In Between Happily Ever After


He need to choose between his love and his family, cliché? No, because this is not your typical love story.

His love is next to happily ever after, not until this tragedy happened. Could he choose the one who came along by his side all his life? Or the woman who completed his missing pieces?

The world he entered is way more magical than he thought, this is not a fairy tale, well, maybe next to that. Because all the secrets are revealed. Magic becomes real. Choosing is the toughest.

Now, all the questions are answered, except this one, what’s in between his happily ever after?



"You know, you’re not exactly what others say you are, Celine. You know that danger lies inside of you. Do not expose yourself to other people.” I gave my aunt a bittersweet smile for her advice before she walked out of my room. I breathed a heavy sigh. Why was I always disturbed by this realization when I got what I want? “Celine!” I heard someone shout my name, making me turn to the door. Cayelyn, my crazy best friend, ran into my room with an excited look on her face. “I missed you!” She yelled before giving me a tight hug. “You act like we didn’t see each other yesterday,” I scowled and she rolled her eyes at me. "Let me see your blog," Cayelyn said as she edged over to my place at the front of my desk. Her face was expecting yet astonished. "300,000 followers, 389 notifications, and 69 messages. Oh gosh, Celine! How many days have you forgotten to log onto your blog? You’re really a star! How can I be like you?" Cayelyn said in a sarcastic tone. I rolled my eyes at her question— that seemed like the only question she could ask whenever she saw the statistics on my blog. “Don’t ask on how to be me. You asked me a million times already. It’s better you shut up. Come on, stop all your drama about my blog. We aren’t in your drama class after all,” I said, quickly grabbing her arms and dragging her downstairs and out into our garden. “Why did you bring me, here?” Cayelyn asked after we stopped. "Looking for butterflies for my blog post," I answered. I focused my attention on looking at some of the exquisite butterflies. “Wait, why are you looking for butterflies and why are you so amazed by them, like err…whenever your posting for your blog you're always looking for them,” she inquired with sassy hand gestures. "Cause I have the same blood as they do." Her eyebrows arched up and I realize I gave her the wrong answer. Ugh, I hate people who ask me about things. It distracts me! "What?" she asked with a slang tone as she frowned. "Never mind" I said, hoping that she would forget what I said. "Didn't see butterfly yet?" My aunt suddenly popped up beside me, surprising me.. Her red lips formed a smile. A yellow butterfly with black pores on its wings landed on her finger. "Where did you get that, aunt?" I asked while gazing at the butterfly. I started to set my digital camera. "Hey, Auntie Rythle. Your garden is really perfect! I want to pick flowers from each plant— Wow! That butterfly is one of a kind," Cayelyn commented as she scanned the garden with her eyes. Her eyes sparkled with each flower she saw. She was right. Aunt's garden, which was really mine, was really dazzling and relaxing. The flowers were well organized with different kinds and colors such as roses, dahlias, lilies, tulips and many more. The landscape was incredible and my Aunt Rythie was the one who did all this. "Do you need something that makes you joke, Cayelyn Holmes?" Aunt Rythle asked in a cool tone as if she was the same age as Cayelyn and then she laughed. Aunt Rythle's laugh made her prettier, even though she's already in her mid- 40's. Her white skin was still tan and smooth, where her wrinkles were not that noticeable. She had wavy, ginger hair and violet eyes that were the same as mine. The only problem was she was short like me. "Aunt Rythle!" Cayelyn retorted as she laughed along with her. "You know where, Celine. No need to ask because you can caught one too," Aunt Rythle whispered and winked at me. Aunt raised her index finger slowly which I captured the exact time that the butterfly raised its wings before it flew away. "Thank You, Aunt! It's amazing!" "Let's go. Let's make another blog post," I stated as I pulled Cayelyn up to my room again. "About what?" she asked as we went in my room. "About crazy friends," I replied monotonously as she rolled her eyes. I sat in the swivel chair and started to type. My post will be about my new life, new hope, and that's why I took that picture of a butterfly. “Celine, have you told Caleb about your, uh, you know…” My concentration was distracted after hearing Cayelyn’s statement. I turned around and looked at her, who was seating at the edge of my bed with an unknown expression on her face. "Not yet," I answered as I took a deep breathe. She raised her eyebrow and gave me a confused look. "Not yet or do you have no plan on saying it?" She asked as she went near me and laid her head on mine. "You need to, Celine, even if it's the hardest thing you'll ever do." I gave her a warm smile and she gave me one too. That's what friends are for right? They are always by your side and helps you shoulder all your problems. I'm so lucky that I have Cayelyn. I turned to her, saying thank you. Our drama was interrupted when the phone rang. I picked it up and it was my love on the other line. "Caleb, what made you call?" I asked as I went near the window of my room. You can see the towering buildings, houses, subdivisions and you can hear the noise coming from the LA road, where all kinds of vehicles can be seen. "Is that the most precious greeting I can receive from my lady?" he joked. I heard him giggle and yawn. Looks like he was still in the bed. I looked at my wrist watch.It was 9:30 in the morning. Well, maybe I'm right. “It’s already 9:30, such a sleepyhead,” I said hoping that he’ll be a bit vexed, but knowing my boyfriend, he’ll just laugh at me. "And who cares?" he answered. His footsteps sounded through the phone, making me conclude that he was going to have breakfast. "Do you think I don’t care if asked?" He just laughed at the way I trash talked. Is there something funny? "That's my girl. That's why I love you." Didn't he get tired of responding that to me? Oh well, it's effective for me to feel collywobbles. "Shut up, silly," I responded while laughing. I felt someone poked me in the back and when I turned, it was Cayelyn . “Okay, I’ll end the call for now. My mom is calling from the telephone,” the other line said and the phone call ended. I was too slow, I forget to tell him the most important thing. “Why didn’t you say it?” Cayelyn inquired. "I'm scared," I replied as I blankly stared at her black eyes. "I'm scared to let him go. I'm still in the middle of my once upon a time." “Why? Do you think there’s such thing as a happily ever after, Celina Maxine Griffith?” ---- Hi! Here's the first chapter, what can you say about it? CAPITALYER MEANS CHAPTER.
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