Innocence of the blue lagoon


11. Chapter 1

By the way we are TRUE BLUE undiluted Americans and plan to stay that way.Indian seems to be the flavor at home at the moment .My dad took Australian citizenship. I waited until I was older and decided I wanted American , so I applied for American. Once I got it I rushed to the Aussie office next door and got my Aussie passport since I am of that nationality. That passport number and among some other things changes. So that’s how I am Aussie American.The safest place to be is at home.Living in the United states. But now in Perth, nevada as of December 2014 for sure. Remember coming here in late September. That June 12th 9:25 muhurthum wedding is a auspicious wedding. I was the wedding planner in India.  It will stand the test of time. I did not marry as we had money problems and I was the eldest. 

Part  Malay? No, classified as such at a party in Singapore / Malaysia. They taught me the Malay ways.  Did the swimming pool thing with a Malay friend . Handling shit/urine in a swimming pool, I helped him.Remember going to school in Malaysia.  Similarly India was a 2 day visit.  May have taken Indian citizenship and given it up.  Some family member could have been Indian at one time. No, some kids may have learnt to make travel passports.

So that’s what it was.I am not Indian. They were made so well, they had to be cancelled.Or cancellation was part of the process. I remember working / travelling in India, many a times, when I was young.Remember making trips to Australia too. Just a few hours stopover. And one big trip to Sydney Australia. Plenty of trips to Singapore .Don’t remember much of the India trips now ! Made trips to india between 2001 and 2011. Just the Airports. And Tirupathi. Have lived in the US all my life.Maybe one day I can stay In India among all the elite desi Indians! I already have.How I love the east. Singapore, Malaysia.Parents must be in India. Wonder where they are?So many trips I made to India. Love the place.Maybe I should call it the Indian connection. Family and friends there. Last trip did a Doctor’s job in India.Very difficult it was, to near impossible.

It is believed that one cannot get Indian citizenship. But one Overseas Indian citizenship is available to foreigners.  They can get it without visiting India.  I am also a Indian - my first passport was Indian.  It had limitations though. I could not travel to India on it as I was American. My Dad said work for India first when i was young. Though Dad and granddad and great grand dad are Americans, we are of Indian descent and your children born overseas can be Indian if your dad was working for the Indian government.  By a process in Taj hotel, Bangalore, all my descendents are also Indian.  Not all the processes info is available on the internet. ? You can also work for Indian citizenship and retain it by working for it overseas. Don't have to live in India.  Great granddad managed to get Indian citizenship.  Our ancestry further back. We are Persian Brahmin Kings, domiciled in Hyderabad/Secunderabad, India.  And so we are all exceedingly good looking.

My community profile - I am 43, had 14 kids, and worked right through with the help of medication. One delivary was difficult and I paid for childcare afterwards.  More about that later.? I did a quick easy BA In India and worked on a Medicine degree from Kakatiya university . Passed the exams in the US and practiced medicine there.  Took Aussie citizenship later on.   I am an Adfa product ( Allied Defence Force Academy).  We are gypsies nomadic. Our family tends to travel a lot. It’s a family tradition to register our births in Los Angeles, California.  Once of American race, all your decendents are American, no matter where they are born. Their births are automatically registered.  How a Indian tatha acquired American is a long story.  

I am single, unmarried. Had kids by a donor process.  2 men who wanted me, no strings attached.  Once a gypsy child is born, all the family gets involved in raising the kid.  So the kid has many a dad and mom, and plenty of grandparents. My mum is also American but grew up in China. My granddad had a kid in China, married a Malay American girl. Malays are respected by everyone in that region. Her whole family migrated to Australia. So that’s how I am Aussie Indian American. Not many know that I still have Indian citizenship.  In our travels in the  East we located an Aunt who was Malay American.  We found her  a American husband to make the family American again. His family was from Singapore. Some of my Indian American relatives liked living in India.  We travel on Aussie passports with permission from USA.  There are all grades of Americans. An American is one notch higher than a United States of America American.


Some of the States are more like countries. Americans as a group own the Universe. There hasn’t been war in the Universe for centuries.  

I live in the City of Banff, in the presidents house (former presidents have lived in this house).  I have a much coveted business Doctorate from Harvard. Took years to achieve it. Lots of on the field experience is required. My primary interest is travel, have a degree in Aerospace engineering. How did I achieve all these degrees? As I said I am an ADFA product ( Allied defence force academy),  In the short time frame of 6 years, you did effectively 25 years of work.  Education is fast tracked.  Adfa products are among the most handsome and beautiful in the world. Every President of the Unites states is the best case ADFA guy. After all he / she has to prove it, as he is head of the armed forces.The American President is also the richest in the whole world.  So to become American president, you have to prove your metal.  


I will tell you about the "Ek din ka Raja's"..and Raja of rajas one day and about Career Diplomats. And how you can get a complete education. I have a fine arts and architecture degree and was an air hostess at 11.  And went on to become a pilot. My mom and dad taught me a lot of this stuff. Home schooling.  I am a multi linguist and can even speak Russian fluently, though all the languages are a bit rusty now.  You can be whatever you want to be in the world. The world helps you achieve your wildest dreams. I ran a travel agency and took 2 friends on a India trip when I was young. Made quite a bit of money. Also played the lottery.  How I became one of the richest persons on earth is a long story, for another day.

Americans don't marry, they have guy friends, Aussies have defactos. Marriage is a big thing in India. Not many know it, but it’s a Hindu nation. I am a True Christian, Hindu by faith. True Christians allow other faiths. Urdu is a mix of Persian, Iranian and Hindi and a member of the international language set. Euro is nothing but English spoken by Europeans.I live in the Blue Lagoon, in a farm house in the City of Banff.  The farms are within walking distance from where I live. I own this estate. Life is pretty laid back. I must tell you about the Living for Ever some day. Crime is virtually impossible here.  Mullalloo 6 is a very sensual place but totally asexual. The concept of Sex here is very advanced and education is fast tracked.  By the time they are 19, most kids have made their money. It’s very easy to make and one doesn't need necessarily an education.  Its Superman's abode and a underground city, with lots of tunnels that people take , especially in hot weather.  There is an innocence to this place I call home. My guy friends will romance me for a million years. I still haven't done sex. The ling variety. Don't even know how its done.  By the time the kids are 5, they have a basic bachelor's degree. 

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