell yourself short. So one brought a newspaper. The other chan maro fied ( Indian slang for scanned) it and said.

Hey! So much knowledge- Principle lecturer. I will apply for. Went and gave the resume and got the job!

But I am only 21.

No problemos. Do the job and get the money transferred to your international bank.

No worries.  And I met a mate who got the Deputy Principle Lecturer’s job.

Since then I have taken a fancy to key positions and they are patented to me :-0.

Did have one fellow as PRESS SECRETARY. Charges a fortune but never altogether nevre unemployed. ! And I am looking for a man too like VLK. A total look alike . Will wait!  That cardboard figure I have made is ethereal. In life is even more so. Time I settled down.

3 years later VLK invites me to Perth, also known as Kashghar, in USA  I accept.  I am going to the City of Banff. I will find a place for you to stay there.  My youngest 2 will be with me.  No problems he says.  I have been working long distance as a Doctor with a few trips to Perth.

 He greets me on arrival at the Indian Bazaar shop.  He has a lovely grin.  All 3 of them are so cheerful. That’s what I like about them. It’s close to Singapore, so we maintain a time zone 8. Many think its Perth, Australia. How they love me and I them.  I have a position as Registrar, 24 hours full time in the hospital, as they are understaffed and need guidance.  I also sign up as a Volunteer.

They also have a sex clinic at the hospital to help people handle their sexuality.

So here I am , in another farm house, near another Blue Lagoon, called Blue Lagoon 10.

I consider buying this estate but for that I have to buy the city. I do so and here I am in this lovely farm house.

My farm house has a small clearing – I call it a clearing in the woods. It serves as my backyard and the beauty of it all. A wonderful view of the woods from a vantage point. A elevated position. Feels wonderful. What a wonderful world.  There are only  2 of us holding this house.  It’s a quiet village with the Russian River not far from here, and a farmers market a 10 minute drive away.  A shopping centre and places like Safeway, Woolworths etc not far away.  Modern amenities.  A car is a must.

I have an old model car that runs well after some work on it, to suit local conditions.  We live on a large island, I like light comedies and light stuff on TV. Nothing too exciting.  Pure and simple.  Love the farmers markets.  Have done quite a bit of travel.  Would love travel. 

Actually I just arrived in this place in late September if my memory is right, somewhere abouts that.  Love the waters when they have the hue of the blue Lagoon. Don’t know if it’s a result of the water event when everybody’s there in the early morning beautiful weather. Or whether they are naturally like that.

Water can be so dangerous. And much as I love it, I am in mortal fear of being stuck in the sands or being drowned.  There are surf life rescuers who help out and best to stick to the trail.Work as a group and as a experienced team of people.  I need a refresher course in handling water. The surf life savers also have valuable information on water levels etc.

I love my farm house. Plan to tidy it up – no enthu for some reason. The bathrooms need doing. For some reason no enthusiasm. I can only do 15 minute cleaning – intensive scrubbing etc is not for me.

Hey ! But who says I can’t do it. I will tidy up and do part shower area before I shower.  I believe I am among like minded people. The temporary stay accommodation was fine for the great part, except the  Medication mis-communication.At least its peaceful. There is a  place for boats to pick up people and we can move. I have bought a location such that my woods and all and my home included are part of a ship-liner. Suggestion by auntie at the get together.  Since I like travel.  Saves time.  The idea is novel to me. I enjoy it.  I extended the idea to a space craft and a motel in some places , serviced apartments. Very subtle, none too obvious. J Many find the idea appealing but take a while to get used to the concept. 

When did the world worry about money. At any rung in the ladder, no body worries. A few good clothes to wear, a roof over one’s head, a wonderful network of companions, what more can one ask for.  Should visit the Warwick centre some time. Next week maybe. On a Friday. 

And if one wants it, work for it.  What am I going to do in the future. Boring hospital work. Na….!

Something will come up. But I first need to fix my health.  Very light easy work till then. Will straighten my hair today. Will last the week.  Home is in a ideal location. A suburb is created with shopping, bus stops etc in mind. The bus service can be real lax at times.  Would love to be a air hostess, pilot. Love Travel.All with my own schedule.  All in good time.  Maybe somebody will come up with novel ideas. Need to read those novels. Will go and get some personal care. My skin is clearing up. Can’t do anything about my feet. A pity.  But that still does not deter me from being elite.  It’s what we are that makes us so.For all its sexuality and sensuality this Mullaloo is Unisex – meaning free of sex, like amoral means morality is not even an issue.  And there are many such Mullaloos. And many such Bays and river systems in the world.

I have been asked to have sex by my gynaecologist, for sexual health. They refer me to the clinic and find a suitable partner. I go along. After all, I am not a prude. But I contact the fellow and we discover neither of us is interested initially.  We can handle it. We are encouraged to try it.  I am writing a script as I am a writer for a play for my kids.  They know who their dad is and so do I.  Name etc, but we have never seen each other.  Both sides of the family help out with the kids.

Sir and madam,

Now that you are done with love making, try this.

We recommend it. It would not be complete without it

Ok we will try it

Did you enjoy it Sir,

Yes immensely

Madam Yes I did. He is a gentleman.

I am glad.We matched  your compatilibity as 200%+

Really  Smiles, he grins

Any diseases ? No you don’t even need to take any tablets.

Did you use the protection we gave you ?


Great !

Ok here is the email address

And arrange a suitable chat time

After some discussion, how about Wednesday 10 am


Come Wednesday

10 am sharp


Hello darling

You know the exact thing to say my dear

I would have used my love but that is old fashioned

Are you free to talk

Yes I am I am always free for you

Hm.. J

I mean

Yes I know there is complete privacy.

More conversation

Too bawdy for the public eye.

Enamoured ?

Why wouldn’t I be Sir J  You are one of a kind.

Are you dear?

Totally so, you are the prettiest thing I have ever seen.

I am a Dr. Universe


Shall we be exclusive

Any doubts about it ? It’s a eternity equation

That means for ever as there is a living for ever.

How about romancing each other J

Sure meet me at Mullalloo beach. 

Next month dear. I am busy this month

No make it 2 months from now. How about the 2nd week.

Sure. I will be free by then.

Unfortunately I have to erase this communiqué.

Too personal. 

I am retaining mine.

Any children No never married

Neither did I. But raised 14 kids

Tell me more about yourself.

And so we exchange photos and email addresses.

Would you like to be exclusive.

Sure. I have recently adopted 3 boys and 2 girls. Do you want to play dad to my kids? They are no trouble.

Sure Why not, since I have none of my own, let me give it some thought.

Were you ever in a relationship?

No, I chose celibacy.

That’s why I am a celebrity :-0

Ah... ! I think . A sense of humour

Likewise here, dear

How did you know it was an eternity equation my lovely darling

I didn’t . I do now !  This communiqué has served that purpose.

Ah......... My work keeps me busy and I have all those kids in my family.

I fill in as Uncle. Then be Dad to my kids ! They are no trouble.

I will send you photos of them

Sure ! I am their only mom. They adopted me :-0

Ha... ha... hahaha! :-0

Seriously. Its true.


Email me if you get lonely. Sure

Do you want a photo of mine

Already have one .


Take care darling

Will do dear. Can I call you Victor ?

(Victor is American tamilian Iyer. Ayers are his relatives.  Has family in India. Did not live there but has visited the place with his family.)

Sure Why not !


My kids are very happy. Their Dad has come back into their lives.

Oh....!  How much he loves us.

Dad ! Yes !  Are you loaded ? I am reasonably so.

Do you need money  kids?

Na! We live for free. That’s why this place is called the Blue Lagoon.

We get bananas, potlakaya , and all those exotic tropical veggies at the markets.

Did you know dad the market is build on water. It floats.

Hm...  I must see it someday.

No rush- whenever you want to.

And we live in a underwater city. And mum is superman. She has a superman’s house.

How did you recognise me kids ?

Mom has a photo of you. We saw it yesterday.

Love you dad 


Katie, Kal-I-la, Mss,  Arvind Rohit,  Sagar Shashi  Raghav ,Shakti,  Sadhana Pallavi Aswin Say bye

Bye Dad Oooh! Food !


My defactos play Dad to the kids. They are hulks and donor dads to my kids.

But you said they adopted you?  Yes.  The kids did. To have kids of your own, you have to be in  a registered relationship.

I like my freedom and independence.  So how about a non-relationship relationship. 

Can I do it with you ?

 Sure – here is a list of places.  You can ping me to see where I am.

So here I am still single, unattached and celibate by choice :-0 And no kids of my own.

Yes There is no concept of age here.

Yes I know – each year is a Neptune year.

Kids know anything about sex ?  Yes age appropriate knowledge.

That’s why it’s called Innocence of the blue lagoon

Hm.. you are very interesting.

Yes I am – so are you Sir.

Call me Dear. I like that.

Ok Dear. Here is the work file. Whatever you can’t do, delegate.

By the way all the food here is vegetarian, even the seafood.

And there are plenty of moots in Joondalup

We live in the City of Banff.  You can’t miss it, it’s very green, in a clearing in the forest.

I have lived here all my life.

Where is your ex –

He ! Don’t know, Haven’t seen him since the parting of ways. Don’t have one.

:-0. Never married and I am a brahmin

I am virginal Yes I know. Darling.


We live on top of a hill. Its not that obvious.

Dad do you know how kids are born

How ? You get them from the hospital

No dad ! They grow in a bag and the doctor takes them of the bag. The bag just drops when the kids are ready to be born .

Hm.. Interesting.  See you kids

You promise. Of course I do.

Are mom and you married ? Na! He is my guy friend kids

No mom you don’t remember Dad married you in a Bengali wedding at the beach when you were a kid


Oops! Now I remember. I helped that fellow with his marriage sequence. I was a lawyer.

Hey you dear , Yes Darling :-0

Grinning.  Dad does not remember either

Here is the video.

You look the same mom. Yes I do don’t I.

I am really your birth mom. 

So you were the anonymous donor. Yes I chose to stay anonymous.

Hm... I am pleased. No anartham. Anartham anarthani ke dari teesutundi. ( I don’t know how to translate this Sanskrit axiom into English. It means impeccable integrity in all one’s dealings.) Anartham can never happen in the Universe. 


And here I have been thinking my defacto friends were the donors.

Do they know you thought that? Na!

I am a Brahmin – integrity and purity is taught to us. Also how to be celibate.

Where will you be love ?

Oh!! Here somewhere on the  estate,plenty of work.

Yes. You will enjoy it. 

I am feeling pleased  My love. 

Hope to see you soon again.

You have a lovely voice dear.

I am a looker

Yes I know, you like beautiful things and that includes people

How I love my Raghu and he me.  He too is a Hulk like my defactos. They are his relatives. A defacto is anybody you have a genuine domestic relationship with.  Need not be sexual.. I was very young at that time. No registration of the relationship, dad said and  grand dad said, as you wish. We are Hindus – and true Christians. Registration is not necessary. 



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