In Between Happily Ever After


He need to choose between his love and his family, cliché? No, because this is not your typical love story.

His love is next to happily ever after, not until this tragedy happened. Could he choose the one who came along by his side all his life? Or the woman who completed his missing pieces?

The world he entered is way more magical than he thought, this is not a fairy tale, well, maybe next to that. Because all the secrets are revealed. Magic becomes real. Choosing is the toughest.

Now, all the questions are answered, except this one, what’s in between his happily ever after?



Prologue I pressed my ears closer to the door, trying to hear what they were talking about. The first thing I heard was the voice of Millicent, singing another chant. “A restricted love that blooms, But someone will feign, Someone will sacrifice, And someone will be in deep pain. Moxious will come along, Play their destiny, Fool their love, Kill to be praised. A war will begin, Someone needs to sacrifice his life, Someone need to sacrifice his throne.” Why were they so eager to know what will happen in the future? They just think of their families and themselves. Not the Phonecious. Poor kingdom of Phyoneis. Their Queen was too selfish. When the singing stopped, I grabbed the opportunity to enter with a tray of Jusyo (juice) in my hand. “My Queen, here’s the Jusyo.” I said after excusing myself. “Thank you, Pruinei. You may go now. Make sure to close the door on your way out. We have important things to talk about.” I bowed, heading to the door. But before I took my leave, I went to take a look at the Queen’s aunt. Her eyes were shining and colored in white. Her violet dress glowed as her body was raised a few feet off the ground. She raised her hands and a crystal ball of wind suddenly formed in them. After a second, she landed her feet again. I quietly went away, not wanting them to acknowledge my presence. As the door shut behind me,I leaned my ears to the door once again and continued listening to them, studying their plans. “What does the chant mean?” the Queen asked with worry in her voice. “It’s not easy to tell what it means. But, one thing for sure is that the Moxious are surrounding you, my dearest Queen. They’re looking for the right time to attack and capture the princess.” The Queen’s aunt said. “What can I do to protect her, Sarnea?” “Let the princess live in the world of mortals. That is the only way.” A smirked played in my lips. You move fast, dearest kingdom of Phyoneis.You chant, you think of all the possibilities in the near future, but it looks like you forget that enemy attacks when you least expect it.
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