Where were you, when I needed you?

Lisa began high school at the age of 13. But as she progressed to year 10 her life became tough and hard for her, she was driven to the dark side.
Now coming back from the Summer holidays, she is ready to take on school in her 11th grade, but a new boy to her school makes it hard for her especially when she knew him from childhood.


2. New Kid

Lisa wondered into class 10 minutes late on purpose just to get some space as she usually does, the teacher didn't mind, especially since she knew what was wrong with Lisa and her problems, the teacher smiled at her as she walked into class and took a seat in the back left corner.

"Everyone pay attention" the teacher's voice boomed through the classroom filled with attention seeking people. "we have a new student arriving any moment now so you should take your time and get to know him" just as the teacher finished speaking a dark figure appeared at the frame of the door.

A boy with brown hair covering half his face leaned on the door framing, his lip piercing's and nose piercing gleamed in the light, his pale skin sparkled like he was Edward from Twilight, the frown upon his face was expressionless.

"Luke, please take a seat in the back?" the teacher grinned at him and he moved away from the door frame, not looking at anyone, staring at the ground.

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