Where were you, when I needed you?

Lisa began high school at the age of 13. But as she progressed to year 10 her life became tough and hard for her, she was driven to the dark side.
Now coming back from the Summer holidays, she is ready to take on school in her 11th grade, but a new boy to her school makes it hard for her especially when she knew him from childhood.


1. Schools Back

Lisa threw her head down, her long, thick, black hair covered her right eye, her headphones playing the sweet symphonies of heavy metal that only she could hear.

Lisa never obeyed the school dress code so why would she start now she wore the uniform with a flare, her black leggings under her red flannel patterned school skirt, she black long sleeve shirt under blue polyester school shirt with her black hooded jacket over that and the hood over her head, her pale face with the shades of black and purple splattered over it like a work of art. Her bag was a shoulder strap bag and obviously had Sponge Bob on it.

She walked into the school gates and that's when it starts, the pointing. the whispering, the laughing, the jokes and insults that were thrown at her left, right and centre. 

"I hate these guys" she thought to herself, she ignored the painful insults and continued to walk.

As the bell rang to end first class, Lisa walked out holding her head down and listening to the sweet sound of screaming voices through her headphones.

"Hey dork" a voice said behind her. She looked behind her to see who it was and as usual it was Bianca, the most popular girl in school, "shouldn't you be at home cutting yourself?" she smirked in a meanful way with her little posse of bitches behind her.

"please just leave me alone for today!" Lisa commanded, she began to walk away when Bianca pushed her to the ground, her bag falling off her shoulder.

"no way your a freak and all freaks deserve to be punished for being freaks" Bianca smirked and kicked Lisa in the gut and walked away, leaving her to gloat in pain.

"I hate her, I hate them, I hate this place, I hate myself and I hate my life" she cried to herself, she got up slowly as people watched and stared never to come near her to help her.

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