Innocence of the blue lagoon




My real age is only 21. Money does not take long to make, if you know how. If you can't make money, the world makes it for you.  I have about a million family members. Saw them in 2014 at Sizzlers. Took 5 years to see all of them.  I own THE Universe. There are many grades of ownership.  Tatha owns 100 Universes.  We met him in India and now he is a family member. He things sex is the answer to all relationship problems :-).  As Indian I own all of Secunderabad / Hyderabad. 

There is an axiom in the business world. 

Unnadi yar aina ammukuntara :-)  ( Does anyone ever sell what one has )

What is Yours is always Yours.

 Another favourite of mine.

 When did I ever bother. (there is nothing to worry about)

Why wouldn't I be Happy :-) Why shouldn't I be. 

Business practices are built on ethics as are all professions, even Law. You get points for impeccable integrity and that can be converted in cash.

My dad is from Boston, he and I went into a partnership to make money.  My mom taught me all about travel and we did the Bibbulmun track from Perth to Albany in Australia. Took us 5 years. I was 8 when we started.  There is money to be earned in these events. Something like 300 thousand dollars US each. No tax. I have done the Bibbulmun track 5 times, broke the record. Yay! I have also sailed solo around the world. Dad is a Doctor as are my grandparents. 

Mom did not tell my dad about her Chinese upbringing and Chinese relatives. When she was sure he would follow her to the end of the earth, they went on a trip to Malay land. It took him 10 years to get used to the food. Today he practically lives in the East.My current house mate wanted my house, the one I live in. I said fine and gave him a very reasonable realistic price and it could be paid in instalments.  The deal was such that 3 of us already have permanent tenancy in this house. That does not change.  He gets a good rent and I help out with maintenance.  When he came here, he did not know any English.  We fixed that and he got a Degree in Law.  He is a decent man.  His wife is Head of nursing in the hospital.  He knew nothing about house maintenance.  Taught him a lot of it. Today He is Director after living here for 4 years. He was not afraid of hard work.My future husband ( Guy friend ) - I met when I was 8. By the time I was 9, I knew he would be my eternity guy friend. He is a business man and travels a lot. How I love my Victor. He is such a cool person and ever so nice. And exceedingly handsome too.   By the time I was 16, I knew he was enamoured of me.  But what did I know about sex. Nothing. Even now I don't know much. Neither did he and there was nobody here to tell us in this remotest of places where  there are about a 1000 locals and  mostly fly in fly out workers.   I know I have never done sex.  That much I know.  How we adore each other.  I am a stud - Meaning ADFA/ SAS ( ADFA/ Australian armed forces/cover girl). Our job is to maintain peace in the world.  I am mum to more than a 100 kids.  Being a Supermom is everyone's dream. They live on my estate. I call it Oof! Banff, for the dogs who live here.  How did that happen ?  I inherited some, I adopted some, some adopted me :-).  My kids are still young. Since we are American Brahmins, my kids have Hindu names.  I gave birth to some of them.  I am a King, I like my comfort but can live the rugged life. The kids in my house adopted my guy friend as Dad. :-).  I could have married more than once. I traded that for 40 Adfa personnel who are ever so nice to me.  I have still not married my fellow.  We agreed to romance each other for a Million years. After all there is perfect health and a Living for ever.  In Australian a lady who keeps house is called a mum. At 18,  born in the USA on December 10th.  I landed my first job in China. I went on to become Chinese Queen. China doesn't have dual citizenship but they are a very friendly nation.  They say, of course, of course, you can stay as long as you like. Dad was not a superbly rich man but a very confident man. He knew he would make it big.  He taught me how to be a pilot. I trained pilots at the age of 8, ( with work being checked by my dad) on a Los Angeles to Sydney , Australia flight.  Being American puts you at a tremendous advantage. 1 trillion is put in your bank account when you are born. Americans are the nicest coolest people on earth.  How I miss my guy friend. But both of us have careers and that means staying apart from time to time.  He is a superb actor, and so am I.  I made most of my money working in the airline industry. Loved being a pilot.

That Mullaloo brick event was very dangerous. I will tell you about it some day. As was the solo moot crossing.  But with expertise, there is no risk to life. Scares the hell out of you even then.  A lot of training goes into these events.  Raising children is very easy these days.  You don't have to do a thing :-).  From pilot, I became an astronaut. Landed on planet Neptune 11 times. Even took my kids along once.Not everyone is born pretty. But can be made so by a Cosmotologist and YES,  its a specialization in Medicine.   My dad's Hindu name is Venkatraman and his dad's name Laxmikanth.  Everyone in the world knows who my dad is.  We have friends and family all over the world. I liked the name Laxmi kanth . My home name is Blake Ravoori and professional name Katherine Kelly Lang. Grandma played the actress Katherine Kelly Lang. 2 of my cousins use the same name. They liked it a lot.  Sometimes I dream of 10 defactos in life but my Victor is very versatile.  To tell you the truth I have 3 defactos ( A defacto according to my definition is a King’s mate). And I have 14 children of my own, all by a donor process. And Victor is tall, 6 foot 4 inches to my 5 feet 9 inches.  He can look like 10 different people. One cannot tell age by looking at people here. It depends on so many factors. I must tell you about reverse aging someday.  My estate maintains itself. Everything is automated. All I have to do is go to the markets.   We have an early summers here. February is the hottest month of the year, though it’s hot till May.  Rainy season is from June to August, just in case you plan to visit us. 

Everyone here has had their kids.  My latest batch of kids are being raised by the community.  And they are having a gala time. They don't see their care takers. They have plenty to keep themselves busy. The only person they see is me. And other kids. I am their mom. And their dad.  I spend my time writing stories.  The age of innocence has descended on my Blue Lagoon.  For all its being a highly sensual place – people go around in bathers and kids in mini-skirts,the people are truly innocent.  There is zero tolerance for crime and you are let off on a good behaviour bond if you own up to any silly mistake you made and if you have a good explanation. No jails here.  No cops either.  If there are, it’s all low key, preventive maintenance.  You must visit it some time, if you have not already done so. I was once in a hostage situation. A plane load of people found their way to a flight to Australia. The military guy on board almost killed them. I had to negotiate their release. Took quite a lot of skill.  Being American helped. Also my skill as an ADFA guy. I can look any nationality. I remember being Indian once and wore a saree.  There is a photo of me somewhere.

I started travelling alone when I was 14.  Made friends on the flight.  I am a Brahmin. I don’t do sex.My 10 best case Adfa guys ( I told you I have 40 ADfA guys who work for me) are

Suri KNS Caretaker of the Universe 

There is  Laxmikanth  Head of Broadridge

There is Nick (Chandrasekhar) , agypsy.

There is hi bye Vlk ,King Lord of the Universe.He is really tall. I am here by his invitation. VLK is Ruski American.

I have a Blake cousin but he may not use that name professionally.

There is Raghu Raghava Murthi Chadwick , a Doctor. 

There is Srinivasan Ganeshan, an  Engineer . 

There is Kase ( case) , nomadic. 

There is Sueli ( sueleman ) Sue Lee  And he is not even a Mussulman, a  business man.

There is Balaji Head of Intergraph, an  Australian.

Harem Garem Gypsy group, I call my 40 ADFA guys and gals. They are actors in the movie I directed, a movie of epic proportions. (Some of the 40 are married, others are single like me.)

Also taught them all about medicine and they taught me too, nothing that I didn’t already know. I am a stud. VLK

 doesn’t know he loves me and I him.  V for Victor. He is one of the defactos.  All 3 are my friends. Wish I had not erased that lovely communiqué between us. Too personal for anybody’s eyes.It was a lot of fun. My oldest is 16. I fed all my Million relatives at a feast for the dating muhurtham for my kids. I am a Brahmin – never done sex.

I have been through tough times. But I am a King, not the ordinary  Grihasti for me. I am past the risk to life phase.  Life is a tad boring but at least I don’t have to work too hard. Still I am a Mesomorph.


My astrology sign is Intact Piscean, Hermit crab

 Interplanetary travel is very common these days

My current address  Campbell , City of Banff,  planet Neptune. I live in the Banff national park, in the President’s house.There is no concept of countries.  We adopt the One-Nation concept and we are all Americans. This planet used to be called old earth at one time.

That’s  all I know – there is a Perth city 30 kilometres from where we live. Co ordinates as far as I know is 115 East,  31 South.  We have a Mediterranean climate.  Not to be confused with Perth, Australia. I have never seen this place before until I came here 3 years ago, in 2013.Since I was running a bread and breakfast inn, we used to move short distances for accommodation.  One place or the other used to be vacant.I have many businesses, a Hotel in Singapore. Americans can live in Malaysia as long as they like, without a Visa, except for employment.  I traded the bed and breakfast Inn for a house. All the kids here are ready to take on jobs from the age of 7.  Some even find a girl friend they like.  A eternity equation.They do Diplomas and continue their education. It’s full on but with plenty of consideration. The pay is good.  It’s a top up , on top of the money they have made.  At the end of the year, their earnings go into a family fund and is improved upon and returned to them.Money is distributed equally among family members.  So there is no insecurity, even if they take time off. 

I wish I knew what sex was. Must be interesting. My fellows  keep looking different.  Its confusing. One constant thing is I see them everyday and they are Hulks, very strong.  They see me as a friend and that’s what I am.  I am an anonymous donor. Wished to stay that way.  All in good time.Managed  to get  14 children between the age of 16 and 21, by a poke me, poke you method.  2’s and 3’s at a time.  Don’t remember  anything about how the kids were born, except that it was easy, with the best care.As eternity President of USA, I own everything.  I am Laxmikanth of THE Universe.  My devotees are still with me. They consider themselves blessed, fame, fortune, kids and family in their lives.  When they came here, all they had was each other and a son. They came here because its the home of the Lord God Vishnu. Vaikunt Vishnu.If you go to Mullaloo 5, you will find a form of Vishnu  underwater with his Laxhmi, in the cool waters of the aquamarine.

As gypsies our family travels a lot. Wonder where we will go next. I am getting a bit tired of this place. Another place in the Banff national park would be nice, to another farm house, with a walking trail and a river close by.

Did I tell you how dead people come alive, even if they are cut into pieces.  In Hyderabad , they are just dumped into the Musi river and their limbs all connect together. Sometimes it takes 5 days for them to come out strong and alive. And it is a true story.I helped save lives in Hyderabad.  Just dunk yourself in the river and you come out alive.   Wonder how they do it here. Probably the same. They dunk them in the river.

Living for ever has been given to everybody in the Universe and so is perfect health. Medication is not even required most of the time.  But wonderful things happen in the hospital.

My current location is kept undisclosed  by my government. For whatever reason. I love my farmhouse but need to do something about the garden. A lawn would be nice . Now that the wet season is here. I am here on Vlk’s invitation ( Victor Laxmikanth). He accepted the name. He doesn’t know he loves me and I him. I prefer it that way. Makes life interesting. I would love to move to another farm house, not far from here.  I am bored of this place.  Hope my wishes come true. A place where the kids are home a lot.  A change of scene. Since my grandmother was Malay  American and Laxmikanth tatha was living in Singapore, I have lived in Singapore. My real age is about 51 in 2016. December 10th.  Not 21.  But I feel about 21 or 31, after reverse aging.  No reason to stay here once KaLILA , my daughter finishes her education.Some place close by. With less  commute times. Granddad is happy we are living here. People of all nationalities live here.I have lead a very interesting life.  A good career, plenty of money, made fairly easily because I had the expertise.


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